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TG ArmA Bulletin Board: INFO UPDATE 4/16/2010

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  • TG ArmA Bulletin Board: INFO UPDATE 4/16/2010

    We will now use this thread to keep everyone appraised of the current news regarding |TG| Arma 2 - the newest entries will appear towards the top of this post.

    -As of 3/11/10 The Arma Announcements and SOP forum has been cleaned up and is up to date. Threads have been moved there for safe keeping.

    -As of 3/1/10 In conjunction with our weekly ACE update we are rolling out a new radio system. Please read the SOP for it

    -As of 2000 EST on 2/1/10 the file architecture for play on the TG Servers has CHANGED. Please see this post for how to set up your Mod Folders if updating from a previous version of ACE.
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    New ArmA 2 Servers

    OK gents, the time has finally come where we have got the new ArmA 2 box configured and up and running. All current missions and mods are on their so we will not be losing anything. But we will be gaining a WHOLE load of performance, trust me....;)

    A few things, firstly a big thanks to Hotmachina for donating a temporary server to the TG cause, it was greatly appreciated by all. And also to the other guys who offered their support and help in various ways, with FTP space and the like, it was all a great gesture to prove just how close this community is, and how much we love this game.

    Next, I will be giving out the IP of the servers, for those of you who like that sort of stuff.

    We will make the Password(s) and various other things known very shortly......

    EDIT Password(s) are available in the ArmA Admin channel of TS

    PS: Ensure you update your Yoma to toadys new version of ACE...........
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      PODCAST Episode 2 "Panda Love" 02/18/2010

      Ok guys here is the second episode of the TG Arma 2 podcast. If you have questions PM me or email them to [email protected] and maybe your question will get read. Hope you enjoy the show.

      Episode 2 "Panda Love"

      In this episode we talk to soupy norman about the ribbons program, announce a new TG Sunday event, take questions from the community and learn that dredge needed "Instructions". Hope you enjoy.

      Podcast URL:
      RSS Feed:


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        re: TG ArmA Bulletin Board: INFO UPDATE 4/16/2010

        Updated to Build 11, ArmA2 TS was updated. Install the New TS3 update and delete old ArmA2ts plug-ins, replace with new ones.
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