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How to set up your userconfigs for ACE

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  • How to set up your userconfigs for ACE

    As of ACE 213, the userconfigs have again changed. Here is what you need to be doing in relation to you userconfig folder.


    The userconfig folder ("Program Files/Bohemia Interactive/Arma 2/userconfig/ACE") holds four files:


    The first two are the most important, and must be customised by you to allow usage of gasmasks, earplugs etc. ("ace_clientside_config.hpp") and to allow you to remap ACE specific keys to your liking ("ace_keys.hpp"). The files in this folder are not updated via the TG Yoma AddonSync link, but are updated instead to:

    "Program Files/Bohemia Interactive/Arma 2/@ACE/userconfig"

    This stops any customisations you have made to these files being overwritten when you have updated ACE, but it also means that after an update there may be some customisations available that you aren't able to configure. So it is always wise to have a look at the files in "@ACE/userconfig" to see if they've changed - and if they have - consider using them in place of your current ones. To update your userconfig folder after updating ACE (or at any time if you hadn't done it before), simply copy the files inside "@ACE/userconfig" to "Arma 2/userconfig/ACE/".


    The former is very easy. Simply open "ace_clientside_config.hpp" with notepad (I personally use "Notepad ++" a vey useful text editor) and scroll down until you see "CONFIG SETTING FOR : ACE 2 MOD - Changeable glasses ingame". A few lines beneath it should say "E D I T below THIS LINE" and below that should be "name = "John Doe";". Change John Doe to read exactly as your in-game name, leaving the quotation marks, and save the file.

    The latter is slightly harder. Open "ace_keys.hpp" and you will see a list of ACE functions, such as "ace_sys_sight_adjustment_rifle" etc. Each of these performs some action, such as resting your weapon, adjusting your sights, opening the grenade launcher dialouge, etc. The "key= ##" for each action is where numbers are inserted which correspond to keys on your keyboard. "Shift= 1" means you will have to press shift as well as the key for the action to work - if you change this to "shift = 0" you will just have to press the key by itself. If in doubt there are hints after the "//"s on many of the lines. Simply replace the numbers with the ones appropriate for how you want your keys set up. There is a reference at the bottom of the file to see which number corresponds to which key. Then save the file.
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    Re: How to set up your userconfigs for ACE

    Bravo, good post. Was wondering about config. Thank you
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      Re: How to set up your userconfigs for ACE

      Thanks fireship4, I've been wondering how to do this!


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        Re: How to set up your userconfigs for ACE

        How about earplugs?


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          Re: How to set up your userconfigs for ACE

          Originally posted by PCLiPSE View Post
          How about earplugs?
          Its the same. Once you set up to use the gas mask and whats nots by putting your name in the file as illustrated above you will be able to use earplugs. You just have to make sure you have them in your inventory first, then use the scroll menu to select them.


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