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  • Leadership

    Now I know we've all sat in missions waiting for a CO.... then waiting for SLs ... then no one really seems to give a crap about FTLs. Then we generally seem to have the same group of people step up. My question to everyone esle is why you haven't stepped up. This is not ment to call anyone out I want to get your honest opinions here. Is it lack of confidence and experince in the position, or perhaps generally dislike of leadership roles. Do you have any suggestion to improve the current participation of people into leadership roles?

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    Re: Leadership

    Commanding is rather unrewarding and boring to me. I can do it, but I don't have fun, and then what's the point. SL is slighty less annoying (I can do it well) because at least I can shoot things and "do" stuff. Heck, I will slot in as a WAC driver as it's more fun before slotting in as a WAC commander or even SL.

    I find as commander my situ awareness hinges too much on my SL's abilities and I end up pulling my hair out over the fog of war (or boredom), and as SL it's always a mixed bag of where your crew will not need to be babysat or go solo rambo on you (I habit I have to even check myself for).

    At least as SL I have a lot of operational freedom, which I do find fun, on rare occassion I chafe privately at the restrictions and low initiative being a Pvt. has.

    Just being honest, and yes I'm being a touch selfish. I have a hard time committing the 2-3 hrs most sessions take as it is, and with my daily stresses, I prefer those few hours to not create more stress in my life lol.

    Commanding in ARMA2 is not like PR, its more realistic, but not as much fun. Smaller missions without operational command staff always seem more fun in casual play to me.

    Organized events and upper-tier skill nights are another ballgame of course. They are fun and exciting no matter what slot you pick. I love FTL'n and SL'n them if I know my crew.

    Boiled down, "fun" is pushing you and your mates capabilities to the stress point and seeing your skills prevail against the challenges. Probably why I like flying choppers and using Suppressive-fire AR's/50cals more than anything, it's risky and your skill means a lot to your results.


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      Re: Leadership

      Just wanted to add, I have the most fun when im commanding. Nothing beats executing a plan with incredible teamwork, against difficult odds in a realistic combat environment. Shooting people is somewhat fun, but ultimately not why I play this game. I like the command and control and operational aspects.


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        Re: Leadership

        I'm sure many of you have noticed - I only play when I command or, at a minimum, SL (rarely, and only with certain commanders).

        It is by far the most fun I have - and I enjoy having full strategic and tactical awareness of the entire game, and leading all my minions to victory :)

        But yah really - I guess I'll play more? :P

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          Re: Leadership

          Myself, I am quite nervous of commanding as I'm not that good with the map or the radio. I often have no idea where I am unless I have:

          A) Some marker saying "THIS IS YOU!!!" (Note: I don't like this method at all.)


          B) The GPS with current gridref on it, which quite a few missions don't seem to have.

          Finding landmarks and whatnot takes me a long time, and I would not want to tie up an entire squad in a mission while searching for "a farmhouse near a road with a river next to it. Some wheres within 15 kms." Or better yet, lead them off in a random direction, most likely into enemy lines and to their demise.

          As for the radio, I couldn't be around for the Radio Course. I was in channel for part of it (dealt with radio checks and contact reports, using "Contact, Wait, Out" etc) but not in game. I have picked up a lot of stuff just from playing and paying attention to the radio chatter during normal games, but I'm still not confident in my ability to handle radio comms fluently and efficiently, especially when others are waiting.

          Now, this isn't to say I will not ever command. I took command a small squad for the first time today and generally made a mess of things, but it was fun and it was a start in a relatively low-pressure environment. They say the only way to learn is to actually do it, but I'm definitely not going to jump in and command a CO_30 mission off the bat. At the moment, even a CO_12 is a bit intimidating.

          For now I just want to take it easy, learn how to manage small groups and work my way up. Start with fireteams and move on to bigger and better things as I get comfortable with proper radio procedure and how to move my elements and myself around without too much confusion.

          I think this is echoed by a lot of other, relatively newer players on the server like myself. Or maybe I'm completely wrong. Its hard to tell.


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            Re: Leadership

            I had some great experiences commanding a long time ago but then after two disastorous missions (one where my laptop keyboard locked up) i left for the night. A "friend" told me to jump back into the channel. When i did i could hear a few players ridiculing my command and that was me done for awhile.
            Ill be stepping up again soon so prepare for high casualty rates.
            Sher i couldnt do worse than dredge? Too soon? :P

            (I got you good this time dredge!!)


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              Re: Leadership

              Kind of related video I got off of Igor's sig...


              The hungry, ignorant man immediately grasps that he is handed a fish, but is bewildered when handed a net. The man who shivers in the cold thinks happily of the man who invites him to sit by his fire, and somewhat poorly of the man who loans him an axe, flint and steel.


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                Re: Leadership

                Well, to put it simply, I'm not a leader =)


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                  Re: Leadership

                  I dont CO often because put simply, Im just not that good compared to a lot of the other lads. Last time I COed was for Tora Bora and I beat it first time *cough*Dredge*Cough* AHEM!!! Excuse me.

