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  • Arma 2 vs Project Reality

    I've just downloaded the demo and I'm quite impressed by the gameplay. But the teamplay on the servers are just horrifying. I've played alot of Project Reality on your server and I did appreciate the teamplay alot, how is your Arma 2 server? Are there any teamplay etc?
    For you who have played Project Reality, how is it compared to this regarding the teamplay aspects, squads (do they exist?), VOIP and so on?

    On the demo I've seen max 16 players I think. How is it in the full game, are there like up to 50-60+ players on the servers like in PR?

    Is buying through Steam any good? There aren't any restrictions in servers and so on by playing in Steam? I can still join i.e your server?

    Just wanna make sure before I buy it, it's quite expensive you know ;)

    Thank you!

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    Re: Arma 2 vs Project Reality

    Most public servers are muuuuch different then TG. Teamwork and communication are literally a requirement.

    Teams, squads, fireteams etc are determined by mission. VOIP atm isn't functioning 100% but should be fixed by BIS soon, in the meantime we're using Teamspeak for VOIP.

    Full ArmA 2 does not have a limit on players at all, it's all mission determined. (only problem is actually getting that many people on at once.)

    Only difference between retail and Steam versions of ArmA 2 are the .exe. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) else is the same, so you get the same functionality.

    EDIT: You will also want to note a majority of what's played, TG or no TG, is COOP against AI. TvT (PvP, essentially) is a lot rarer. Not that there are never TvT missions or anything, just a majority aren't.
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      Re: Arma 2 vs Project Reality

      The demo plays much faster then actual TG gameplay. If you have no problem following orders and appreciate tactical game play than ARMA is the right title for you.

      The focus in TG ARMA is staying alive and completing the mission successfully. Many times I've played a mission from end to end without firing a shot or being fire at, yet, it's the most satisfying gaming I've ever done.

      Just like in real life there are long periods of boredom followed by sharp exchanges of violence. Mission planning is key and it's not unusual to spend 10-15 minutes going over the map and planning the execution of the mission.

      ARMA isn't for everyone but if these things appeal to you then go ahead and take the plunge. We are always looking for good NCO's and Commanders.
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        Re: Arma 2 vs Project Reality

        Well that is exactly what I'm looking for, as you explain it Grunt.
        It would be sweet to join a team, I'm obviously not that experienced yet with this game but I have a good discipline and like to follow orders.

        I've also been reading Dslyecxi's "Basic Rifleman" guide, very interesting.


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          Re: Arma 2 vs Project Reality

          Yeh man. I posted on BiStudio forums that I hate ArmA 2 until I joined TG :P That's when I started to love it more than PR.


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            Re: Arma 2 vs Project Reality

            Alot of guys in my clan enjoy PR but they are not so hot on playing ARMA 2 because the multiplayer has lacked the teamwork that PR has . We are new at this game and would love to jump into Teamspeak with you guys to learn the proper way of playing this game. I think this game has alot of promise but the pub play is horrible.


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              Re: Arma 2 vs Project Reality

              Welcome SR,

              Make sure your guys say hello and you are all welcome to read this:

              I am sure that if it is tactical gameplay you seek, while still enjoying the game, you have just found your new ArmA2 server!


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