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  • Need artillery math

    So, I read a few times that there are some ex-Artillery guys on these forums.

    The artillery system in Arma 2 is pretty neat. You can do a LOT with it, with both players and AI. Currently, I've got the AI targeting and shooting at priority targets at will. But ... they don't really have proper dispersion. They are dropping 10 mortar rounds within 20m of eachother, just a little overkill for infantry in the open.

    You can however alter their dispersion values by a random amount in milliradians. But, if you just put a static number, at longer ranges you get some HUGE dispersion, and at short ranges, it is hardly noticeable.

    I was wondering if anyone had any formulas that would give decent dispersion at whatever range you need. I'm not very good at making formulas myself, so if it is already done, it would significantly reduce development time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need artillery math

    Here you go beta. Hardcore stuff, but its what I found in a quick search :p

    Ballistics Symposium

    EDIT: The book above doesn't seem to answer the question and it's missing some parts,

    But I found this, hope it helps you out:
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      Re: Need artillery math

      Hey beta I'm no artillery specialist but I am a physics major! If I'm reading this right you want a fairly uniform area of effect over all possible values for ranges. I'll need to talk to you but I think it should be fairly easy to write a program that will give you what you need from their it should be a straightforward port into ARMA code. I'm sure some of the guys on here with real world experience probably have a more quick and dirty way getting the same effect but if they don't get to you first I probably whip something up quick . Send me a pm or talk to me about it on TS if your interested and I'll see what I can do. I don't have ARMA II yet but I have it preorded on steam so I should be getting it Friday. Just let me know.


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        Re: Need artillery math

        Ah perfect.

        Physics is all about formulas right? Should be able to do something then heh.

        Basically, what is needed is a formula that will keep a 20-30m (changeable preferably) spacing between rounds fired from the same tube. This 20-30m would be a random amount. I imagine it would involve adding milliradians the closer the target is, and less the further out it is, but I have no idea on the specifics.


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          Re: Need artillery math

          Sounds like you'll just have to reverse the spread. First randomize how far you want it to spread. Then calculate the distance of travel for the round and by trigonometry calculate what the offset should be in milliradians to get as close as possible to the wanted dispersion.

          Then we just have the problem of calulating the length of an arch, which I've completely forgot how to do :P




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