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Hey I'm new to Arma 2

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  • Hey I'm new to Arma 2

    Hey guys! I got Arma 2 when it first launched but never really got into it, I was discussing that with one of my friends and he pointed me to this site.

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    Re: Hey I'm new to Arma 2

    Welcome aboard hope you have a nice time playing just ask anyone for help about anything if you need it
    To talk to me or just hurl Abuse my way get me on Xfire:Hashass1n

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      Re: Hey I'm new to Arma 2

      Hey dude welcome!
      It is required that you give this a read over

      And instructions on how to set up YOMA TS3 etc are contained here:

      I suggest using the second link first and while your waiting for YOMA to download the ACE2 mod and TGMAPS you read over the first link.
      Look forward to seeing you in game.


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        Re: Hey I'm new to Arma 2

        Another thing you might want to read is the ACE2 wiki that you can find here:
        In the Features section, under the General Information group, you can find what features have been added with ACE and how they work.

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          Re: Hey I'm new to Arma 2

          Welcome Lt.JD.

          All great suggestions by our regulars and members. What I would suggest that you read out of all are these links;
          Your first piece of material that you NEED to read is the TG Primer:

          The Second piece you NEED to read is regarding Player Standards:

          Also note that ALPHA server requires the "@TGmaps" while on BRAVO only "@ACEM" is required or the alternate ace file structure given in our settings.

          Welcome to TG!


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