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Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

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  • Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

    Armaholic does a report from a live test to ArmA2 in GC.

    Finally some impartial preview, at least it should be.

    Link: Here

    Originally posted by
    Alright here's my GC report, at least that what I can remember:

    I visited BIS at the GC on Friday. And what I've seen in the more then six hours was anything then I expected. Even though it was an early version, it was running very stable on both PCs except the one or other CTD. Compared to ArmA this is something totally different while familiar at the same time, with different lightning effects depending on the weather situation and time of day. You literally can feel a rain coming in for example. You might say "We have that already" but it's still something different and hard to explain actually. Lightning comes from different sources like street lamps, vehicles or the light of the moon and stars.
    A much better AI then what we have now, even though not completely done yet. I've seen fightings going on in the woods and each time I've seen the same scene the behaviour of the AI was different.
    Here are some of the things I remember:

    - Even more realistic tides and stars
    - Village signs are in cyrillic
    - Better animations then we have now
    - Improved lightning, no more shining vehicles when sunlight falls on them
    - More fractions on each side: USMC vs. Russia and also two local fractions on each side
    - Very dense road network with a lot of dirt tracks going into the landscape. I played around with it for like an hour, driving and running around in Chernarus. I got lost several times, despite the dense road network
    - No trains, the tracks are just to improve the scenery
    - No rivers or streams but small lakes
    - Most buildings are not be enterable, but almost each one is destroyable. If they get too much damage they collapse like in ArmA
    - Very nice church with incredible details
    - Many, many different vehicles, actually too many to remember but:
    - Crossbike
    - Mountainbike
    - BMP-1
    - BMP-2 and BMP-3
    - T-90
    - Avenger HMMWV
    - Mi-24
    - Kamov
    - PV3S
    - F-35
    - Osprey
    - Ural with ZU-23
    - Tunguska
    - LAV-25The editor menus are full of different vehicles and these in different configurations
    - The BMP-3 has 3 gunner positions (2x front MGs, 1x main gun), the Mi-17 has gunners in the side door, rear door and the front.
    - M1 with loader position, without a loader the gunner must switch to loader position and reload, then switch back to fire
    - Both F-35 and Osprey take off vertically, but not sure if the AI can too
    - Aimpoint optics looking much better now
    - Player can interact with all units when he is near them and AI starts to forget about things, example:
    Some russian tanks passed a village before. If you ask someone in the village about tanks in the area after two days, they might say: yes there were 4 tanks going through yesterday. If you ask them 2 weeks after they passed, they might say: Yes there might have been tanks but i can't remember
    - Campaign can be played with up to 4 players. It's not limited to that but because in the campaign there are only 4 members in the force recon team.
    - Womans and many other civilians, old and young ones which fit perfectly into the area
    - Civilians randomly move around in villages. While I was walking around in a village suddenly some russian patrol was there while the area was clear as I started
    - Animals:
    - Dog
    - Rabbit
    - Boar
    - Sheep
    - wild pig and a few more- Editor is the same one we know already but has now a debug console where you can do all kind of stuff like pausing the game and fly with the camera around
    - The command interface is slightly different, like order your men in a vehicle is now: Select them -> 9 –> Complex command -> Get in vehicle
    - The vehicles are extremely detailed, like moving instruments, retracting gear, electronics in the wheel well, scratches
    - Wounded units roll on the ground in pain
    - Wounded or dead units can be dragged or carried
    - Dualcore support, one core is used for the Micro-AI

    Overall it looks and feels much better then ArmA, even if you consider that it's an early version. In fact, I haven't expected it to be like this.

    You can discuss Arma 2 in here in our forums and also make sure to view the Arma 2 Gallery with all the latest screenshots.

    Our thanks go out to W0lle who took the time to write this report and share his experience with Arma 2.

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    Re: Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

    I just read that on armaholic it sounds like ArmA2 will be a lot more than we thought it would be
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      Re: Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

      Now we need a corresponing detail report on OFP2 to compare against.

      It does seem to read well.

      NE 1 know if this new release will run on the same spec pc or will it require an upgrade to run even when set Lo???
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        Re: Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

        A good, no BS, feature list it seems.

        No silver-lining there ...

        Some good things and some bad, but overall, I think it will be a great improvement over ArmA.


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          Re: Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

          I was/am hoping that they can improve the use of Building Interiors for fighting.. Less Clipping and less Ladder dieing.. But as the list said..the buildings will be just Cover and not enterable (?) (Hopefully just in this Super Early build)..
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            Re: Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

            Originally posted by peardog View Post
            I was/am hoping that they can improve the use of Building Interiors for fighting.. Less Clipping and less Ladder dieing.. But as the list said..the buildings will be just Cover and not enterable (?) (Hopefully just in this Super Early build)..
            The good thing is that the community already as the tools to create enterable buildings and new maps.
            Since this time we will have a map (no islands) mostly with forests, I anticipate allot of user made maps with enterable buildings.

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              Re: Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

              I have a feeling ArmA 2 will be a lot like Rainbow Six Vegas 2, wherein the game itself feels more like a fancy expansion than a standalone game, but we'll see.

              Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it, but ArmA has always seemed very unrefined to me, and OFP2 is starting to look a lot more... revolutionary.


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                Re: Armaholic does a real test to ArmA2

                I aggree with Scope, it may be a new engine, but I can see many borrowed elements, too early to say whether this is bad. It will reduce production time, but less time is less time spent on the problems. Less time to perfect. Games are like a fine wine, you pick the ideas from the community, allow time to prefect, then give the community a taste. Good? Continue on the same path. Bohmeia's path has been broken since the Codemasters fallout, they need to take a new direction to get new players, because if the ArmA community go the OFP2 (if it's better) thats the end for Bohemia, they need ads, they need to get the game "out there".

                As I have said before, both companies have the ingredients to make a perfect sim, but each company has different ingredients, so we'll have to wait and see which combination makes the cut. I'm impressed by OFP2, it's good that they are taking their time, Codemasters are reading forum suggestions every day (that's how F109 is being made) for example, the whole UH-60 Seahawk debate resulted in them replacing the Blackhawk. I'll tell ya what, Codemasters now how to make a game, giving the community what they want is key.




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