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If You Play On Our Servers You Had Better Read This!

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  • If You Play On Our Servers You Had Better Read This!

    We had a player leave game and possibly TG because of certain players being verbally abusive and not taking a few moments of their time to help a new player out. Slim was driving the brad in a mission and his commander CTDed. Then he as a brand new player had to figure out what was going on BY HIMSELF because everyone else was too busy yelling at him!

    After hearing Slim on comms about how everyone was yelling at him because he was new and didnt know what was going on I almost kicked EVERYONE.

    That is not the kind of behavior that is accepted here at Tactical Gamer. Every single one of you where new at one point. Everyone had to learn the ropes. We, as veteran players, need to take the newer players under our wing and show them they way things are done. I take it as an insult to myself, the admin team, and TG ArmA, that some of you feel like you have the right to yell and scream at new players. Further more, none of you are 100% competent at any role in this game. Thats just the nature of things. Everyone learns something new EVERY day. So no one is above anyone here in that respect. Everyone, including myself, should be ashamed at the outcome of that mission.

    This is the "Premiere Online Community For Mature Gamers". How is yelling at a new player mature? How is getting him so upset that he leaves the game completely mature? I will not stand for this and neither will any of the admin team. Every player here has agreed to the TG SOP's and Primer as well as our own ArmA SOP's. They all point back to, Having Fun, Providing an atmosphere of mature gaming and mutual respect for others in our hobby, and fostering relationships.

    What occurred tonight made me embarrassed for the entire community. If I ever hear or see anything remotely like this happen again, you had better pack your bags and enjoy your long vacation from the servers. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. I would hope that everyone that was there for that mission feels some bit of guilt for what occurred. I will be sending Slim an apology as to how he was treated on our servers. I would like to think that others would do the same.

    Do Not Let This Happen Again!


    KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...



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