                  When I do CO I just give waypoints and basic orders I dont really have a planning head, but for smaller ones it can be fun! I think the level of fun is directly related to who you are playing with or who is the leading the squads. I know we all have to start somewhere but someone in charge of 10 men who doesnt know radio procedures, where he is, what he is supposed to be doing and even his own frickin callsign can be a pain in the neck. But with the majority of people who know what they are doing its very fun, and the few that are excellent its what makes you want to CO.

                  I personally find myself much more comfortable leading a squad or being a RTO for command or a SL.


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                    Re: Leadership

                    I remember once when I tried to get Jgar to lead a squad, he ran away screaming over direct like I was trying to pull him
                    into a dirty white van against his will.

                    Good times.

                    I actually really like commanding, most of the time. When I do it all the time, gets boring. I wanna SL / FTL from time to time. Or even take a Gpmg and feel the power in my hands lol. There should be an incentive to be a co - I.e. You get the only snipa on the mission, or the big ass guns. I think more people would co with that in mind :P


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                      Re: Leadership

                      Originally posted by Jacezz View Post
                      There should be an incentive to be a co - I.e. You get the only snipa on the mission, or the big ass guns. I think more people would co with that in mind :P
                      But then they would go Rambo and no more CO :(


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                        Re: Leadership

                        Yes I have been meaning to man up and try this leading gig in the very near future.


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                          Re: Leadership

                          Within RIP I am 2IC of the arma section plus leader of the training section for the entire clan. During our mission it is usually me who CO's or at least SL but this is only about 10 to 15 players who I know very well. Now most of you know I have stepped up to SL on TG a few times but I have yet to gain the confidence to CO a mission and sometimes when there are a lot of respected TG members on I will stay clear of the SL slot and maybe choose the FTL slot or my favourite inf position AR (I just love that 249).

                          So what I am trying to say here is that many potential leaders may feel 'intimidated' or lack confidence to step up and lead, this is not a bad view of the members online as you are all a fantastic bunch of people but I would say just give these people time and they will do the role. As for the rest, many people are just not leaders and will feel way out of their depth in such a role and that should be respected.
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                            Re: Leadership

                            Well personally I love to coordinate combat air and artillery assets above all else as a FO/FAC. However most of the time I am not given the opportunity as many missions lack the assets. So most of the time I just Squad Lead because its fun and easy.

                            The thing people don't often keep in mind is that as a squad leader you have like....2 maybe 3 teams to manuever. You don't have to care about little micro managing stuff, you just have to care about telling the team where to go and that the Fire Team Leader has enough common sense to sort them out. If he lacks the common sense then correct him and help him out, teach and mentor him. Ultimately I love that position.

                            In the opinion of this.....(almost quoted good'ol Ray Ray)....Soldier, the overall probelm with people NOT stepping up to the plate is that they lack the know-how. Granted, many people just aren't leaders and many have no inclination to step up, but I am sure that a majority of people here look in awe at times of the guys who constantly do step up. No doubt there are people here whom have the potential to be great leaders but lack the experience and knowledge.

                            That being said, I humbly implore any of you "PLUG"s (Potential Leaders Under Guidance) to seek out ANY member of Task Force Proteus, myself, or any of the members here who like to command, squad lead, what have you, and get your guidance on the go.

                            If any of you guys have an issue, current leaders of the community or others, do not hesitate to ask a question directly to myself or any of the other members of TFP. If I cannot answer your question I will ensure that you do recive an answer.

                            The following is a list of topics that many of you may have questions about. If so, feel free to ask. Just have your darn pen and paper so I don't have repeat myself, or any of my guys for that matter:

                            -Leadership (what it takes, why, how);
                            -Management (personnel, equipment, movement);
                            -Command (execution of orders, questioning orders and when);
                            -Radio Procedure;
                            -Offensive Operations;
                            -Defensive Operations;
                            -Types of Patrols;
                            -Urban Warfare;
                            -Small Arms Weapons;
                            -Anti-Armour Weapons;
                            -Sniper Weapons and Tactics;
                            -Convoy Operations;
                            -Vehicle Driving;
                            -Vehicle Gunnery;
                            -Concepts of Mechanized Warfare;
                            -How to operate in a Fireteam;
                            -How to be a Fireteam Leader;
                            -How to be a Squad Leader;
                            -How to be a Commander;
                            -Artillery (Gunner/FO);
                            -Aircraft (Pilot/FAC);

                            I think that list is pretty extensive.....that was just topics off the top of my head, so yea....If anyone has questions or wants to learn something, approach one of the members of TFP or leaders within the community via TS3 or PM and no doubt they will point you in the right direction.

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                              Re: Leadership

                              Just throwing this out there for you guys. We will be having a Leadership Course coming around soon. I encourage people to attend. It will help you get your confidence and knowledge up so you can step up on the servers and lead. As Zedic said, ask around. I'm sure by now, almost everyone here at TG has been on a mission that I have CO'ed. So, I will throw my name into the pool of people that have knowledge on the subject. I will teach you everything I know, answer any questions you have, and help you become a solid leader.

                              I am eager to teach people that have a genuine interest in learning to become leaders, ask any of the members of my IHS or any other player here that I have mentored.

                              I'm here for you guys, all you have to do is ask.


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