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  • Something off my chest...

    Me: “I'm sorry, I'm new here. Any help would be appreciated”
    Player1: “Welcome to TG!”
    Player2: “Welcome LSHD”
    Me: “Thanks”
    Player2: “Just follow the other guys around you and you'll do fine.”
    Player1: “Yeah, you'll pick it up in no time”
    Me: “OK, so what do I need to do now?”
    Player3: “Follow me”

    You are probably wondering what this dialogue is, or why I even wrote it. What I can tell you is that, while it is not the exact words spoken by others or by myself. But it is VERY close to what happened. This is LowSpeedHighDrag's concise introduction to TacticalGamer.

    This was about late October/November of 2008. When I first joined the first public TacticalGamer server. I forget which mission it was but, the pace was very quick and I was too busy trying to keep up with my fireteam members. I knew the basics of the game but this was a bit different.

    My fireteam leader was killed due to an IED while approaching the town that we needed to secure and also took out the other fireteam leader in the process with another player. At this time, there was a slight lull of confusion was to what just happened.
    There was no respawn, this was a one life mission. No respawn, no revive.

    With the remainder of what was left of the fireteam that I was assigned to and the other fireteam. Everyone, including the CO of the mission was lost. Not knowing why he wasn't getting any SITREPs after the huge explosion. At the time I knew that only the Fireteam leader (or leaders) could communicate up to higher. Unless something like this happened.
    In this chaos of confusion and lack of communication between the squads and fireteams. It was clear to me that the mission commander couldn't do much. He had no idea of what happened and why he wasn't getting any traffic in his comms. I could read and hear the words “Alpha fireteam report!”, “Bravo fireteam report!” etc. on Side channel.
    After what seemed like 5 long mins, I decided to throw myself into the deep end. I gathered what was left of my fellow fireteam members, told them to stay put. Ran across the incoming small arms fire to reach the Bravo fireteam members hugging the walls on the opposite side of the street. I told a member of Bravo to get ready to push into the town moving parallel to us and secure the south-western road which led into the city, our previous objective. Then I ran across back to my own guys in the fireteam and told them the same. We got ready to move, all this time talking on Direct channel.
    I toggled my keys to switch to Side channel and informed Command that I will be taking over Alpha and Bravo or what was left of us. Also informing Command that we will push up the road and secure that objective. I got the go ahead.
    With Bravo checking corners and bounding with us moving slowly. Taking out contacts, we finally reached our predesignated area and pulled security. Informed Command that we have secured the south-west corner. Some time later, just as the Commands LAV rolled in to our location, another massive IED went off. Killing some of my fireteam members, took my ability to walk and taking out all of Bravo, and the LAV being damaged. After that, we knew that it was not possible to complete the objectives and called the mission.

    During those 20~30mins. My palms were sweating, heart beat raised a bit, and I noticed that I was chewing a flavourless gum. But all in all, it was an exhilarating game and exactly what I was looking for in ArmA. Tactical Fun! (Yes, that is a capitalized F)

    After few more weeks of playing on the Tactical Gamer server, wondering if that game was just a one-off thing. A typical rare occurrence of public servers. Yes, you too will find one or two out there. However, I was glad to find out that it was far from it. I knew that this was it.

    No more random public servers, no more wasted time, no more uncoordinated Evolution games, no more cheaters & hackers to deal with, no more egomaniacs with big words.

    I found my gaming home or rather, an ArmA home. Should they have me.
    Turns out, TacticalGamer is not a clan or a squad. It was a community. A community with like minded mature gamers and with a very understanding and helpful environment. As long as I read TacticalGamer's Primer and the ArmA SOP, and agreed to their terms. I was good to go. Of which I did on December of 2008.

    You might be surprised to know that, the TG members were very helpful and patient with the new players. Even going out of their way to help you at some points. But most importantly, they did this SINCERELY. Just another surprising fact, which reinforced my decision to stay at TacticalGamer.

    The main reason I have regurgitated the boring AAR of my first TG experience is clear for you I hope.
    The reasoning behind it is pretty simple, wouldn't you agree?

    Fast forward 2 years...

    I am an ArmA Admin, I am in the Mission Development Team, I am a Pathfinder.

