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  • Features/Bugs and flash game download.

    Hey everyone.

    This is something many of you may be interested in. This list comprises of aspects of the game which may be perceived as bugs, but are actually features of the game.

    I hope you find it interesting! (its a long read).

    There's also a flash game up for download at which includes the start of the story, plus you can win a copy of the free download. Go check it out!

    Anything you do can get you killed, including nothing.
    - Murphy's Laws of Combat Operations

    An unknown enemy kills you at distance – Enemy AI also stop to observe their surroundings and seek cover, especially when agitated by previous combat. You may easily miss a well-hidden enemy, who is capable of killing you before you can react.

    Enemy may not notice you – AI uses vision and hearing. If you advance in a prone position, or under cover of the environment, you may not be noticed by enemies. If you shoot or move quickly, the probability of being noticed increases exponentially.

    Enemy shoots at your cover – If you expose yourself during combat, enemy AI remember where you appeared, and use suppressive fire on that spot.

    Enemy kills despite being under cover – Being hidden by vegetation can provide protection from being visually detected, but not from being engaged by the enemy. If you are heard by enemy AI whilst behind a bush, he will not hesitate to fire at your estimated position not being exactly sure where you are.

    Friendly AI kills you – You can be shot by friendlies as punishment for deliberately attacking civilians, friendly soldiers/vehicles. If you accidentally injure or kill a friendly unit, you are not punished instantly. You usually become a renegade after a series of friendly kills.

    Some vehicles are not on the radar and impossible to lock – You may have a great view of a vehicle, but it cannot be seen on the radar or targeted by heat seeking rocket. The vehicle has its engine off, thus it's impossible to lock onto it normally.

    AI seems too tough – It may seem that enemies are unbelievably good. ArmA 2 is not an action FPS or "arcade shooter", but rather a "tactical simulator", which means you need to act like a soldier, not like a superhero. You can easily be killed by a single bullet. Try to change the way you fight: use cover, maneuver, flank enemies, look before you move, clear your way with grenades, cover your movement with smoke shells, use suppressive fire on suspected enemy positions. If you do it right, you will be rewarded with victory, or at least survival!

    Confusing directions over the radio - Directions in radio protocol may seem confusing at first, especially when you're away from the rest of your group. This is because all targets are reported relative to your groups' axis of advance.

    Strange cracks in combat - When under fire, you sometimes hear strange cracking sounds. You should start worrying, but not because of a sound bug: what you hear is the supersonic crack of bullets passing near your head, if you hear the crack it's time to duck!

    Omniscient commanders - Sometimes, you get ordered to engage someone despite not seeing the target, or your commander is somewhere off in the distance. This is because all reports are gathered into a particular side's knowledge about enemy positions. The target assigned to you might have been discovered by one of your buddies and assigned to you because you're in the best position to engage the target.

    Blurred view when under fire - When under fire, your view is slightly blurred, your hands shake and your aiming is inaccurate. You are not injured, but suppressed: being directly under enemy causes an adrenaline rush with appropriate effects.

    Weapons and inventory
    Sights seem inaccurate at close range – At close range, personal weapons hit over the aiming point in the optics. Every weapon is usually zeroed in to a certain distance. If you shoot at closer range, the position of bullet is always slightly over the axis of the weapon. Assault rifles are usually zeroed at around 200-300 meters.

    Inaccurate shooting at long range – Real-life ballistics means that bullets travel on a curve, and fall down after some time. If you shoot at 200 meters whilst aiming at an enemy's body, you hit where you aim. If you aim for the same spot of a unit 500 meters from you, the bullet will probably hit the target's legs.

    Unexploding launcher grenades – Grenades fired from grenade launchers won't explode until at a certain distance. There is a safety mechanism which stops grenades from exploding if the impact is too short from the point of firing. You should always engage with grenade launchers at the proper distance.

    Big explosions don't cause too much damage – You would sometimes expect a mighty explosion to take down a building or destroy a tank. In ArmA 2, there are ammunition types which, despite their mighty sound and visual effects, are not designed to harm armored vehicles or fortified targets.

    Your aiming is sometimes inaccurate, weapon shakes too much – Your weapon sometimes shakes wildly and you are unable to aim properly. This is the result of momentary fatigue, caused by long sustained running, roll-overs when prone, or by injuries to the arms or hands.

    Objects underwater cannot be harmed by fire – When shot underwater, projectiles from hand weapons are stopped almost immediately in real life. So they are in ArmA 2.

    Lost equipment when swimming – If you swim for too long, you lose most of your weapons. In real-life, regular soldiers would normally get rid of their ammunition and weapons to avoid drowning.

