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TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

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  • TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

    TS2 for TG

    ShackTac has opened up their TS2 server on Monday, June 21st for the purpose of giving people time to set up TS2, test their keybinds, etc.

    Our TS2 server address is, the password has been set to readysteadygo on Monday, June 21st.

    When connecting (Connection -> Connect), right click on the left pane, select ‘New server’, input the server address where prompted, input your desired nickname, and then make sure that you check ‘Anonymous’ and input the server password. From there, simply hit ‘connect’ and you will find yourself in the default ‘Away Channel’.

    Download the keybinds from here, then export them by going to Settings -> Key Settings -> Import, point to the file you just downloaded.

    Our keybinds are very straightforward. There are two main channels - ST/ Armed Assault / Primary, and ST/ Armed Assault / Secondary. There are henceforth referred to as “Primary” and “Secondary”, respectively.

    Left alt-Numpad 0 will take you to Primary’s root channel. This channel is used when we are at the slot select screen or when you have died - basically, anytime you are not actually in-game and playing (or briefing). Whenever a mission is concluded, all players use their lalt-numpad-0 shortcut to bring them back to this channel. This will generally be prompted by admins etc saying “Back to primary” on text or in your TS channel.

    Left alt numpad period/delete will take you to Secondary root channel. This channel family is used for one of the teams in adversarial, while Primary is used for the other.

    Regardless of whether you are in Primary or Secondary, left alt numpad 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 will take you to different subchannels of the parent channel. The numbers correspond to the following channels:
    1 - 1st Squad
    2 - 2nd Squad
    3 - 3rd Squad
    4 - 4th Squad
    5 - Command Element
    7 - Air Element
    8 - Armor element

    So, to go to the Command Element of the Secondary family, it would be lalt+numpad del, then lalt+numpad 5. Pretty simple stuff, and admins will be around to help if there’s any confusion.

    Note that admins will always tell you what keys to press when changing channels. A standard call may be similar to this:
    “BLUFOR go to first squad, that’s alt-numpad-1. OPFOR go to secondary, that’s alt-numpad-delete”.

    Channel Commander
    Channel Commander is a mode in which designated people are given a special ability to talk to all others who are similarly designated as channel commanders. This is indicated by your icon turning red instead of green.

    To turn on channel commander, press RIGHT CTRL, RIGHT ALT, INSERT. You will see your green icon turn red if you did this successfully.

    To speak to other people on channel commander, use H.

    Channel commanders are typically the leading units in a scenario. For instance, squad leaders and the platoon commander are typical examples of people who will need to have channel commander toggled on. Note too that any subordinates who may need to step up to leadership positions in the scenario should be familiar with the keybind.

    Typical Procedure
    For adversarial missions, the procedure is generally as follows.

    1. Players slot up when directed to
    2. Once the slots are good, the server admin directs each side to specific channels - as mentioned above, it’s generally BLUFOR to first squad (primary), OPFOR to secondary. Both teams can utilize whatever subchannels they’d like after this point, at their commander’s discretion.
    3. Commanders will ask their squad leaders to go into the Command Channel (alt-numpad-5) to brief. They will set up their channel commander status at this point.
    4. Once the briefing is concluded, squad leaders will return to their squad channels, brief them, and then when ready, they will announce this to their platoon commander through the channel commander function (H).
    5. Once a side is ready, the Platoon Commander will announce this through global text via something like “BLUFOR ready” or similar.
    6. Once both sides are ready, blammo, game on!

    Special Note on Crashing
    If a player crashes in ArmA2 but is still on TS2, it is good procedure to immediately announce this. If you hear this announced, pass it on to the admin - through text chat or similar. Crashing players must be quickly kicked or else they have the potential to cause major desync issues in-game.

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    Re: TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

    TeamSpeak2! Whohoo! Some proper and actually useable communication! :D

    Channel Commander ftw!


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      Re: TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

      Begs the question of why we ever changed to TS3.....cough

      Yes i realise that it was apophosis (spell?) and/or TheBigC's decision not the arma adins.


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        Re: TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

        TS3 Audio Codec by default is far superior to the audio codecs integrated into TS2, regardless of quality settings. Also the TS3 server is used for more than one game... those pesky other channels....
        The views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of or of any other TacticalGamer ArmA Administration member, reader discretion is advised.


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          Re: TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

          always getting in the way...


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            Re: TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

            Looks like a good number of people have been connecting to test things out - if you're one of the ones who hasn't done so yet, try to find time for it before Sunday, to ensure things go as smoothly as possible for all of us. Thanks. :)


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              Re: TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

              Server password has been reverted to our normal one for our session today. I will change it back to the joint session password sometime after midnight tonight. If you can't connect in the meantime, don't panic. :)


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                Re: TS2 for TG Brief (For the Joint Session)

                Password is back to the joint session password. See you guys in the morning/afternoon/whathaveyou. :)




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