    I was grateful for being accepted as an admin status, I was grateful to be in the Mission Development Team.
    I had no idea that I would have been nominated for the much coveted Pathfinder status.
    I had no idea that I would find great people to play with and socialize with other players during down time on TS2&3. I had no idea that I would still enjoy my time immensely after 2 years of playing just ArmA series at Tactical Gamer. (Yes, I only played ArmA since I joined, only few month ago I have bought and played BF2BC2 with other TG members and Flaming Cliffs 2 briefly) For all of these, I am grateful to have met and spent time with fellow like minded players. TG members and the regulars.

    However, I have noticed a trend. A trend that was bothering me more than most. I have no idea how it started, or why. That does not matter now. What matters is how can we fix it. Make it better. Make it a better for you!

    As much as I hate to say this and I'm certain that some of you may disagree or even laugh at it but I have to. If not now, then when?

    "I'm not telling you it is going to be easy - I'm telling you it's going to be worth it"

    With vast the number of players here in TG ArmA. It is a matter of time until you find that person. You know the type. The type that rubs you the wrong way. Whether it be their voice, their uber in-game skills, or even their presence alone. It is natural to have clashing personalities, not liking one another and wanting to do and be better than that person. It is only natural.
    But why not do it in a positive manner? Maturely, with respect to yourself.
    Then again, some are just dead weights. I feel sorry for you.

    "Lead by example, lead from the front."

    As a strong ArmA community, we need to grow! I'm not talking about recruitment, I'm not talking about more In-House-Squads for ArmA or the like.

    What I am talking about is our own growth. Yes, our own individual growth. Sounds a little like a self-help catch phrase? Cheesy? Sure. Don't matter to me.
    No more snide comments, no more undermining others, no more selfish egos, No More of that crap!

    What matters is that we seemed to have lost our urge to assist others and encourage others to be a better person within the gaming environment. Ultimately resulting as a better player. A TG player.
    I wish I could remember the names of “Player1”, “Player2” and “Player3” on that day on the server.

    We need to champion others to grow personally, professionally, emotionally. By using our compassion, our unique perspective, and our belief in others' inherent goodness, integrity.
    Which will lead to an enormous potential.

    TGU Instructor · TG Pathfinder

    Former TGU Dean · Former ARMA Admin · Former Irregulars Officer

    "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold

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    Re: Something off my chest...

    I am in complete agreement, very eloquently put. TG is not a clan, TG is a vast community of like minded players who's goal has always been the betterment of the community by way of maturity. This place has never been about how many points you can rack up or how 1337 you are at the sn1p0r rifle - it is about getting people together who want to feel comfortable with those they surround themselves by. It is our responsibility as players to make sure that this attitude of Maturity, Respect, and Cooperation stays as the status quo. We can't just sit back and hope that someone else will do the work of welcoming new players. We must take ownership of what we decree as respectable behavior. We can't get complacent, because we know what it was like to be that guy coming onto our server for the first time. We can't allow ourselves or others to sit on our high horse or hide behind our IHS tags which somehow make us super elite - that's all bull.

    It really comes down to this: Do we want to be a community built of leaders, or do we want to be a community of followers? Every man and woman who plays on our servers shares the responsibility of helping instill the TG way. Everyone here should be able to recite the TG Primer by heart - especially those who wear the tags. Everyone here should know that if you have to ask if something is wrong, or bending the rules, then it probably is wrong.

    M - R - C.

    Thank you LowSpeed again for the post.

    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " - Albert Einstein


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      Re: Something off my chest...

      You hit the nail on the yet again my friend. We all need to take a step back and realize just what it is we have here. This is the best place in the world for frienship and gaming. The minute we forget that, the minute we forget what it was that brought us here, we destroy what others have worked so hard to make great. We are all friends, and we are all gamers. So, let's act like it and who knows, we might even have a little fun while we are at it.


      KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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        Re: Something off my chest...

        I remember when you first played with TG i think? it was a mission on Sahrani in the city of Coraznol. and i remember that ruined wall that my fire team was hugging. :D

        "im free of all predjudices, i hate everyone equally" -Brad
        "Fine, ill just talk to my fellow corpses!"-Chris G-AKA Miles Tegg


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          Re: Something off my chest...

          Situations like this is why I still play computer games...


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            Re: Something off my chest...

            Originally posted by ACOGRecon View Post
            ....M - R - C.
            couldn't have said it better myself :)

            Low, great post and i hope everyone here reads this

            "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer rather than trying to appeal to the greater gaming population....Tactical Gamer is not mainstream. We are not trying to attract mainstream gamers" ~ Apophis


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              Re: Something off my chest...

