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  • Answers to Arma II Q&A post

    Hey guys,

    I'm giving dan_n a hand in getting all your questions answered by the Arma II team. All of the questions posted in the Q&A post have been submitted, but we're still waiting back for responses to some of them.

    Below are some of the replies to the questions you put forward. I will add more as they come in. Thanks for your patience with this!

    'Sam Hoy' Q: Will there be some way to accurately call in indirect fire support (mortars, artillery)?
    A: Yes. And thanks to the new module-based editor scripts it's very easy now to implement such artillery support to any new user-made mission without any scripting knowledge.

    'Owens' Q: Question: Will the main campaign feature online coop functionality? I really would like to play through it with my friends. Thanks.
    A: Yes. The main campaign supports cooperative multi-player mode and includes the possibility to save and load mission for all participants.

    'Jorge.PT' Q: Most of my questions would be answered by a demo, so..., will we have a demo from ArmA2? If we do, will it be before, or after the European release?

    Why the different release date for, Germany/Czech Republic, rest of Europe. and north America again? Will the versions be incompatible in the release, like in ArmA v1.00?

    EDIT: A question that I always wanted to ask but never had the opportunity. Why do the AI characters in ArmA(1), from opfor and civilians, have Portuguese and Spanish names?
    a) There will be just one ARMA 2 demo for all territories
    b) Release dates depends on local publishers
    c) Just the coincidence :)

    'MarineSeaknight' Q: Will all the release versions of ArmA 2 be compatible with each other in online multiplayer play?

    Will there be a "server manager" for ArmA 2 similiar to BF2CC for BF2, which will allow you to easily monitor chat logs, current mission, bans, etc?
    A: All the version of ARMA 2 released in different teritories by different publishers will become MP compatible via upcoming updates.

    'tangowrangler' Q: I hope I am not too late here to ask a question, so here it goes.

    I am curious if the ARMA II development team is actively reviewing community mods such as ACE? If so, does the development staff plan on identifying solid modifications or addons and incorporating it into the game?

    Has BI planned any client side debugging tools for ARMA II?
    -There are numerous issue related to other drivers that might conflict with ARMA and it would be nice to see a report of some kind that steers the end-users in a direction.

    This is my last question:

    When is BI going to provide BETA versions of ARMA II to TG users, so we can allow our community to develop missions for the release?
    -Allowing our community to have access to the BETA would allow us to stop questioning whether or not we will buy it and if we have missions created then yiou will see a rise in initial purchases because it is playable from the start.
    A: BIS keeps a close eye on the community activity. We see add-ons and mods being released almost every day. We even D/L and play many of them from time to time. However, it could be impossible to test everything, especially at the moment with the focus on the release of ARMA II. There are many of present BIS team members who came from the modding community as they proved themselves valuable and reliable during their community activity.

    There is no debugging tool in the initial ARMA 2 release. It might appear in on of the upcoming updates we want to release in near future.

    There will be no “beta” provided to community users

    'Tobruk' Q: I might of missed it, but I saw no indication of a command overlay screen. I thought this was being implemented?
    A: There are icons, menus and indication in both 3D view and 2D map in-game to provide full control and overview of commanding the group as it was in OFP or ARMA2. There is also new overlay for new High Command mode to control the whole teams using standard NATO symbols in both 3D and 2D interface.

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    Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

    Many thanks Jez, we greatly appreciate the guys taking time to answer TG user questions and look forward to working with them in more detail soon.


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      Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

      Ooh, thanks a bunch jez!

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        Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

        Thank you for the answers!


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          Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

          I wonder if someone has found at what the new "Befehl" (order) MP radio channel do?

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            Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

            One (the yellow) is for all group leaders, the other (white) is for high command (I think), have yet to test the white one thoroughly.


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              Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

              Nice, the overlay looks interesting.
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                Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

                Originally posted by beita View Post
                One (the yellow) is for all group leaders, the other (white) is for high command (I think), have yet to test the white one thoroughly.
                Please tell me it's true. A new improved VON will rock !!!!!


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                  Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

                  Are the weapons still bulletproof force shields?

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                    Re: Answers to Arma II Q&A post

                    SOunds good.
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