    Running gets slow – You often slow down when running for longer periods. It is the effect of immediate fatigue, just slow down and breathe for a while to counter this effect. Fatigue also affects your aiming.

    Slow running – Running may seem too slow, but most movement animations in ArmA 2 are 2-5x faster than their real-life counterparts.

    No jumping – ArmA 2 does not support jumping. In real-life combat, soldiers in full gear find it virtually impossible to jump. However, smaller obstacles like low fences/walls can be stepped over.

    Dark night – You sometimes don't see anything during the night. It's because the moon is too small or not over the horizon and there are no sources of light in close proximity. If there's a full, or if you're close to a street lamp or vehicle lights you can see the surroundings much better.

    Hard to tell friend from foe - Allies and enemies sometimes cannot be distinguished. In modern conflicts, almost everyone uses camouflage making a soldier or a vehicle blend in with the environment. Contrary to other common FPS games, ArmA 2 simulates real-world camouflage in real-world fighting distances, where it is sometimes hard to tell who's who. You need to check carefully, use binoculars and learn a bit about the common shapes of friendly and enemy units.

    Not all allies look the same - Friendly units consist of various factions. When the story permits, you may find yourself allied not just with your own faction, but also with Guerillas, who were convinced to join your cause. If you play for the US Marines, you may fight alongside the Chernarussian Army or Guerillas, both of which look totally different from each other.

    Night vision goggles with noise and blur – When you use the night vision goggles, your vision is partially obstructed and contains noise and blur. In real life, NVGs are basically cross-bred small binocular with light-amplifying gadgets, which leads to tunnel vision and lower quality of imagery.

    User interface
    Simple interface – Many things present in the game are not indicated in any way. E.g. the fatigue level or suppression are not indicated graphically by the user interface. ArmA 2 contains as little GUI elements as possible to achieve true undistracted feeling of "being there", most things (hit, injury, suppression, fatigue) are indicated by post-process effects.

    More tasks at the same time - You may sometimes feel overwhelmed by active tasks, which keep coming despite you not yet completing your current task. In ArmA 2, you are often free to choose from available objectives and enjoy the game the way you choose.

    Inaccurate target indication - You may often see target indication icons in strange places, or on empty spaces. These icons represent the position of the enemy according to the knowledge of your commanders, not an actual position of the enemy. Same goes for the 2D map, where the enemy positions are based on your commander's estimates.

    Waypoints don't point precisely to objectives – You often get waypoints pointing to a certain spot, saying e.g. "Search for the enemy". Waypoints are your visual aid to help you find your way in the gaming world, but they do not reflect exact positions of targets. Using your head whilst fulfilling tasks is part of the fun.

    Strange arrows and dots on the screen edges – These indicators simulate your sense of surroundings, or your "peripheral vision". In the real world, you see in a much wider angle than the screen of your PC can provide. On the other hand, you cannot see behind you, which means that indicators may disappear if the "sensed" object is out of range of your peripheral vision.

    Target or enemy markers on dead bodies - Sometimes, dead units are marked as targets. It's because occasionally it may be unknown by your side as to whether or not the hostile unit is actually dead. They may still pose a potential threat.

    Compass in 2D map - When you use the map, the compass rim moves instead of the needle. On the map the rim indicates the direction you're facing on the map which is always oriented so that North is upward.

    Someone does not tell you the right thing – You sometimes don't get the information needed to accomplish your mission. As in the real world, being rude to people doesn't motivate them to be cooperative, therefore you need to choose carefully if talking to NPCs. Note that there is always a different way to accomplish your mission.

    Missing or inaccessible items – You may sometimes find yourself lacking some item or access to some powerful weapon. This depends on the scenario circumstances and your avatar's equipment; e.g. Guerillas lack powerful weapons in general, and sometimes the story twists bring you "logistical troubles", simulated by a lack of powerful weaponry. Also note that you usually respawn with a lower amount of ammunition in multiplayer.

    Calling transport chopper – It may often happen that in chapters where a transport chopper is available, you assign a landing zone which is unsuitable for landing. In such case, a pilot may simply refuse to land on the marked position. You may mark the landing spot again when a chopper refuses to land.

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    Re: Features/Bugs and flash game download.

    Interesting read, will keep that in mind when I get the game in two weeks :).
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      Re: Features/Bugs and flash game download.

      Good stuff. Very informative. I love Arma because of its focus on realism and its extensive detail to provide that. I hope others do as well without blaming the little things on bugs.


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        Re: Features/Bugs and flash game download.

        Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
        Good stuff. Very informative. I love Arma because of its focus on realism and its extensive detail to provide that. I hope others do as well without blaming the little things on bugs.
        Agreed. I can't wait for the 19th! :row__523:




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