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Freetrack in Arma2

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  • Freetrack in Arma2

    In case anyone missed this, Freetrack now works in Arma2:

    How does it work? The author says this:
    NaturalPoint are using an encrypted TrackIR interface in new high profile AAA game titles. TrackIRFixer is a small utility that disables the decryptor in the game client so that unencrypted data can be accepted.
    There are still limitations, such as having to use a no-dvd crack(I suppose I'm not allowed to link one here?), but at least we have a start. I'll report more once I've tested it further.

    edit: I'm unable to test this, but theoretically this same fixer should also enable TIR1 and 2 users to use their device in Arma2.

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    Re: Freetrack in Arma2

    Sounds mildly illegal...not something that would put you on the best of terms with BIS me thinks.


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      Re: Freetrack in Arma2

      While FreeTrack may be a good alternative to TrackIR for those who are low on the cash moneys, requiring a no-dvd crack to be able to use it seems a little sketchy to me.

      Either way, I know some people here do use FreeTrack so that is their own choice, but yes, please don't post any direct links to the no-dvd crack. :)

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        Re: Freetrack in Arma2

        The need for a no-dvd crack is explained in the post I linked, but basically it's because the Securom-enabled .exe is encrypted, while TIR-Fixer needs an unencrypted .exe to work on. It sucks, but as far as I know they're working on a better solution. All this of course applies only to games using the new TIR-Api. Older games like Arma or IL2 work straight out of the box without needing any .exe-tampering.

        At present the fix is working for me, even online, and I've seen no signs of fade or similar problems yet.


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          Re: Freetrack in Arma2

          What about the Steam version?


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            Re: Freetrack in Arma2

            I was about to respond with a canned "the Steam version works EXACTLY the same as the boxed version!", but you actually raise a valid point.

            My initial guess would be that you wouldn't need the no-DVD fix because the .exe for ArmA2 via Steam is unencrypted with Steam itself.


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              Re: Freetrack in Arma2

              After reading everything I have to do and get to make Freetrack work I'm just going to pay $150 or so and get TrackIR 5. Does the TrackIR 5 by itself come with the LED detector thing or do you HAVE to buy the clip to make it work?


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                Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                Believe it comes with a reflective clip for a hat, the Pro Clip with the IR Leds is part of a bundle.

                Standard package includes:
                * TrackIR 5 device
                (with 6 ft. USB cable)
                * Black TrackClip
                (reflective tracking clip)
                * TrackIR Software (download)
                * Electronic User's Manual (view)
                * Quick Start Guide (view PDF)
                * Clamshell retail package


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                  Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                  Hi, guys.

                  We have a petition online asking for a BI implementation suport for FreeTrack on ArmA2.

                  I have heard "If u cant use freetrack, just buy a TrackIR".

                  I cant aford it, and even i can... want to be able to use a product of my choise.Not to be forced to buy a certain equipment becouse of monoply.And even they olders model dont work on the game.Forcing u to buy a new one, thats a shame.

                  If u want to help on the petition: www .petitiononline. com /arma2pet/petition .html Please take out the spaces, i'm not able to post links becouse i dont have the amout of posts needed.If a more old member can post full link to me i apreciate.

                  Sry 4 my bad english.

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                  Here is a clickable link:
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                    Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                    Your English is just fine jhoson14.
                    Right now I don't plan on using Freetrack, but just the fact that things should be open to what ever someone wants to use means it is worth my time to sign the petition. Hopefully others here will too.
                    Thanks for posting.


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                      Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                      anyone have any luck with the steam version?


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                        Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                        Here's how this TrackIR fixer works - just so everybody knows...

                        It's a generic fixer by the way - covers the current Arma2 version, blus DCS Blackhawk and Hawkz...

                        What have these games in common?? - the new TrackIR API...

                        It's encoded... thats why older and perfectly good trackIR kit doesnt work anymore... nothing wrong with it, but they're not adding the decoder to your software update - so you'll buy a new one...

