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Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

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  • Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

    Ok...downloaded Demo from steam...loved it...ran it all maxed out at 1920/1200. Bought game off steam...turned it up to all highest settings...started to play the campaign and wowa slideshow hell. Turned down to just the high settings...low aa...still slide show...turned down to no aa / normal settings....slide show (usually). Anyone else got this problem? I heard the game may not be using all my ram for the cpu intensive cant be the video card because when there is not much going on the game runs good...but as soon as more AI populate the slide show starts.

    AMD 720 BE 3 core
    8 Gig ram

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    Re: Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

    Which island does the demo run on? Utes is much less demanding for both the CPU and GPU compared to Chernarus.

    Another possibility is that your rig is having difficulty coping with the major cities of Chernarus, which require a lot more power to load and render. Again, if major locales weren't covered in the demo, this could be a source of potential disaster.

    My advice? Revisit the same area, or same mission, that was included in the demo and spec your performance. At any rate, I highly doubt that running Steam is the problem here.


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      Re: Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

      TGZNOL you are experiencing something normal, ArmA2 demo runs well due to the fact that the maps are smaller, you don't have the wildlife module working, the civilian module and alot of other things that exists in the final game.

      There are also reports, of optimization problems with the 2xx series of the nvidia cards. You can read it all here:

      The first thing I suggest is doing the following steps:

      1 - Go to the nvidia control panel -> manage 3d settings -> Program settings (chose arma2.exe) and in the bottom put vertical sync in force off. This will boost your FPS for sure.

      2 - There are also reports that if you set the maximum prerendered frames in the same panel then 1, will boost your fps.

      3 - In the same panel, make sure that anisotropic and antialiasing are set to application controlled.

      4 - Create a shortcut in your desktop for arma2.exe, open the properties with the right mouse button and add the following commands to your target line:

      -cpuCount=3 (this will force the game to use the 3 cores, if you had a quad core it would be 4)

      -maxmem=2047 (this will force the game to use 2 Gb of ram, when in default it uses allot less.)

      Target line should look like this: "C:\Games\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -cpuCount=3 -maxmem=2047 -nosplash

      5 - Try to play with the nvidia drivers, revert to 182.5, or try the latest ones, to see what fits you best.

      6 - Pray, that the game doesn't take long, as ArmA(1) did, to get well optimized...

      I hope that this helps you out.

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        Re: Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

        hey jorge about the CPUcount=3 thing: if on dual core do u do that with 2 or does it auto detect/use the dual?

        Prolly a noob question but ill ask anyway :(


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          Re: Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

          btw check this topic out on steampowered forum



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            Re: Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

            cpuCount should only be an issue if you're using a non-standard core setup. If you're using a dual/quad core CPU, it should auto-detect and use accordingly.

            PS: In case it wasn't obvious, don't force RAM allocation unless you literally have memory to burn, and this step should be avoided unless you have 4GB RAM or more.


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              Re: Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

              I find the game is using close to 100% cpu so Im taking it off stock onto overclocking which Ive not bothered with before.

              Roughly speaking it seems to have uncapped my fps which was surprisingly low because I only set the res to 1280x1024 , when really any game like this with stupid viewdistances could use the very highest res for tiny targets in the distance

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                Re: Steam / ArmA 2 full game performance issues

                well according to the new firingsquad benchmarks I should be up in the 40 FPS with a 285GTX at the games highest settings....could it be my AMD 720X3 processor causing the bottleneck? I tried all the things above...the only thing that seemed to make a difference was running the game in windowed mode....however im still hovering around 20 fps with dips into the teens on the missions. I know its not the graphics must be either poor memory utilization or the CPU or a combination of the two...Ill wait for optimization...hopefully BIS will fix this.




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