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TG ArmA 2 - New Players READ HERE (Patch and Server Info)

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  • TG ArmA 2 - New Players READ HERE (Patch and Server Info)

    TG Server Information
    Currently, we have two servers for ArmA 2 running. However, due to the problems faced with the new VON (Voice Over Network) of ArmA 2 , the servers are passworded to ensure the high quality of play. To obtain the passwords, register a forum account at, then click on the Teamspeak button at the top. Once on our Teamspeak, obtain the passwords to the servers by viewing the ArmA 2 Channel Description. Being on Teamspeak while playing on the TG servers will help with coordination and communication in-game until a patch is released to fix the problematic VON. While having a password on will generally decrease player numbers, TG will always support quality over quantity while also trying to maintain a good balance between the two.

    All TG servers are based in the United States, but offer generally good connections to our friends in Europe as well.

    Patch Information
    BIS has released the first patch for ArmA II.

    You can find information, along with download mirrors for the patch by clicking here:

    ArmA II 1.02 Patch Update

    Additionally, all TG servers have been updated to this current patch. You will need it to play.
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    Re: All "NEW" players to TG ArmA2 read this!

    Hello and welcome to ArmA2!

    The admin team invites you to read the following:

    These are the specific SOP's you need to read and understand with regards to playing ArmA2 here at TG along with the basic principles we EXPECT you to abide by when conducting yourself on our forum.

    These SOP's are NOT up for debate. Admins welcome suggestions at all times and the "contact an admin" section is the place for such enquiries.

    Be respectful at all times and set the example by which many other servers can only dream to replicate. TG is a "mature" community and as such we take a "No-Nonsense" approach to dealing with disruptive players/forum agitators!

    YOU WILL NOT use the TG forum to promote other sites/squads. That shows extremely poor taste and respect to the owners and admins of this site, who take time, dedication and effort to providing a gaming environment suitable to all players and who provide content geared and focused toward TG.

    TG ArmA welcomes players from other communities/clans/groups, however if you are deemed to be "poaching", "recruiting" or generally "aiming" people to your own group, you will be warned once and thereafter banned and advised of the reason in private.

    Many groups may feel that their way is the best. At TG we prefer to play ArmA2 in a friendly, organised and tactical manner, recognising that there is no "single correct" manner to conduct tactics and each Mission Commander/Squad Leader is likely to have their own style of leadership. This leadership however will be as described in the SOP's linked above.

    TG will however be providing "Tactical Gamer University" classes, where we can help guide and direct players in various subjects to help improve their own skills and thus the gamming experience for their peers.

    Finally, TG ArmA2 is one of the fastest growing communities that plays the title. We welcome all Mission makers, scripters, mod makers and any other provider of add-ons that can make ArmA2 an even more enjoyable experience as time goes on.

    If you need any information or have any questions you have a number of resources/contacts at your disposal:

    Jeepo_SAS - Gaming Officer
    tHa_KhAn - Admin
    Bamboo - Admin
    Blackdog1-22 Reg.SAS - Admin
    Viper - Admin
    Barnacle of Doom - Admin
    MarineSeaknight - Admin
    Browna - Admin

    In addition you have TG "Pathfinders";
    The TG Pathfinders are a group of players from TG ArmA in the past and present who have shown dedication and support to TG ArmA either through admin service, time contribution or mission/scripting contribution that hold true to the core values of what "TG ArmA" is all about.

    The Pathfinders should be looked to by all new players as the guiding lights of how TG ArmA should be played, conduct in game and on the forum, supportive of the admins and the efforts that we make, to ensure the game is as enjoyable to as many as possible.

    As admins we cannot be there all of the time, so the Pathfinders help share the load. A position within the Pathfinders is voted on by current Pathfinders and equally a Pathfinder may be removed by their peers!

    TG Pathfinders will be looked upon to take leadership roles for missions on the server, so that people may see how we like squads run, they ensure that players are not cursing left right and centre and that the environment is geared toward mature play.


    As admins we will warn first and if you choose to ignore, argue, or publicly take issue with an admin or another player, EXPECT to be banned. We simply have too many new players joining to allow people that really have no interest in being here, or who choose to look at everything we do with a "glass half empy" perspective or worse still purely want to disrupt others enjoyment, to not keep a tight grip on matters and the primay tool we have as admin is the "BAN" feature.

    Also be advised, there is discussion ongoing to create an "ArmA2" community wide ban list in an attempt to reduce the number of immature players.

    All of the above said....

    Our primary goal is to try and give you, the TG ArmA2 gamers, the environment that YOU want to see, therefore we need your help. This community has a superb core of dedicated ArmA and ArmA2 players and with all the new players we have joining we welcome you to TG ArmA2 and long may you enjoy this title from Bohemia Interactive Studios.

    Your Admin Team
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      TG ArmA 2 - New Players READ HERE (Patch and Server Info)

      Here is the first of the BiS Developer's Diary. This is hosted by Jan Prazak - Bohemia's PR Manager. This gives you an idea about how and why the developers did certain things that they did.

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