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  • Podcast

    If you would like to be on the podcast team sign up below. Being "In" means you will make the recordings when we do them or try at least and help with production, ideas and public relations. Everyone who signs up will not be used every week. This is more of us gathering support for the podcast team when we are short or one of you guys has a great idea. The podcast team will be chosen by the admins. If you do not get chosen, we will keep a list of those who applied as people are always coming and going in teams like this. If you would like to be on the podcast team please sign up below.

    Name: (real Life, first only)
    topics you would like to talk about:
    Tech skills: (music editing ECT)
    Days and hours you can make recordings:
    Are you a jedi:

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    Re: Podcast thats what u ment ;)

    Name: Dave
    Gamename: Arcto
    topics you would like to talk about: New updates (what is relevant to the mod pack etc) M0ar Mi55ions!!!!
    Tech skills: Small knowledge of acid pro (enough to crop, change layer etc)
    Days and hours you can make recordings: Until around 8pm EST most nights.
    Are you a jedi: Weve already been through this!


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      Re: Podcast

      Name: Alessandro
      Gamename: fireship4
      Topics you would like to talk about: Anything really (that means I can't think of something), whether related to the game or not. Maybe how to improve Arma 2 games on TG.
      Tech skills: Basic skills, plus guitar/vocal and some (not much) recording ability. Had an idea for fact of the week for the podcast, taken from
      Days and hours you can make recordings: Same as Arcto maybe slightly later - bad sleep pattern.
      Are you a jedi: No, but I just rewatched the phantom menace review by redlettermedia on youtube.
      "Can't waste a day when the night brings a hearse
      So make a move and plead the fifth 'cause you can't plead the first."

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        Re: Podcast

        Name: Nick
        Gamename: fusionpoo
        topics you would like to talk about: anything
        Tech skills: 4 years of graphic design, i got the entire adobe suite under my wing, a bit of audio editing. i could make a custom flash intro for the podcast, computer building and tech
        Days and hours you can make recordings: i can fit some time in most of the week
        Are you a jedi: a computer jedi
        Last edited by fusionpoo; 02-11-2010, 01:20 AM.
        If you wanna find me off TG
        Xbox live- fusionpo0
        Steam Username - 0hilla27/fusionpoo
        Xfire - fusionpoo


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          Re: Podcast

          Name: Chris
          Gamename: |TG-353rd| Waldo170
          topics you would like to talk about:going in depth into SOP's and guidelines and discussing TS etiquette. New ace relevant stuff and maybe a short in the news section.
          Tech skills: skilled with Adobe products primarily Fireworks CS4, Photoshop Cs4, Illustrator CS4, Premiere CS3(Video and audio editing ); Very tech savvy, A+ certification, working on my N+ along with CCENT certification. Very analytical of almost every situation. I have used Fl studio to create soundtracks. I am also DJ for Hire. I have a background of Podcasts I have worked on with my schools online newspaper, they were actually recorded in our little studio.
          Days and hours you can make recordings: Any day after 3:45 Mountain Time = 5:00 EST can work for about 5 to 6 hours after that... on weekends ill work until its done.
          Are you a jedi: only on Thursdays


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            Re: Podcast

            I could probably be arsed into doing some music/sound work for you. Hit me up if you need it.


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              Re: Podcast

              Name: Chris Krause
              Gamename: Krause
              topics you would like to talk about: In-depth reviews/teasers of missions, behind the scenes information from missions in development, interviewing mission makers, production, editing
              Tech skills: Extensive background with Audacity, Soundforge, Windows Movie Maker, Premier, 'dub software, encoding, ripping etc
              Days and hours you can make recordings: Flexible.
              Are you a jedi: Consular


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                Re: Podcast

                Just want to clarify this is not for a spot on the team all the time. What we are tying to build a contributor roster, and we will get people to help out when we need them.


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                  Re: Podcast

                  Just want to encourage you guys to keep making these podcasts. Great stuff

                  "Help improve immersion, eliminate the green diamonds and map unit icons."


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                    Re: Podcast

                    We are, a few of us had some RL stuff to do, just been a crazy week. We will have a new podcast soon for you guys. Thanks jimbo




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