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Domination Video, April 28th

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  • Domination Video, April 28th

    Hey folks. Another video of mine, this time of a short domi round filmed the 28th of April.
    I was mainly screwing around with a new camera mod, which allowed most of these shots. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

    If you really don't want to watch all 6 some minutes of it (some of it is really just running around, admittedly) atleast jump to 3:25 for a really awesome jav shot!

    Watch in HD!
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    Re: Domination Video, April 28th

    What camera mod are you using? and can it be used on alpha etc while playing or does it require a seperate role etc?

    and what rig are you running, your game looks awesome :D

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      Re: Domination Video, April 28th

      I'm using the Director Movie/Camera mod, which can be located here:

      It can be used on singleplayer, multiplayer, anything really, there is no limitation for where it can or cannot be used unless the server decides to block it. You simply slot into whatever slot you want, and click on the "director" button that pops up in the action list. You can see a quick shot of me using the tool during the MH-6 crash in my video (didn't bother to edit it out like I did the other shots).

      Its really easy to use, though it is still WIP, so it does have some issues.

      As for my rig, never thought I'd hear THAT question be asked =P. I've got an i7 920 at 3.3ghz, a gtx285 (buying a 5970 though, horray!), 6 gigs of DDR3 Ram, and Windows 7.


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        Re: Domination Video, April 28th

        Looking real real good cody! Love your vids.
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