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Devastation! - Project Reality for ArmA II

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  • Devastation! - Project Reality for ArmA II

    OK guys, after this mission was pointed out and run on Server Bravo, I have decided to leave it as a persistant mission. Feel free to play on it and test as it is still a beta. For those of you too lazy to read the link, basically think PR but more punishing to noobery. You get FBs, RP's, teamwork = points not kills, heavy punishments for TK's, losing/abandoning vehicles/ weapons pool system, and more maps are in development as well as developing this beta, as this current one while huge only takes up a fraction of the country. Here is the developer space so that bugs/issues can be worked on.

    Here are the in-game instructions for those of you wanting to read a little more...

    BTW, fastropes...
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    Re: Devastation! - Project Reality for ArmA II

    Beta v0.7 is now available for download. First post has been updated with download links.

    Beta Warning:
    Devastation version 0.7 is undergoing a beta stage for a week or so, possibly with hot fixes.
    This release is an untested beta version intended for private testing only, although it should be mostly ok.
    An updated version for public servers will be released again in a couple weeks.

    It's been a very long while since I've done an update. This update contains most of the recovered changes from my last system crash. I'm getting a lot of prods to get this update out soon, but it'll take me time to test it all which means more delays.

    I've had lots of offers to test any upcoming beta's, so I'm going to take up that offer this time and release a "true beta" that needs community testing before going to general public servers. It takes me days to test each release and I'm not going to find the time right now, but if others test it and report any issues found, the problems can usually be fixed quickly and re-released within a day with a hot fix.

    The plan is to spend the next month finalising it to ver 2.0.

    v0.7 Change Log

    Fixed: the missing flag images bug (since 1.05, due to BIS renaming core image files from 'co' to 'ca')
    Fixed: No longer shows you are inside a zone due to another player being in a zone. (logic error)
    Changed: A single player (or smaller group) may now capture a zone if total team side is less than required. This now allows 1 or 2 players only to test a mission.
    Changed: some attributes of the GPS player map markers.
    Changed/Fixed: Reworked all object initialisations for objects created both at start and mid-mission, to ensure they get initialised for JIP and dead players too. Mainly applies to actions and events.
    Fixed: Autosized ALL dialogs/displays to stay full screen, to cater for 'Interface Size' settings.
    New: Popup menu now supports shortcut keys, for fast navigation. (Usually first letter/digit, or alternate letter provided.)
    Changed: Better headbug fix script (includes some of BIS's Evo changes, so it should be faster now).
    Fixed: most repeated dialog activations due to fast repeated key holding
    New: Added drag action for any (truck) transportable objects (eg: crate, FOB supply box, etc)
    Fixed: some scores were not being updated. Work score should be better now.
    Changed: cargo objects are now unlocked (for the short-term until an issue is resolved with it.)
    New: added a seat switch delay to encourage players not to take armoured vehicles by themselves. (Will change this to just armed vehicles in next version.)
    Changed: At last, grid positions no longer require custom scripts, making it compatible for all islands without custom changes.
    Missing features:
    Some features didn't make it into this version or remain broken.

    Multiple item cargo transport.
    Broken: rally points should now be destroyable by enemy (by destroying the (newly added) crate beside it, since main object was indestructible).
    Broken: static MG's are locked even after unload from cargo. (has lock command changed?)
    Broken: Death scores are still not being shown for some reason, (even though the data is correct).
    Reduce/move excessive team/vehicle kill messages. The new v1.05 admin capabilities opens up new possibilities now.
    Extra islands/missions
    Possibly AI support
    Plus a bunch of issues from Bug Tracker
    Updating your custom missions:
    For those who have already created custom missions based on this template, it should be a fairly easy task to update your version to v0.7. For unmodified versions, you can simply copy over all files and folders, except these 3 files: mission.sqm, _header.ext, _mission.csv.


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      Re: Devastation! - Project Reality for ArmA II

      Now added to Bravo server, please test............




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