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Operation Order - Operation Irene 02.28.2010

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  • Operation Order - Operation Irene 02.28.2010

    Operation Order - Operation Irene 02.28.2010

    1. Task Orginization
    Uniform 64
    Flight 1
    1. Command Structure
    Operational Commander
    jaynus (TFP)
    Ranger Command
    Chalk 1 / Chalk Actual Viper (1st)
    Chalk 2 Browna (1st)
    Delta Command
    Delta 1 Actual Jack Bauer (303rd)
    Uniform 64 Command
    Uniform 64 Actual Fusionpoo (Irregulars)
    Alpha Squad Impuse (353rd)
    Bravo Squad MarineSeaKnight (10th)
    Charlie Squad Zedic (TFP)
    Delta Squad Charlie Foxtrot (Irregulars)
    Flight 1 Command
    Flight 1 Actual Boondocksaint (353rd)
    Super Six 1 Arcto (353rd)
    Super Six 2 Henry (353rd)
    Star 41 Waldo (353rd)

    2. Situation

    a. Enemy Forces
    Most recent intel suggests that large numbers of mobs have been mobilizing as a large collective force. Actual numbers on possible hostile presence is unknown. Due to the insurgent nature of the movement in the city, additional difficulties in enemy identification will most likely be apparent; differences between hostile and civilian elements.
    a. Environment
    (1) Terrain
    This operation will be conducted in an urban setting, and as such urban warfare tactics should be administered at all times.
    (2) Weather and Conditions
    The operation will begin at or around 1400 hours. Conditions remain clear, with a scheduled sunset around 1900 hours.
    (2) Civilian Considerations
    Civilians may be present in the city. Rules of engagement should be strictly adhered to at all times unless otherwise ordered by command.
    b. Mission
    (1) Objective
    A meeting of Mohamed Farrah Aidid's senior cabinet may take place Sunday at 1400 hours. Your elements are tasked with securing the area and eliminating the members of this senior cabinet during the course of their meeting. These targets must be eliminated in order to assist in restoring order to the city. This meeting will be taking place at at the Olympic Hotel, grid reference CC-18. Three separate sources of street intel have provided this information; although its reliability is questionable, command has decided to act on this.

    Intelligence Photo of possible targets:
    (2) Rules of Engagement
    Current civilian presence in the area is unknown. Due to the militia nature of possible hostiles we may encounter, all units will be weapons yellow throughout this operation unless otherwise specified by command.

    2. Execution

    a. Phase 1 - Deployement
    Chalk 1 and Chalk 2 will load up into Super Six 1 and Super Six 2. Chalk 1 and Chalk 2 will rappel from their flight elements to the west of the target building at their designated insertion locations. At the same time, Uniform 64 will move north towards its designated staging area. Uniform 64 will move to its designated staging area, and await for the call from Delta 1 to move into the target area and assist as needed. Additionally, they will follow their designated route along the MSR to approach the staging point. Chalk 1 and Chalk 2 are to setup a 360 security perimeter around the hotel.

    b. Phase 2 - Assault
    Star 41 will take off with Delta 1 loaded and deploy to the Delta 1 insertion location on map, a the office buildings south of the Olympic Hotel. Delta 1 will move in and secure the building, leveraging Chalk and Uniform 64 elements for support as needed. Upon Delta insertion into the target area, Uniform 64 will begin rolling towards the AO to support Delta 1.
    Delta 1, Chalks and Uniform 64 will secure the target area, eliminate any hostile forces while taking and clearing objective Hotel.
    c. Phase 3 - Extraction
    All elements will egress south back to the main base utilizing ground and air assets for transport as needed.
    d. Change of Situational Orders
    Command retains the right to change any orders specified in this OPORD throughout the course of the mission.

    Operational Commander, |TG-TFP|Jaynus

    Task Force Proteus

    The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but Im just not close enough to get the job done."



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