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Banned on ArmAholic.. strange

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  • Banned on ArmAholic.. strange

    hey anyone else here find out their account or IP is banned on ArmAholic? It strange. I tried to get on the website today and it says my IP was perma banned.

    I have not posted ANYTHING in MONTHS. No flamming or nothing. I'm thinking maybe I'm a victim of a hack or something? (server side that is).

    So anyone else banned?

    Now.. i must say..OVER A YEAR.. my original GeneralCarver account was banned.. I posted a pretty angry comment in response to something about an addon.. and I'll be darned if that stupid Foxhound dude banned me. IDK if that's related? maybe he saw my General_Carver account .. figured it was me again and banned me again! NOOOOO.

    HOWEVER, I don't think it was him. He usually leaves comments. This just said "... banned using "quick ban" ". Sooo, I kinda thinking maybe someone hacked them or something? IDK. I think its odd. They usually leave a comment why they banned your IP and you'll see this when you go there.
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    Re: Banned on ArmAholic.. strange

    Might have something to do with there website upgrade?


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      Re: Banned on ArmAholic.. strange

      I allways knew you were trouble carver.


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        Re: Banned on ArmAholic.. strange

        Got this message from a friend, not sure of the source:
        This weekend we are going to close the Armaholic website!

        No, do't worry.......we wont close forever.....
        We are happy to announce we are going to move to the new website we have been working on for many, many months in the past 2 years.
        This new website will make us ready for the release of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

        Friday evening we will close the website and it will not be opened again until the complete move is done.
        At the moment the goal is to open the website again on Sunday but it might be sooner, all depending if "yours truly" does not screw things around!

        During this time you will not be able to acces the site. As soon as everything is ready and working correctly the site will be opened and the community will be able to see what the Armaholic staff has been busy with in the background for all this time.

        At this point I would like to thank everyone in general who helped us in any way with getting the new website done, you know who you are and we are proud to have such excellent community members sticking around here! The full credits list will be revealed when we open the new website for the public.

        Sorry for the inconvinience during the offline time, but I believe I am allowed to say the wait will be well worth it. Thanks for your understanding.

        The Armaholic staff!

        "Help improve immersion, eliminate the green diamonds and map unit icons."


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          Re: Banned on ArmAholic.. strange

          i used to be an armaholic team member, they got angry at alot of silly things

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            Re: Banned on ArmAholic.. strange

            macjim the message you got is from their homepage lol.





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