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The Pathfinders at TacticalGamer

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  • The Pathfinders at TacticalGamer

    ANNOUNCMENT: ArmA Pathfinders

    Here at Tactical Gamer we always strive to recognize outstanding leadership as well as a commitment to the core values of the TG Primer we hold so dearly. In an effort to reward certain players whom have proven time and again that they are the epitome of leaders here, we are introducing the Pathfinders.

    The pathfinders are the individuals you always see leading a mission in game as well as making a positive contribution in the ArmA forums. These are the individuals that you can always rely on for making the game fun and taking charge no matter what. They should also be considered the person you look to in game and the forums when you have a question or you need some guidance. They have demonstrated themselves time again as solid players and leaders that are simply motivated by being a positive contributor.

    How do I become one? If you consistently display what is talked about here, over time it will be noted. We notice how most players act and conduct themselves at all times, the good ones stand out quickly. Do not inquire or politic for it, we see that as well and it will hurt any considerations.

    I have been selected, now what? You will be informed via a PM from the group and asked to join the Group Membership for Pathfinders.

    Is this only for SMs (Supporting Members) or IHSs (in House Squads)? No. This association is open for all who meet the criteria, regardless of any other affiliations or status.

    What are the payoffs/privileges? The Pathfinders is one of the premier gamers here at ArmA. It is a small grouping of players that can help further the community with a concentrated voice. The members will also get access to a private forum for discussions and most importantly they will be associated with an exclusive Squad XML that signifies in game their abilities. On top of all that, they will have special events on the server where they can participate in privacy.

    For those of you curious or wanting to see the roster, by all means take a look at XML page
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