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GO's State of the Union Address

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  • GO's State of the Union Address

    Ladies and Gents,

    It is no secret that a number of unfortunate events has occurred at TG ArmA recently. So in this post, I intend to address these changes, and lay out our map for the future. With this public change, change has been happening behind the scenes, and many more improvements will come for the future..........

    One defining factor I am seeing in relation to this is a stream of misinformation, mostly simple rumour and mistake, whereas some is a perceived truth.

    There has been a lot of rumour and misinformation floating about, and if anyone would like to discuss that then please get in touch with us via the CAA thread.

    The next topic as I see it is myself, and my position as ArmA Game Officer:

    It is no secret that I was not around for a few months. And the best way to address that is with honesty. Real life killed me on a number of levels. From moving country, to moving house twice (at last minute), to family stuff, to new job, to a new PC build a few weeks back. All these things conspired to kick my butt. While I was around intermittently, it was not enough to run things 100%. The admins done a terrific job of keeping things going, and driving the community forward, and now I have returned full time, I am simply picking up the pace. And as has been noted on the server by a few, making a pretty handy meat shield...........

    These two points are the most obvious of the stories, and I would like to think I have addressed them above. However, if anyone wants to talk more about any issues they may have, my door is always open. Feel free to PM me at any time and I will always get back to you. Sure I like to make big long winded posts that drag on ;) but you will find me very open and approachable, something I hope to have proved to many people in the last week who have jumped onto TS asking me all sorts of questions, like "can I play at TG?" Of course you can, we are an open community! Many thanks to those who took the time to come and speak, I feel that in itself has proved many things, and set many rumours straight.

    On the back of that guys, I want you all to be proud of what TG does, and make TG proud of you. There some outstanding community members here. Always remember to be respectful and mature. It is THESE qualities that makes TG so great. When you are outside of TG you are an ambassador, be sure to represent the finest qualities of what makes you TG, the qualities that makes us the PREMIER community for mature gamers!

    Onward and upwards..............

    So, the future, what does it hold? Many many things here at TG. We are looking to regroup, refocus and reinvigorate the ArmA community!

    The servers

    As some of you may have noticed, the server layout is getting changed up, and TS has been remodeled to show it:
    • Alpha Server. Vanilla Combined Operations. This will be STRICTLY vanilla, please do not join with ACE. Client side mods are fine however. It will not be passworded, and will be open to all people. This is where we bring it back to basics, where we get to meet some fresh blood, and show them TGs finest. Feel free to do raids onto this server.
    • Bravo Server. This is the TG ACE server, serving up our current modlist. It will have a password, found in the ArmA Admin TS channel.
    • Charlie, an event server, can be turned on by request, or if we have planned an event..........

    Which brings me on to..............

    The return of the bi-weekly TG event!

    These will be showing up on a Charlie server near you soon. Please feel free to start up a thread and suggest missions/themes, and stay tuned............

    Game modes

    We all love a bit of coop, I have re-found my love of it recently on the server. We do also have some TvT maps loaded. However, as you are all no doubt aware, the PR mod continues to trot on at a steady pace.......Closer to its release I will have more information, but again stay tuned to this one, its going to be huge...........

    For more me!

    The Pathfinders

    Sadly a somewhat misunderstood group, and this is something the admin team will be working hard to fix in the near future, with some dramatic changes coming soon...........For those not in the know, here is a small piece on what the Pathfinders bring......

    The pathfinders are the individuals you always see leading a mission in game as well as making a positive contribution in the ArmA forums. These are the individuals that you can always rely on for making the game fun and taking charge no matter what. They should also be considered the person you look to in game and the forums when you have a question or you need some guidance. They have demonstrated themselves time again as solid players and leaders that are simply motivated by being a positive contributor.
    The Admin Team

    We are here to HELP you guys. Be that to get set up, or to enable you to have fun. Please feel free to buzz our Contact An Admin (CAA) thread. These are semi private, meaning only you and the admins can see your post. This is the fastest way to get to the bottom of all issues, unless you can grab us on TS.

    With that said, TG's ArmA admin group has seen some changes. We have said goodbye to Bamboo, Marine, Boon and Barnacle. This leaves a more active, leaner group of:

    Jack Bauer
    Dredge (XO)
    Impulse 9
    Jeepo (GO)

    You will also notice the letters beside Dredge's name. He is my new XO, taking over from Browna. This is in line with the usual TG XO review. As such, this gives a more clearly defined structure to the admins, and if I am out of town then people know who to shout at! Use these guys, it is what we are here for. We all just want you to have fun, so we can. ;)

    Your obligation

    "There is always a catch!" I hear you cry........

    Well no, not really. Your obligation is simply to go, and start having fun again. One of the most common things I hear recently is that there had been a lack of fun in ArmA, a cloud hanging over the game. Judging by the response on the server this last week, that seems to have gone. So go, get stuck in, and show people the TG way.

    In summation

    Just a few points I really want to reiterate here for you all.

    TG is an open and active community, consisting of many games, and, more specifically to ArmA, many types of player. The more relaxed, to the more serious, the player, the map editor. We are all however, TG. With that in mind, spread the word to those who visit, and take pride in what we have here. A super forum, a TS3 server, and a game server with so many resources that Jesus himself would be proud! Go out and play, enjoy the game, enjoy the new life and attitude. There is a lot more to come to TG ArmA, trust me.......

    My door is ALWAYS open, feel free to PM me about any issues/suggestion/worries you have. Many have taken me up on that already. I shall lock this thread so people get to read it through, if you have any comments please direct them to my PM box. I will get back to you all.
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