              I had a very similar experience my first time playing on TG. Were playing Green Mountain on Chenarus and if I remember correctly Jack Bauer was leading my fireteam. I will never forget how anxious/engaged I was as we were stealthily crouching through the forest, rain pouring down at during 0 Dark 30 where would we would setup an ambush on a enemy camp. I remember thinking to myself: "This can't get any better." Jack set us up overlooking the camp by about 50 meters, using the cover of foliage and tree trunks to aid our ambush. The other fireteam was in position to flank from the West. We got permission to open fire and my heart started beating as if it was football game day during high school! I brought up my sights for my M4A1 and started laying fire down range, half my shots intended to kill and the other half for suppression. Two minutes went by and I got the order to seize fire. As a team, Jack lead us into the camp to secure it and we won the mission.

              12 BLUFOR Humans....0 BLUFOR casualties.....16 Dead OPFOR

              I will never forget Jack's leadership and help when it was my first day at TG and in ARMA2. I didn't even know how to turn my chem light on but I was kindly instructed how to do so.

              Almost two weeks later, I would be teamed up on a late night game on Domi, with Jack leading and the likes of CroMagnonTex and other great players in my squad. It was literally six of us in a SEAL team and the rest of Domi as the OPFOR. We had one Harrier for air support but it was just our six man team on the ground, poised to dominate the entire island. The experience was unforgettable. The night atmosphere, suppressed weapons, and night vision were implemented to give our team the ultimate advantage. Jack's excellent leadership took us through the woods to ambush certain side missions and/or implement air support via Laser Designator to snipe out targets from afar.

              No joke, this felt like Clear and Present Danger - ArmA Stlyle.

              Two hours and 7 side missions later, we still had no casualties and boarded the extract chopper to RTB. It was two hours behind enemy lines, out manned and out gunned, but superior leadership via Jack and excellent team cooperation led to our epic success. I will never forget how engaged I was into the sim (ArmA2) and the feeling of accomplishing something great.

              The first time I logged into TS, I hopped into the admin channel with Boondock, Dredge, Marine, and Jack all granting me a welcoming hand with possibly gaming's most new user-unfriendly mod organization, ArmA2 and YomaSync. After putting up with all my questions, they swiftly showed me how to update ACE and granted me a welcoming hand.

              I share these brief experiences to highlight how I was brought into the TG community.



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                Re: Something off my chest...

                While I haven't had an experience like that, you did highlight a lot of the best points I have found about this 'community.' I had given up on PC games long ago due to dwindling user-base on the games I played or just having to deal with stupid pubbers. It's hard to find a great community nowadays. I haven't had a bad game here. There has been some communication confusion with ACRE, but that is expected when implementing something new. Still, even in the confusion, great games are had. I played on Force's Tora Bora mission tonight and it was a blast. My TL laser targeted an Ammo Supply for a CAS and the result was awesome (would have been better if I can figure out how to get better performance out of my 9600 GT). I have missed this type of gaming since my OFP days. I only wish I had given ArmA a chance and found this community sooner.


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                  Re: Something off my chest...

                  I have noticed generally in the world of gaming extremes and absences of intelligence lead to bad gaming.

                  At the absence of intelligence end = Being told on HALO that I am a "ni**ger bitch f**k homo w**ker" literally every 60 seconds.


                  Extremes of intelligence = Games such as ARMA 2 where only hardened games players who are willing to learn lots of keyboard commands, read manuals, communicate etc..

                  Sadly I find both can be as tiresome as each other, hence my frequent breaks back to something in the middle ground like Team Fortress 2.

                  Players need to remember that ARMA 2 isnt a job, we are here to have fun, sometimes that means towing the line other times it means giggling when someone sticks a rocket in you for lolz.

                  People are too clique, snobbish and aloof far too much of the time. We need to get over ourselves.


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                    Re: Something off my chest...

                    "We're all just here to have fun" is a philosophy I haven't heard swung around the TG ArmA boards for a long time, but I think it's an important one to focus on. We all (myself included) tend to take this game a little too seriously, especially of late, and I'm looking forward to simmering down and just playing some good old-fashioned video games with my chums here.


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                      Re: Something off my chest...

                      I think the balance of realism and fun is pretty good on Bravo at the moment.
                      Some great gaming today especially.


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                        Re: Something off my chest...

