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Mando Missile Confusion (A-10 related)

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  • Mando Missile Confusion (A-10 related)

    Hi, im new to this mod so please bare with me.

    I just installed the latest version of mando missile and im trying to use the mavericks on the A-10 but it seems the only way i can use them is by switching to the "AGM65 Camera" which seems confusing as how is 1 person meant to fly and then at the same time locate, line up and destroy a target using this camera ? i don't really know anything about the military so maybe they actually do this in real life ?

    i was just hoping to be able to fire off mavericks from the standard cockpit view. I've switch my hud mode to "AGM65 (Ground)" but the lock on doesn't seem to work properly when i press tab, it doesn't lock onto the target in the same way some missiles do on various other aircrafts such as the AH-1Z.

    Is this a known glitch or am i doing something wrong ?

    any help would REALLY be appreciated

    oh and im using the latest version of ACE as well, just incase that might be relevant to the issue ?

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    Re: Mando Missile Confusion (A-10 related)

    I dont think TG uses mando missles anymore.

    But for using it I always made sure i was flying towards the target and had my A-10 level before going to the missle camera.
    If you're using a joystick with good throttle control, try no to fly full throllte but around 300.
    Having some altitude also gives you more time to scan for, and lock on to the target.

    Another bit of advice, fire well before you pass over the target, if the maverick doesnt have time to make the angle to the target it will stray off.



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      Re: Mando Missile Confusion (A-10 related)

      First off I'll just point out that we stopped using Mando a while ago, so if you play on the server, use it at your own risk. ;)

      Now then, to answer your question: yes, that's pretty much how Mavericks work in real life and, no, it's not a glitch, you can't use the old "autolockanythingwiththepressofabutton" system used by regular ArmA, and yes, MMA conflicts with ACE on how some weapons work, but this is not the case.

      The AGM-65 Maverick AG missile has always been a TV guided missile; as such the pilot has to search and lock onto a target utilizing the Maverick's camera feed showed on one of the cockpit's MFDs.
      Modern versions now have an infrared seeker, which can simplify the lock on process.
      Mando's Missile Addon also allows you to lock onto target utilising the helmet mounted sight, like it can be done with modern aircrafts (since the newer versions of the AGM65 can use the radar to recieve targeting informations): to lock on you first have to select the proper HUD mode and then have the target inside the small circle in the center of the helmet HUD; note that you usually do NOT have to turn the entire aircraft to face the target, since you can lock onto it even in freelook mode (press LAlt and use the mouse to look around); when the target is inside the circle, you press TAB (or the appropriate key, since MMA let's you customise the keys used) and wait until you have achieved a lock; when this happens, a diamond will appear in the target box, a locked on tone will sound, and you can fire your weapon using the MMA Missile Launch key. At that point the missile will be fired and hopefully hit and destroy the target.

      When using the Maverick camera, remember that the plane will assume a level flight, so that you do not have to worry about crashing into the ground. ;)

      here you can see how an A10 pilot has to employ the Maverick in the simulator Lock On: Flaming Cliffs

      as you can see, for the seeker to lock onto a target, the pilot has to utilise the camera feed to center somewhat the desired target inside the targeting area: at that point the seeker should be able to lock on the target using the contrast between it and the ground, or using the thermal contrast when employing the infrared mode; aircrafts equipped with radars can also use that to achieve a lock, since the FCS automatically inputs all the necessary target informations so that the seeker can automatically be locked on the target without the pilot having to fiddle around with the camera.

      Finally note that the "AGM65 (Ground)" HUD mode makes it so that you lock on the GROUND, not on the target that you are looking at.
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        Re: Mando Missile Confusion (A-10 related)

        thanks for the response and help, it was simply a case of me using the wrong mode, the standard AGM65 mode allowed me to lock on without the need for going into the camera !

        just out of interest what is the point of the camera mode if you can just do it this way where it's so much easier ?

        oh and while im here, one other question...

        im now trying to get the GBU 12's to lock on (its not workng in mando like it does in vanilla arma 2). i've got an AI FAC guy on the ground who is lazing a target for me, the target appears outlined in red but no matter what mode i switch to the GBU 12's won't lock on to his designated target. Is this because in Mando you need a human to lase it rather than AI ? the reason i say this is that when i was practicing lasing targets for an AI controlled A-10 i had the option to "transmit MMA target" or something along those lines... im assuming this command needs to be done for the GBU's to lock on, is there anyway to get the AI to give this command or will it only work if a human does it ?

        sorry for all the questions, big massive noob here !!!


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          Re: Mando Missile Confusion (A-10 related)

          Originally posted by DecoySA View Post
          just out of interest what is the point of the camera mode if you can just do it this way where it's so much easier ?
          Realism, mainly.
          The AGM65 can lock on without having to operate the seeker camera if you have one of the later versions of the missile and you are flying an aircraft equipped with a radar system.
          In real life the A10 is not equipped with a radar, and the first versions did not even have a proper IR sensor! As such, to operate the Maverick, an A10 pilot can only use the Maverick's own camera to find the target.
          My guess is that for simplicity sake, Mando left the radar lock mode for the A10, in addition to the camera mode.
          Also using the camera can be useful, since you can visually ID the targets before firing, thanks to the higher level of zoom, not to mention that you can easily lock on targets that usually do not show up like buildings, or a group of soldiers (yes, I know that usually that would call for a strafing run with the GAU-8 Avenger, but on rare occasions you might want to stay outside of the cannon range and use missiles instead), which you can do with the "AGM65 (Ground)" mode, but it's much less precise and given the limited amount of zoom, the time window to acquire and engage the target is much smaller than with the camera. Just remember that if you lock onto a target in the camera mode, you cannot then exit the camera, or you will lose the targeting info; you can, however, exit the camera mode AFTER you have fired the missile.

          About the GBUs I'm afraid I cannot help you much: when we used MMA I kinda specialised on the use of missiles and the Javelin, but in theory, if the AI is lasing properly, you should be able to lock on the laser target with either the "bombname (Remote)" HUD mode, or by going in the GBU Camera, selecting the "Remote" option and then clicking on the only targeting box that should appear.

          Air Alex, Inq, or one of our others fighter jocks should be able to answer this. If not, I'll just load up MMA and check it myself. :p
          And feel free to ask any questions you might have: better to ask them here in the forums, than in-game when a T90 platoon is rolling your way ;)

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