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  • The IHS Info thread.

    Ok guys I have received some PM's from people asking to join. As of now the 353rd isn't recruiting. We will file all request till we open again. I really like all the interest but remember guys just cause one IHS isn't recruiting doesn't mean the others are not. IHS are a great way to join a small group of people who share the same playing styles. Below I am going to post some info about the arma 2 IHS. I need the other IHS's input in this thread because it seems from the chatter that people don't really know what the IHS do or how they operate. Every IHS recruits differently. I would like the IHS leaders to please fill in the Gaps with the info they want to release to the public. Some IHS's like to RP a small secret tactical unit. The 303rd is like this. They don't release alot of info. They are a great IHS and give thier members alot of immersion to work with. The 1st JTOC is another great IHS, alot of vetran TG players. So some of the IHS's might not release all the info posted below.

    The 353rd SOG:
    Leader: Boondocksaint
    Recruiting: closed
    IHS motto: "Semper Gumby"
    How to contact IHS: [email protected]
    Members: 15 active/1inactive
    Playtime requirements: none/ try to make training and TG events but RL comes first.
    New Member rules: new members are placed on recruit status for an unknown amount of time. (Case by Case)
    Main IHS rules: RL comes first/respect your team and TG rules.
    Play style: Mil Sim, we have a chain of command we follow.
    Mission Statement:
    This unit will be based off the USAF Combat Controllers. We are the 353rd Special Operations Group. Its main function is to provide mission commanders with real time recon intel, taking out high priority targets when possible, guiding Fighter strike aircraft on target with laser guiding equipment and performing search and rescue missions for down pilots and POWS. The 353rd will utilize helos, C-130s and other vehicles for insertion and exfil. The 353rd will be broken down into 2 Squadrons. The 17th Special Operations SQ (Panther Unit), which will conduct all missions involving S&R, Recon, Combat Control of Strike craft and taking out high priority targets. The second sub unit is the 4th Special ops SQ (GhostRiders). They will be a support unit. They will fly the Helos,C-130s and strike craft that the 3rd SOS will use to complete its mission.

    303rd (TGSAD)

    Leader: Jack Bauer
    IHS motto: "Speed, Surprise, & Violence of Action"
    How to contact IHS: [email protected]
    Members: *CLASSIFIED*
    Playtime requirements: As Much As You Can
    New Member rules:
    Main IHS rules: TG Primer and SOP's
    Play style: Small Unit Tactics
    Mission Statement:
    303rd Task Force SWORD is an elite special forces unit present within the 303rd Logistical Studies Group that was tasked with safeguarding the Tactical Gamer Community against serious internal threats. Whenever there is a violation of the Tactical Gamer Charter by a member or whenever there exists strife between Radical leaders; it is the Unit that is called to deal with the situation. It does this through a mixture of diplomacy, military force and intelligence gathering.

    Captains within the Logistical Studies Group are known to be completely loyal to the 303rd Logistical Studies Group and very idealistic. In fact, its been known for such officers to renounce ties to their IHS and claim that the 303rd Task Force SWORD is their home. Though not a legally binding statement, it does demonstrate the impartiality such officers possess and shows the vital qualities they have within the 303rd.

    1st JTOC
    Leader: Viper
    IHS motto: "Doctrinas Bello Aptare" - Teaching the Arts of War
    How to contact IHS:
    Playtime requirements:
    New Member rules:
    Main IHS rules:
    Play style:
    Mission Statement:
    The 1st JTOC is a Special Operations Platoon set up in accordace with NATO doctrine. Specials forces have demonstrated a common characteristic: self reliance. These units have displayed excellent leadership patterns at the small unit level. Junior leaders are trained to make independent decisions and undertake specific tasks on the Battlefield.

    The 1st will focus on ArmA Armed Assault. We will focus on real world Special Forces Tactics, often far ahead of the main advancing Force, we will be the Battlegroups eyes and ears. We will be the masters of BluFor and OpFor weaponry. We will use Stealth and the dead of night as our Allies. The Platoon is geared towards Rapid Reaction Insertion and Special Operations duties and thus the key roles and specialisations will be swift deployment to a designated area to achieve the mission ojectives set to its members by senior officers. In short, the Platoon will get the "Pre-assault" forward operations tasks which require a high level of skill, tactics, communications and discipline. The "Vanguard" will use swift insertion methods by either Helicopter, HALO parachute jump, or rapid transport, such as Humvee or UAZ. We will carry realistic load out's of weaponry and ammo, proving that reality can still overcome considerable odds against.
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    Re: The IHS Info thread.

    Task Force Proteus

    Leader: Zedic & Kezei

    Recruiting: Open

    IHS motto: "Adaptability, Versatility, Flexibility."

    How to contact IHS: PM via forums or my e-mail ([email protected])

    Members: Active - 4; Inactive - 0

    Playtime requirements: None.

    New Member rules: TG Primer and set TG rules.

    Main IHS rules: TG Primer and set TG Rules.

    Play style: Any be it Air, Land, Sea and emphasis on Leadership Development.

    Mission Statement: Task Force Proteus is an IHS that does limit itself to one area of expertise but instead train for all situations. The primary focus is to develop Leadership Principles and potential throughout all members and the community. There is no main focus area, however upon my return I will be initiating training sessions revolving around Infantry Tactics, Strategy, and development of Leaders throughout the community. We also include personnel qualified in RL Reconaissance, Communications, Air Weapons Control, Infantry Tactics (Mechanized, Light, Mortar, Anti-Armour, Sniper, Special Operations, Demolitions), and Call for Fire (Artillery). This IHS is based around real-military personnel but is open to all persons whom possess a positive attitude, team mentality, a 'yearn to learn', and a drive to for self-improvement.

    Pro Patria


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      Re: The IHS Info thread.


      Leader: Century
      Recruiting: Open
      IHS motto: Non ego, Adeo Laboro
      How to contact IHS: PM Century Or Fusionpoo
      Playtime requirements: Once every ten days seems adequate (not enforced)
      Main IHS rules:
      Read and uphold the mentality outlined in the TG Primer
      Maintain an open attitude toward other players; Do not lock squads with the intention to keep out non-TG players
      Act with maturity at all times while playing
      Remain open to constructive criticism
      Maintain a suitable level of activity
      Play style:The Irregulars are here to help you grow as a player and takes many forms of playstyle
      Mission Statement:To provide a home for |TG| players across a range of games who cannot commit to a regular squad for whatever reason. Open to all TG forum members, our strength shall come from a joint and pooled effort. We will strive to ease the transition of inductees from an external to an internal mindset through training, fighting together as a team, and mutual support. It is hoped we will be looked towards to provide a pool of potential recruits for the other in-house squads as well as a place to form new in-house squads. Above all, the Irregulars will fight together when the opportunity arises and strive to be victorious, while having and achieving all above aims and goals. It is for those who would like a TG home-unit yet are not eligible, suitable, or interested in joining an in-house squad.

      Our core membership consists of:

      * Non-supporting members that are looking for consistent teammates and tactics.
      * SM's looking for consistent teammates and tactics, but that can't make the full time commitment (practices, scrims, etc.) required by in-house squads.
      * SM's contributing TG experience and tactics to help teach newer members.
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        Re: The IHS Info thread.

        thanks to the irregs and TFP for putting thier stuff up. I didn't have time to research all the other IHS so I put in there the ones I knew off the top of my head.


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          Re: The IHS Info thread.

          I edited your post to add the name of your IHS, fusion ;)

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