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New mission Q&A standards effective now.

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  • New mission Q&A standards effective now.

    Ok guys the admins came up with a new mission Q&A standard. This will ease the way we upload missions and have some sort of control over quality. It has become a big problem with missions being uploaded to the server that are broken. The public servers are not the place to test your missions. We are working on a testing server to be put up at a future date (don't ask when). Here is how mission Q&A works from now on.

    Friday-Sunday Night: We will open the Mission submit depot in the mission section. Do not ask before then to upload missions in TS on via PM. Admins want to play and have fun to we don't have all day to upload missions when ever you guys need it. All missions that make it on the server get posted here.

    Monday-Thursday night: Admin team and Mission DEV team test the missions with their final recommendations to the admins done by Thursday night. We will send a message to the makers if their mission failed Q&A and what they can do to fix it. We are strictly talking functionality not artistic design. If your mission is broke (IE: People spawn in water, enemies don't spawn, triggers don't work) we will not upload it to the server.

    Friday morning: We unlock the thread and start all over.

    We also need you guys to start posting here for missions that become outdated due to ace updates or made it through Q&A that are broken.

    To reiterate:

    1: Don't ask admins on TS to upload your missions, submit them on the proper day in the depot.
    2: Missions that get updated get submitted the same way
    3: Post in the mission outdated broke thread
    4: Don't forget the TG mission naming standard.

    We are cracking down on this because the quality of some missions has been poor. Any problems/question post in the CAA forum.

    -Admin Team



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