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Win7 and Vista Combined ops sulotion using symbloic links.

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  • Win7 and Vista Combined ops sulotion using symbloic links.

    Ok everyone Operation arrowhead is here and brings with it a neat feature called Combined Ops that doesn't really work that well for everyone.
    As you might understand by the title there is a sulotion for the people running vista and win 7 as long as you can understand how to create and use symbolic links.

    I'm not the one who figured this out I just read on some forum (kellys heroes I think) that it worked to make a symbolic link for your arma folder in the OA folder and then ad a few things to the modline.

    First let me explain breifly what a symbolic link is, its a shortcut... No really just a fancy shortcut, the only thing that different from ordinary shortcuts is that windows thinks that its a real folder.
    This allows for many neat things, like installing steamgames on other drives than you have steam on, or making your computer thing you have your arma folder inside your OA folder etc.

    Now to the tutorial part, it should works on both regular and steam version and also allows you to combine a non steam copy with a steamone.

    Go into the startmenu and run cmd, this will bring up a window not entierly unlike a dos promt.

    Now you want to use the cmd command for creating a symbolik link, Its basically written like this:

    After you pressed enter and cmd works its magic you sould see something like ”symbolic link created for H:\....\...\@arma 2 <<===>> H:\...\...\arma 2
    If it says that the folder could not be created check if you spelled everyting right.

    Now if you look into you OA foler there should have a folder there named @arma 2 and it looks like a shorcut, if you doubble click on it you should end up in your arma directory, if not and it says a error you might have spelled the arma 2 part of the link worng.

    Now its time to add to your modline (in steam, set launch options), [email protected];expansion; this will enable your OA to run in CO mode so now its just to start the game, go into the editor and check if you have chernarus and the other arma 2 content there.

    I hope this is understandable, and please forgive me if its not it is my first try and making a tutorial for someone, and if you have any problems I might be able to help you out but this should work if you do it right.

    And I say again i dint come up with this someone else did...
    "Somethimes it feels like life sucks, but you still got to make the best of it.."

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    Re: Win7 and Vista Combined ops sulotion using symbloic links.

    Good tutorial, however if anyone is feeling slightly confused, this tiny app will make the process a lot easier for you.


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      Re: Win7 and Vista Combined ops sulotion using symbloic links.

      improved version added to (2-2)

      -premade batch scripts (set for steam on C: by default, can be edited to different locations)
      -support for XP aswell as vista/7
      -no messing around with mod lines required, runs as a normal combined install




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