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  • Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

    Congrats to all that where awarded a ribbon!!

    Congrats to everyone receiving ribbons! Don't forget to send in your own nominations!

    Yes! See something awesome? Send in a nomination!

    Distinguished Medic:
    DJMeowMix (Class I) (PR)

    Distinguished Squad Leader:
    Fullkontact (Class II) (PR)
    Igor (Class I) (ArmA2)
    Militant (Class I) (ArmA2)
    NoDebate (Class I) (ArmA2)
    Impulse (Class II) (ArmA2)

    Distinguished Assault:
    mike0000 (Class I) (BC2)

    Valorous Unit:
    Dredge (Class I) (BC2)
    BBMag (Class I) (BC2)
    DaAznKnight (Vcharlie) (Class I) (BC2)

    Combat Action:
    Militant (Class I)
    NoDebate (Class I)
    Impulse (Class I)

    Disinguished Tactician:
    Militant (Class I) (ArmA2)
    NoDebate (Class I) (ArmA2)
    Impulse (Class I) (ArmA2)

    Distinguished Support:
    Delta (Class I) (ArmA2)
    NoDebate (Class I) (ArmA2)

    Distinguished Commander:
    Ytman (Class I) (PR)
    Here are several of the nomination write-ups for the above ribbons:

    Originally posted by Multiple Ribbon Nominations
    Forgive me on the tardiness of this nomination and the having it be a group nomination at that. But I have been super busy at school and I am taking the short time that I have now to do something that I have been really lacking on.

    Approximately four days ago I was the CO of a 27 person coop. As everyone knows who plays arma, our communication medium really stinks but we try and manage the best that we can. On this evening though it became apparent that our little problem turned into a disaster...... that was quickly rendered useless by several people, who, in my humble opinion, deserve every ribbon that I am nominating them for.

    Combat Action=Millitant NoDebate Gridbum Impulse
    Distinguished Tactician= Millitant, Nodebate, Impulse
    Distinguished Squad Leader=Millitant, Nodebate, Impulse
    Distinguished Support=Delta and Nodebate
    Valorous Unit=EVERYONE

    I would like to begin my my ribbon nomination with a combination of the Distinguished Tactician, Distinguished Squad Leader and Combat Action Ribbons. As it is defined; the Combat Action ribbon is awarded to players who possess a keen sense of battlefield awareness, survivability, lethality and tactical action on the battlefield. Along with that, Tactical Gamer describes a distinguished tactician ribbon as having players who have shown their prowess though the planning and execution of tactics and strategy on the battlefield. And to cap things off, a distinguished squad leader is someone who demonstrate an exceptional ability to lead others in a squad capacity, utilizing tactics, battlefield awareness, communication and strategy.

    In retrospect, the mission started off pretty simple, capture objective number one. There was alpha that was lead by millitant, charlie squad that was lead by gridbum, and to complete the trio, Nodebate was in charge of delta. My initial briefing was simple; get transported and droped off at a staging area go to respective rally points, check in and then wage war.

    I am not one of a micro manager, I feel that it undermines the order of authority in a mission. I feel that it is my job to make sweet musical war with my instruments of death. I am there to lead them the right way; basically my philosophy is to point them in the right direction of what I want killed, and then leave it up the the squad leaders to inflect the pain that I want dealt. My initial plan was simple for the Sls one way point for all three squads. I issued the order for us to split up into different TS channels to alleviate any cross comms chatter and that I would be issuing orders through the ingame VON that we have. Unfortunately, our VON again was acting up and I had to start issuing orders by typing them, which was not very efficient. I do not think that the mission would have been a success if it had not been for the cool and calm heads that I had leading the troops.

    Millitant, NoDebate, Impulse9/gridbum (Impulse9 became SL when gridbum Dcd 10 min in) was able to take very vague orders and end up accomplishing the plan. What makes this story and ribbon nom worthy is that the amount of fire and situations that those three had to go through was nothing short of TG at its core. I initially gave the orders to Millitant to set up on the western flank of objective 1. Impulse9 was to take the main MSR and then make the main frontal assult on the town (objective 1) while delta moved in from the SE and east to set up a defense from target 3 which was around 300-400 meters to the SE and E of Objective 1. the orders that I gave to Millitant were simple. I gave hime the single way point and instructed him to set up defense on the west and to send a scout team in to initate contact and then to fall back to the main force. Alpha (Millitant) was then ordered to engage as soon as their scout team returned.

    I tasked Impulse with the main frontal assault. They were to pack heavy in their assault and were to deal with any mechanized that were to be in the town when we made our assult. I felt as though, they had the hardest part, along with delta /bc of the lack of terrain cover and sure mass numbers of Opfor that they had to deal with. Along with Impulse (charlie) I gave the order to Delta (NoDebate) to sneak into position and then take the main MSR southeast east to objective three. Their oreders were to set up a road block to prevent mechanized forces if they wre there and re-enforcements from objective 3 from commin to the main target.

    Without the micro management of myself, all three squadleaders completed the taks that I gave them. It was amazing to see b/c throughout all of this my main Command element filled and the squad leaders had to deal with constant JIPs. I was tasked with transporting the JIPs and Respawns back to designated dropoff points. The squad leaders were amazing with communications. They were able to give me the right amount of information to help me attain a victory for all of us. The amount of Opfor that they faced were numbered in the hundreds PER target; there wre three of them. The Sls had to deal with constant communication breakdown due to VON, communication lapses when I was in route with troops, and the all out war that was upon Luttenberg.

