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Saturday 02/10/10 Mission Testers Needed

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  • Saturday 02/10/10 Mission Testers Needed

    I've been working on a coop mission for a week or so now and it's nearing completion. I'm working out final victory conditions, taskhints and some assorted balancing/aesthetic stuff as we speak. I'm looking to give a few members of the community an opportunity to give some input on mission design/layout/scripting as I gear towards getting it out the door.

    The mission: Operation Storm 334

    The basics: 48 player Spetsnaz/Vityaz strike at night, on Panthera. Infantry map. Assassination/Ambush objectives. Emphasis on stealth, observation, tactical movement and set in what I would term to be -very- challenging terrain.

    What I need: 2-4 players who will be on today who are willing to assist periodically in testing out scripts, victory conditions, JIP and balancing considerations. I'll be running the mission with AI on on a private, undedicated server. Assistance at this stage of the game will get you a special mention in the credits.

    I'll be in the 'editing' channel for most of the day, so you can find me on there. Alternatively, you can search filter for the undedicated server 'Rearden Steel' (no password) and just join. The point of this exercise isn't to stroke my own ego by forcing people to play a mission as I see fit. I'm looking for some folks who are interested in helping polish a mission which I expect to uphold the standard of tactical gameplay at TG.

    Thanks in advance to those who respond,
    H. Rearden

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