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Yet Another Bitchy Fallout Related AAR

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  • Yet Another Bitchy Fallout Related AAR

    So tonight on fallout...

    Order of Events:

    Spawn. (As Regulator)
    Work a deal with citizens of Springfield.
    Go to find fuel truck.
    <Insert 15 minutes of maneuvering>
    See repair truck.
    <Insert 5 minutes of planning>
    Go to take repair truck.
    Have player deliberately disobey a fire order.
    Get killed.
    <insert 175s spawn timer>
    Player denies said disobedience, lying to admin.
    Hear JIP teammates discuss ripping off Springfield.
    Explain truce with springfield.
    Hear Springfield under fire.
    Move to help citizens of Springfield.
    Get killed by citizens of Springfield.
    Tell team I was killed by citizens of Springfield.
    Hard Crash/System Reset
    <Insert 5 minutes of random boot up>
    <Insert 30s of intro text>
    Come under fire while going through intro text.
    Get killed by spawn raping tank driven by citizens of Springfield while still in intro text.
    Ask for admin.
    Get some crap about 'roleplay'
    Get yelled at by server.

    In short. Fallout still doesn't belong on the server. It's pissing people off and is a poor excuse for roleplay, as clearly, there is none. There is however, continued anarchy, bad and impolite behavior, a lack of administrative oversight or outright refusal of such.

    These posts are starting to annoy -me- but it's imperative that people realize just how destructive this gameplay mode is. I was very interested to give the new version of fallout a chance, but unless you're willing to behave like a three year old, it doesn't seem like you can possibly have a very good time at all.

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    Re: Yet Another Bitchy Fallout Related AAR

    1. Title of post is immature.
    2. Complaints go into the CAA thread.
    3. You say this is an AAR, this isn't an AAR section
    4. You don't decide what goes on the server. We decide as a community what is fun, alot of people like it.

    You need to watch your language when you post. I am going to have this thread locked, repost your complaints in the CAA section.


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      Re: Yet Another Bitchy Fallout Related AAR

      Reardon... You wrote a long dissertation in your first thread about fallout, I agreed with you wholeheartedly and refuse to play fallout. I see you in just about every game of fallout thats played (I use Yoma to see whats playing and who is). I find your rants about it to be very hypocritical now. Be true to your beliefs and don't play it, otherwise your words are empty. It is what it is and all the updates are not going to change it. What it is not is Arma 2


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        Re: Yet Another Bitchy Fallout Related AAR

        My personal preferences of the Fallout mission aside, I'm locking this thread because of the reasons Boon outlined above.

        Additionally, I would like to point out that no one forces you to play the mission that is currently on a particular server, and that TG hosts more than one server for this reason. Please understand that it's impossible to please everybody all the time, so missions are chosen and run for the time that the admin deems is appropriate.

        And this isn't directed at just you Hank Rearden:

        From personal experience, I know that the Fallout mission itself is quite different than other adversarial missions hosted on the servers. Some find that an element of role play is necessary to enjoy the mission, and others dislike the mindset that the mission is set to play in. My best advice for players who don't particularly enjoy this type of mission, yet would still like to participate for whatever reason, is to take it lightly and try not to get too mad at it.

        So you died.

        So things went wrong.

        Don't worry about it, you don't like the mission anyway.

        Lastly, please direct any further complaints, suggestions, or comments like these to the Contact an Admin Forums, link provided in my signature below.

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