                        The "official" reason for the encoding is something about "upgrading the sensitivity" or something - which is nonsense because by the time the control info reaches the game it's just numbers - 2 or 4 or 6 depending on the tracking - same as a joystick... if you want more precise and accurate numbers being sent you need to improve the joystick - or the tracking hardware - NOT the API...

                        So why DID they encode it???

                        Obviously, to stop freetrack working - and to make all their previous customers buy new trackIR units.....

                        This exact same controversy raged during the release of BlackHawk - it's raging again...

                        The Blackhawk solution was to announce they're going to include their own generic headtracking API so any device can use it...

                        All the threads being closed, the protests, the hysteria, the petition, the poll, etc, etc is all about... To try and persuade BIS to do the same....

                        So what's all this about dodgy noCD stuff???

                        Well - as detailed above, the fix basically just bypasses the trackIR data encryption stage for control input data - thats ALL - nothing else...
                        Unfortunately the SecurRom protection has the exe compressed an encrypted up tighter than a fishes A** so the fixer won't work... we need an uncompressed exe file...
                        Uncompressing these things is difficult! SecurRom thinks you're trying to do something naughty when you're not... so the easiest way to get an uncompressed .exe file is to download a NoCD one, which can be patched,...

                        This is where it gets tricky from an ethical point of view... That uncompressed exe was uncompressed by someone else - NOT so merely patching headtracking would work, but for "other purposes"...

                        If you bought your copy of the game - does using freetrack make you a pirate???

                        Tough one...

                        Personally, I forgot totally about the fact that it was technically a cracked file - I had the damned disc in the drive anyway!

                        anyway - thats the story behind the hype...

                        I've made a wad of other posts on the topic, but I've only just registered here so I can't post my "how to headtrack straight out of the box - no DIY - in arma 1 or 2 for under 25" link... or any of the other interesting stuff...

                        if anybody's interested, search the Armaholic Forums for "ArmA2 (fly using your head) head tracking Campaign" thread - thats the one about equipment...

                        For a bit more info on the current state of play @ BIS HQ you could search their forums for the "Respectfully request FreeTrack support" thread where I have another informative post or two...

                        This I DON'T know about - as far as I know theres no SecurRom but I'm pretty sure the .exe is still compressed (FADE and all that??)...
                        You could try I guess - you just put the patch in the arma2 directory, choose your game and patch it once - if it doesn't work you'll have to go the dodgy .exe route - if thats possible with Steam...

                        (At least with Steam I don't need to worry that the person asking might not have bought their copy!!! )
                        ... its a major ethical headache this situation... I'm just soo NOT a pirate person yet it REALLY angers me to see TrackIR sewing up the tracking market like this and stifling all the other alternatives with underhand practises - it really is like Microsoft suddenly deciding to encode DirectX so only Microsoft joysticks work - nobody would tolerate that, yet, so far - TrackIR have been getting away with it...

                        Thats why the trackIR Fixer patch covers several games now

                        Anyway, minor rant over - hope I made things a bit clearer and if anybody's even mildly interested in headtracking for 25 out of the box - chase up those links...
                        Hell - if you have a webcam and you're ok with a (very) little DIY you could be headtracking in arma 1 and 2 for NOTHING...



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                          Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                          Another piece of additional info...

                          The TrackIR Fixer patch for DCS: Blackhawk, Hawx and Arma2 re-enables headtracking for TrackIR 1, 2 and 3 owners...

                          PS... I believe theres been some progress of fixing things for steam owners too...


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                            Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                            i look at trackIR as why would i want to go out and pay nearly $200 for something that cost me about 20 minutes of my life and $0.45 in LED's? it took me 20 minutes to build my setup.

                            noCD fixes can be kind of sketchy, but you could always make your own.


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                              Re: Freetrack in Arma2

                              I've been using my old trackir3 without "any" patches with a download version from Direct2Drive.




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