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A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

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  • A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

    gday TG community!

    I am happy to introduce you our new game mode for Operation Arrowhead called A&S ProMode.

    From small to large scale, both action packed and tactical battles with up to 12on12 players
    in a dynamic environment that focus on teamplay and mission objectives!

    The highlights:

    To get a quick idea, check out our A&S ProMode video channel at vimeo.

    To learn more head over to the PvPscene wiki and
    read our extensive documentaiton in the A&S ProMode articles.

    Available topics:
    • Beginners guide
    • Features
    • Key differences to AAS core
    • Did you know?
    • Hints
    • A&S ProMode specific HUD (Head-up display)
    • A&S ProMode specific keyboard controls
    • Blocked key actions
    • Mission parameters

    # Download the A&S ProMod missions

    Feedback and questions are very welcome! :)

    best regards

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    Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

    Good to see you again. Alot of players had great fun with the last series of missions you put out, and I expect more of the same this go round. Keep up the good work!


    KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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      Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

      You are welcome Dredge!

      Looking forward to people's experience and thoughts. :)
      Be sure to look into the mission editing guide as it is rather simple to make new missions;
      even with very different scope and gameplay just as the author wants it to be.


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        Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

        This on the server yet?


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          Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

          Originally posted by Soupy_Norman View Post
          This on the server yet?
          Yes I just loaded it.
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            Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

            These are quiet fun. Looking forward to playing with a full 20 people.


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              Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

              I played it today.

              A few people agreed it took waaaayyy too long to capture a flag - even by having 4-5 people in the zone. Though, I realize perhaps it's made for more players.

              Might want to somehow define a border (on map, just as a guide of sorts), or protect X-ray/main bases somehow. Spawn camping may be arguable to some as a 'tactic' - but I don't see it that way. Especially if you are the attacking team and have 0 alternative spawns.

              The bases seemed far, but again we were few players. Maybe 7 v 7 or so.

              That's it from me so far. I like AAS.


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                Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

                Spawn camping can be a pain in the arse. Usually i set out an engagement limit for myself when playing these kind of missions but if someone engages me from within this self set zone i fire back.


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                  Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

                  It's great that you're still doing ArmA stuff, Kju. Thanks to the team for the game mode, I had the chance to play it last night and it was pretty fun, though we might have not had enough numbers to make it flow properly.


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                    Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

                    Cheers for the feedback guys!

                    Hm not sure about the capping speed. The idea is that as defender you have a chance to come back to defend it and you are meant to have as many players be inside the zone as that speeds up the capping It is to promote teamplay and to have players focused on the objective.

                    An idea would be add a parameter to speed up the process. Thoughts?

                    That said there is also faster capping speed with lower numbers. Details in the did you know section.

                    X-Ray is protected two fold. If enemies enter the zone, they die quickly.
                    Also there is a shield - so people cannot shoot to the inside and people from inside cannot
                    shoot to the outside.

                    I agree though that in the tiny/small missions at mission start this can be bit of a problem.
                    For the medium and large missions we never had a problem.

                    That said the update from Sunday will move back the defenders back from the zone after
                    X-Ray, and therefore very close to that, to one further back.
                    This hopefully should improve the situation at mission start somewhat.

                    However be aware that getting killed at the other zones is no spawn camping.
                    It is part of the job of the team not only to have the contested zone in the focus, yet also
                    make sure that the supply routes are secure so to say.
                    Finally you can always spawn further back; especially in the large ones with transport
                    vehicles that it always a good alternative.

                    Almost forgot - some may have miss the ability to spawn at the officer when he is in the field.

                    AAS and A&S ProMode also support more complex zone setups, like multiple zones to attack / defend at the same time as well as two or more alternate paths (zone strings) to go for or interlinked zones.

                    Some screenshot samples in the wiki.

                    Again thanks for the feedback - keep it coming! :icon14:

                    The update should be ready on Sunday. :row__579:

                    You can also find a guide how to make new missions yourself in the wiki.
                    It is a simple and fun process.


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                      Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

                      I cant seem to find it in the wiki or the ingame notes. How do you fire the arty when crossroad says its available?


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                        Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

                        It is in hidden in features: Advanced Artillery Request System. :)

                        It is the nice system made by bon_inf.
                        He already made a great PDF tutorial and two videos.


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                          Re: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode for Arrowhead

                          The second release of A&S ProMode includes a few fixes and a couple of new features:
                          • Added: on-screen task hints to guide players.
                          • Added: parameter to configure night vision availability.
                          • Added: simple music player.
                          • Changed: Move defenders out of the (most forward) zone to defend at mission start.
                          • Changed: Add a parameter to change the capping speed.
                          • Changed: Add transport vehicles to Sagram.
                          • Fixed: Civilians are missing the user action to get into spectator mode.
                          • Fixed: Dead bodies of disconnected player are not cleaned up.
                          • Fixed: East respawn zone is in the X-Ray zone in the mission Nur.

                          The optional AI mode can be used for enjoyment while waiting for the server
                          to fill or as training. See the details in the features section of the wiki.

                          You can review the list of changes in detail.

                          The A&S ProMode (2010-07-13) pack is available in the filebase.

                          Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!


                          New Missions: 2010-07-13

                          • Anar Valley
                          • Falar Valley
                          • Feruz Abad
                          • Field of Rocks
                          • Gospandi Path
                          • GurDur
                          • Lalezar Refinery
                          • OpDoubleTracked
                          • Rasman Military Base
                          • Sanginat Mine
                          • Siah Chub

                          A&S ProMode Mission List [PvPscene]


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                          or the news section of the project space itself:
                          A&S ProMode (OA)

                          New mission are announced in this thread:
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