                        The Clan of Brothers has now moved over to TG under it's community for ArmA 2. (My original home clan for ArmA) Founder Hellion is now a supporting member and will be getting the squad up shortly!
                        Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. - General George S. Patton.


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                          Re: Something off my chest...

                          Good post Lowspeed,

                          I remember playing on TG public server in Arma 1 ACE.The best military simulation play I ever came across and I loved how the one life only, no respawn, and no JIP set on peoples minds, because now they put their all into it for their survival and helped each other using teamwork to achieve that.No one wanted to die and loose out on playing the TG mission.In a lot of cases,very good plans were made,very good teamwork was displayed.When a mission was at the waiting stage, people would flood in.Everyone who wanted to play on the TG server and got their chance to get in there during the waiting stage and briefing,were happy as happy can be just to get involved, and it made them exited knowing they were about to participate in an awesome TG mission from beginning to end, and they got their heads into it.This wasn't just another mission to wing threw on just another day of gaming,this was tactical planning and maneuvering and teamwork at it's finest on a public server and you got one chance to see if you had what it takes to survive through to the missions end.The atmosphere of simulating war survival is what created the sweaty palms and also gave me a little bit of a adrenaline rush as well,it felt good and was a great experience,very movie like.

                          The first times I played on TG, I became a TG addict, because of how the game was played.I like realism play,and I like to play using the military mind and not the video gamer mind.Tactical Gamer impressed me with this in many missions and it kept my mind alert and sharp while playing and I enjoyed that.

                          To everyone who played in TG Arma 1 ACE,I just want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU for the great realism you put into the game play, I had no microphone during those times, and I tried following everyone's orders as best I could,down to the letter,and help in anyway I can.That HUGE THANK YOU extents to the fact that you guy's at TG were open minded and allowed me to stay and play without a mic,Most servers would be quick to kick you for not having a mic no matter how well you followed orders,but TG allowed me to stay and play in a tactical way and it was thrilling.I loved it.

                          That game play and maturity is the very reason why I am back at TG,this time with a mic and a better graphics card.After everyone moved to Arma 2 and after a long break from Arma,one day I said what the hell,I'll get Arma 2 and see if TG is still at it.Once again,I played one mission with ARMA 2 ACE on a TG server, and once again I became addicted lol.I was extremely happy to see TG still up and running strong with teamwork and tactics,however, I did notice that a change took place,but I am still enjoying every minute of play on the servers with the TG members and community of today.You guy's make this game fun and when high tolerance is displayed the game play becomes great in all aspects all around.

                          Another HUGE THANK YOU is extended to everyone who participates in ARMA 2 today in a mature tactical and realism way.I personally, am really enjoying teaming up with,leading and following you all,we got good people in here and a hell of a lot of good game play ahead of us :)


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                            Re: Something off my chest...

                            What matters is that we seemed to have lost our urge to assist others and encourage others to be a better person within the gaming environment. Ultimately resulting as a better player. A TG player.
                            I wish I could remember the names of “Player1”, “Player2” and “Player3” on that day on the server.

                            We need to champion others to grow personally, professionally, emotionally. By using our compassion, our unique perspective, and our belief in others' inherent goodness, integrity.
                            Which will lead to an enormous potential.[/QUOTE]

                            Hey guys I just hopped on the TG ts yesterday for the first time, at first i was like dang there is alot of people up in here. I hung out in the OA ACE channel just for a bit, there was so much chatter I didn't want to disrupt the game play so I looked around to see if I could find someone who could help me with a few ?s and alas, Reardin was all alone in the editing channel, needless to say he helped me out and got me going in the right direction, it got pretty late and had to call it a night. Hoped back on today and Jack Bauer was all alone and he helped me out further.
                            If you have guys like these around in a mutltinational gaming community like TG, your community will thrive and grow and be successful, I have seen and heard of so many clans(gaming communities) fall apart. If you don't take care of your people it will(even TG) fall apart. It may sound gay, you may think im an idoit, when people start not being so friendly that's when i usaully leave and don't come back.
                            Thx Reardin and Jack for your help


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                              Re: Something off my chest...

                              Welcome aboard Grizz.

                              Thanks to JC all those years ago for showing me the TG way. Wish he could be here now to see his ARMA vision come to fruition.

                              Good post LSHD.
                              ARMA Admin (retired)
                              Pathfinder-Spartan 5




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