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Apologies to the general public.

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  • Apologies to the general public.

    My last post may have been taken out of context and I would like to apologize for any confusion.

    I do not believe myself above and beyond any of my peers or team mates. When I made the comment about experienced vs. inexperienced, it caused some heat in the responses. In Hindsight I should have used organized vs. disorganized. Or possibly regular vs. irregular(no relation to IHS Irregulars) players. I did not mean to alienate anyone or any group. Some of the best experiences I have had were with players who I have never played with before. As I told one of the Admins, I want to inspire cohesiveness and not create divisiveness.

    I did not mean or intend to cause any friction.

    I am at your service.

    Semper TG.

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    "An infantryman needs a leader to be the standard against which he can judge all soldiers."

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    Re: Apologies to the general public.

    ok just to avoid a new possible flame war or anything else like people veering this off topic I am going to close it. If you have a response to dimitri hit him up via PM's. He apologized issue OVER.




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