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  • Server Banners in Forums (Firefox)

    Since the servers have been switched over to new boxes and therefore new IPs I figured I'd post up an updated script. Jmaker is the original creator of the script and deserves basically all of the credit.

    New greasemonkey script:

    Originally posted by jmaker View Post

    It looks this idea started right here, so here I am just trying to help.

    I'm posting this for every game that Gametracker tracks that we have here so apologies if you see this in every forum. I don't know how you guys check the server status, but I thought it might be easier to just have the Gametracker banners right inside the forum for easy viewing. Here's a screenshot to show what I'm talking about.

    You'll need Firefox along with the Greasemonkey extension which you can download here.

    And here's the script - serverBannerArma.user.js [Outdated]

    Alternatively you may position the banners either on the left side or right side or just keep it centered. To do that you need to edit the script on line 10 and type in either left, center or right. Let me know if this helps at all.
    Installation if the box doesn't pop up when DLing. Under vista & win7 (I think):
    1) INSTALL DIR\Users\YOUR PROFILE\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Y OUR PROFILE (may look like xj82js9zk.default)\gm_scripts\server_banner\
    2) In firefox go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage user scripts... > Edit > Navigate to the server_banner.user.js > Select it > Add* to the included pages > Done

    This script contains IPs for most (if not all) of the games TG hosts although all of them except for the Arma 2 ones may be outdated.

    Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
    In Soviet Russian, Arma admins are nice to you!

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    Re: Server Banners in Forums (Firefox)

    w00t! Nicely done!

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      Re: Server Banners in Forums (Firefox)



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        Re: Server Banners in Forums (Firefox)

        Also works on Opera and Chrome/Iron/etc. No addons needed.

        edit: Oh, in this thread you'll find a TS "box" similar to those server banners.

        How to do use these in Opera:
        1. Select Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> Javascript Options
        2. On the bottom you'll see "User javascript path". This will be the folder where you need to put all user javascript files. You can choose any folder you like.
        3. Move any user javascript-files to the above folder. If they're originally designed to work with Greasemonkey the name must be "something.user.js" for it to work correctly in Opera. This is the case with the TG banners script.


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          Re: Server Banners in Forums (Firefox)

          How you make this work on Opera? I'm trying and can't get it to work.


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            Re: Server Banners in Forums (Firefox)

            Cool, how do you get then to work in Chrome then? =p I'm not sure what to do...


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              Re: Server Banners in Forums (Firefox)

              To get Javascript in chrome get Chromium.

              Quicklink latest trunk build:

              Edit the script. Change @include in @match. Add @run-at document-start. Open Chromium if not already open. Drag the file on the browser and it will install.
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