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  • Arma 2 PvP MP questions

    Hey Guys,

    I've been contemplating getting Arma 2. I think the coop itself is worth getting but I've been wondering quite a bit about the MP, particularly the PvP aspect.

    How many PvP servers are up at any given time and how well populated is it?

    What kind of modes are there besides DM, TDM, Dom, AAS? Are there missions like in SP but played out with real players in MP?

    Are the majority of servers setup with strategy, tactics and realism emphasized (chain of command, limited assets, respawn penalties, no markers, etc)?

    How punishing is the PvP mp? What I mean by this question is if death/loss of an asset a serious issue or is it a minor inconvenience ala vanilla BF2

    Some gameplay questions:

    How is armor represented in the game? I've been watching some vids and armor seems to play a really weak role in the game. It seems like every other soldier has a AT weapon that can insta-kill armor.

    Does extraction play a role at all? I've been playing alot of PR recently and though I like many aspects of the gameplay, one thing I find lacking is the need for extraction (partly due to map design, partly due to player habits, and partly due to the fact that losing a transport vehicle might not be worth losing the troops that need the transport).

    How are supply lines and logistics simulated?

    How is chain of command simulated? What does a commander do?

    How is the flight model? Can someone compare this to PR for me? I'm mostly interested in the helicopter handling.

    Thats all I can think of for now.

    Thanks in advance for replies,


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    Re: Arma 2 PvP MP questions

    The nice thing about arma2, is that it can be anything you want based on those parameters. Mission designers can make a mission punish hard or hardly at all.

    I'll put it this way. If you like PR a lot, but wish for something more "simulator" and with more focus on the sandbox military mission environment. Then you will like Arma2.

    If you want a quick fix, jump-in-and-fly choppers/jets, go lonewolfing and get lots of kills. You probably won't like it.

    There are lots of extraction scenarios. 80% of what is played is combined-arms and infantry co-op.


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      Re: Arma 2 PvP MP questions

      Lemme go down the list for this one.

      1.) As far as Tactical Gamer servers go, we have two boxes that run a mixture of cooperative and competitive missions.

      2.) Competitive missions in Armed Assault are usually either squad or understrength platoon-sized sorties, with a variety of objectives and goals.

      3.) I'd estimate that roughly 30% of Armed Assault's total player population are TG regulars. That being said, very few other servers employ the level of realism, maturity and professionalism that TG members constantly demonstrate.

      4.) ArmA2 is a military simulator. Project Reality is a military game. Respawn is rarely enabled for tactical competitive play, for both human players and assets.

      5.) Armed Assault is first and foremost an infantry game. Although other elements exist, including military air and armored units, they are most definitely not modeled to the same level of realism or completion. They exist primarily as an inclusive element to a soldier's tasks.

      6.) The "maps" that we conduct assignments on vary from between 10 and 60 km/sq. The AO of any given mission can range from anywhere between 2 or 3 kilometers to the entirety of a given country. Thus, logistics and transportation pay a key and vital role.

      7.) Logistics is handled on a per-mission basis, but expect support in direct proportion to the number of players and the size of the campaign you are carrying out. Expect more slots dedicated to engineering on a map that stresses armored or mechanized units.

      8.) Again, the commander's role in a mission depends on the mission itself. Responsibility ranges from fireteam level tactical leadership to platoon commanding.

      9.) It's been too long for me to compare Project Reality to ArmA, but the helicopter flight model is quite impressive by flight sim standards. It's no DCS Blackshark, but I'm confident they handle more realistically than PR.
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        Re: Arma 2 PvP MP questions

        The TG servers primarily play Coop of all sorts but we do play an occasional TvT at least once a week if not more.

        We have combined arms TvT,CSAR TvT,AAS TvT,Search and destroy TvT,and platoon sized infantry engagements. TG has a team of talented mission makers that make all sorts of missions both Coop and TvT so any style of game-play your looking for can be found on our servers.

        As far as armor goes, tanks are used however, APCs are more common to see. APCs are used alongside infantry so they are not destroyed by unseen AT threats.

        Commanders plan the whole operation out and do essentially what a real life commander does.

        The flight model is not perfect but it is far superior to most other games that are not flight sims.

        Lastly, as far as extraction goes, when a bird goes down we leave no man behind and we attempt to retrieve anyone that is alive.
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          Re: Arma 2 PvP MP questions

          Two great responses from Socom and Scope.

          I'd just like to emphasize that every mission is different and the issues you've identified are handled uniquely in each mission. I think the player coming from PR to ARMA can easily misunderstand this because the systems that handle logistics and transport in PR are static from map to map. For ARMA missions It's really all in the hands of the mission maker. Some missions emphasize some of these elements more than others while other missions "dumb" it down, for lack of a better word. For me-TVT or Coop-it's the teamwork that keeps me coming back. The teamwork is usually a constant regardless of the mission type.
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            Re: Arma 2 PvP MP questions

            I'd say that practically all questions you've said are up to mission design. Some missions are very forgiving and give players all the weapons they want (like Berzerk missions) while others are very, very unforgiving and difficult and might not even have respawn.

            Overall both the COOP and TvT mission repertoar on TG is very, very good, although the majority of the time is spent playing COOP. It tends to happen a time or two a week though that we go on a TvT-binge and play a few missions in a row.

            Also at TG AT weapons are NEVER in ample supply (unless playing Domination), making armour pose a quite serious threat most of the time unless properly prepared to take it out.
            MBTs and attack helicopters are designed to defeat MBTs, infantry is not expected to (unless equipped with Javelins) defeat more than IFVs/AFVs.




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