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    Join The Ribbons Community Team!
    Function Of The Volunteers

    The volunteers role is defined as a group of volunteer community members who express goal is to promote, educate, and excite people about ribbons. They will watch for openings to suggest that people write a nomination, show them how, and help them write it inasmuch-as they provide details of what is needed in a good ribbons nomination.

    The volunteers have no visibility to the submit a nomination forum and cannot see or vote on active nominations unless they are an admin. They are there merely to educate people about what is required for nominations and give people a poke in the right direction if they see something worthy of a ribbon. They cannot award ribbons. Volunteers can also assist Ribbons administrators in such task as they deem appropriate.

    The Volunteers report to the Ribbons administrators. The Ribbons administrators report to Tactical Gamer global administrators.

    If you are interested in joining Please PM Ribbons(Ourself) and answer the following questions:

    What game do you activly play at TG?

    Have you ever submitted a ribbons nomination?

    Are you willing to commit to submit at least one ribbons nomination a month yourself?

    Are you willing to help and excite others about the ribbons system and help them craft a good nomination?

    *Originally Posted By Ribbons*


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    Re: Join The Ribbons Community Team

    Link to PM:


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      Re: Join The Ribbons Community Team

      immma try to write some ribbon noninations for people since ive been meaning to do it for a while
      think ill take time out to write one every few days when im bored to death waiting for stuff

      EDIT:it could sound sarcastic or rude since i wrote it at 1.30am
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        Re: Join The Ribbons Community Team

        Sent in my application. Id love to be a ribbon promoter, it will get me more active in the TG arma community seeing as im around nearly all the time anyway, in fact even when (yeah i said when) im not chosen to be one, im gonna do it anyway :D

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          Re: Join The Ribbons Community Team

          It's an excellent way to get involved with TG and help to recognize your fellow peers for great actions!

          Acknowledge your teammates' Outstanding and Distinguished efforts: Submit a nomination!




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