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I don't understand how the medic modules work :(

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  • I don't understand how the medic modules work :(

    Im pretty new to the editor so bare with me

    What exactly do the first aid modules do ? i've checked the official BI wiki but it doesn't really make things any clearer to me.

    for example if i place a medic and a rifleman in the editor with no first aid modules and then shoot the rifleman i can heal him fine.

    when i do the same but include the first aid action module its identical, it doesn't seem to do anything ? so i figured maybe the fist aid action module lets non medic classes heal soldiers, so i placed two riflemen in the editor and the first aid action module and shot the rifleman... went over to him and had no option to heal him. I then thought maybe i have to sync the module to the soldier i want to be able to give first aid, so i did that but again it made no difference.

    So can anyone explain to me what the actual point of the first aid action module is and how its meant to work ?

    I also tried all of the above with just the first aid simulation module and again it was exactly the same.

    I just don't understand how to set them up in the editor and what each one does.

    On top of this i haven't got a clue how these all interact with ACE and the enable wounding system mod.

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could just break down how im meant to use these modules in the editor, im so confused !

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    Re: I don't understand how the medic modules work :(

    The First Aid Module basically makes synched soldiers slightly harder to kill, since they can get incapacitated.
    An incapacitated soldier will die in a few minutes if no one stabilizes him. Once stabilized, the soldier can again fight normally, but unless a Medic/Corpsman healed him, he will probably be too wounded to be combat effective.

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      Re: I don't understand how the medic modules work :(

      Remember to sync the the medic modules to the people you want it to effect.

      Also, I don't think the ACE module should be mixed with the BI module. The ACE module does not need to be synced to anyone and effects everyone in the mission (AI too, I believe)




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