    Most times I get a lot of useless team comms that doesnt belong on the command net. Millitant, Impulse9, and NoDebate was able to calculated decisions, that did sometimes cost the digital lives of their squads, but in doing so accomplished the mission at hand.

    There were many times when I overheard communications on the trip into battle that the mission would have ended up south long ago if it wasnt for the planning and execution if the Sls. I would give them orders when they gave me situational reports, and they were able to make those orders happen in a way that I could only explain as magical. I had to type these orders that were briefe with not accurate six digit grid locations and they were able to coordinate an attack and individually step up in different situations throughout the whole mission.

    On the inittial assult on Target one, it was Millitant who made it possible to breach into the town. It was by his leadership that allowd target 1 to be overrun and captured. Millitant was then able to, without my direction, call upon Impulse9 and NoDebate to still continue to hold SE and E security while pushing through target 1 and executing the main assault down the road to target 2.

    While all of this was going on at Target 1 & 2 Nodebate was able to do something that very few Tactical Gamers do, he was able to have his squad set up a road block and defend and protect the squad from multiple attacks from target 3. by his leadership and tactical prowess, was able to identify his locations, enemy movements and troops in need and then help move in and secure target 2 with charlie and alpha and then lead the main assult onto target 3.

    the way that all three of these individals deminstrated tactical knowledge, leadership skills, “baby sitting” skills, and overall fantastic cool headness. These are the types of leaders that make TG what it is, and why TG is so fun to play at.

    Without their leadership I feel that the casulties could have been so much higher. I belive the only “mass” casulty was when there was a blue on blue rocketng that lead to all of alpha and charlie that lead to a great laugh and valuable lessen that I heard being taught by the three individuals on the return trip into the battlefield.

    As with the above stated nominations, I would also like to nominate them for valorius units and NoDebate and his delta squad for the distinguished defense. I feel that if had not tasked them with the so called simple task at the briefing screen I feel that this mission would have been a total failure. With NoDebate at the helm of Delta Squad, His squad saved 16 digital lives while they were totally outnumberd and outgunned. I belive they were responseble for over 500 enmy kills and 4 BRDMs from target 3 alone!!!

    What makes me feel that they earn this ribbon is that they are virtually new members to our community, minus Impluse9. I also feel that Ribbons had the opportunity to have seen this mission from our “crows” perspective. All three of these individuals had to deal with circumstances that were changing so drastically that at any one time they had to decipher my conversation, the other squad leaders conversation, transpo requests, and the constant regrouping of their squads. They managed to make chaos turn into battlefield music. Please consider these individuals for the above ribbon nominations and I am sorry that I put so many into one nomination thread.
    Originally posted by Igor Class I Nomination
    Date: 4/17/2010
    What: Distinguished Squad Leader
    Who: Igor/Charlie Squad
    Server: ArmA II Alpha
    Mission: Omega Event
    Why: On 17 April 2010 Omega hosted a coop event on the alpha server. Mission was as follows:

    1: Paradrop into the FOB and secure vehicles for mech assault into enemy held region
    2: Destroy Arty platoon
    3: Destroy AAA battery
    4: Destroy enemys HQ
    5: Rescue POWs from POW camp.

    This mission went flawlessly because of the squad leaders under my command. Igor was leader of Charlie squad. Charlie squad was the quick reaction and AT squad of the platoon and helped ensure victory. On many occasions charlie was ordered to hold position and hold the line against crazy enemy numbers. At one point Igors squad destroyed 4 vehicles that tried to out flank us including 2 BMP-2s. The mission was 5 hours long and to say the least the three squad leaders under me show true dedication to the ways of TG. Igor is a great leader and displayed the best assets of a TG member.
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    Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

    Congrats to all recipients! I love seeing nothing more than my fellow TG members earning awards (and they are earned!) that they deserve!


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      Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

      good work guys!!!!

      "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer rather than trying to appeal to the greater gaming population....Tactical Gamer is not mainstream. We are not trying to attract mainstream gamers" ~ Apophis


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        Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

        Wow! My name is... Wow! Up there a lot! Thanks folks! And congrats to everyone else! It's great to be recognized!

        However, I believe there is a slight error with the SL ribbon.

        Post #32, unless I can be given the same award twice. But I believe that is called a Class II award. ;)


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          Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

          Very good choices. Congrats guys


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            Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

            Congrats and well done! I've added the mega-nomination write up below the listings, as well as the ribbon images.

            Also, NoDebate, you can post that problem to the Ribbon Nominations Forum where you normally submit the Nominations and work it out with the Ribbons staff. (Superfastmegaawesomehighspeedlowdragshortcut to there in my signature)

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              Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

              Congrats to all

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                Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

                Grats all.....
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                  Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

                  well done guys¬ :)

                  dont forget to nominate someone if you think they deserve a ribbon!


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                    Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

                    Thanks MSK, posted it this morning. I was wondering where I'd get that worked out. And again, congrats to everyone else awarded this week! Keep it up boys!


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                      Re: Gather Round Its Ribbons Time!

                      Thanks for the nominations and thank you for the Ribbons.Also a big Congratulations to everyone else who received Ribbons this time around, and a special congrats to Nodebate on his Class 2 Squad Leader (If I'm not mistaken) Ribbon and for being the one that's mentioned most on the list.Good Valor :)

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