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  • Help a noob?

    Hi all

    I registered on here a few days ago and have had the game now for just over a week. I have been getting to grips with the campaign and am really enjoying this style of play, I have also set up the TS channel and have dropped in a couple of times. I have also read most of the essential reading as well as Dyslecxi's guide

    Multiplayer still remains a complete mystery to me, whilst I am not new to online gaming in general (I used to be in an IL2 squad) ARMA2 is quite difficult to fathom and although I have been on a mixture of co op servers including TG I generally feel as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

    I am sure that you see requests like this all the time but I would appreciate it if one of you (preferably UK time) would offer to help me to get going as I would like be part of the TG community but do not want to show myself up on the servers!

    Anyone interested in helping me out, please PM me or reply here, I would hate to think that this game will sit on the shelf once the campaigns are done.


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    Re: Help a noob?

    Just jump in TS and jump in the server and explain that your new and someone will take you under their wing :)

    mp co-op plays much like in sp except that everyone else is a human player :) listen to your commander, stick with your team and you cant go far wrong!


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      Re: Help a noob?

      We're getting new players all the time in TS. Just speak up and make sure the CO and squad leader knows that you are new and I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out. For the most part the games I have taken part in are organized enough that the orders are very clear - all you need to do is get in TS, listen up and follow orders.


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        Re: Help a noob?

        Thanks both

        maybe see you in there later


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          Re: Help a noob?

          Also you can play multiplayer games by yourself for familiarization. Two of the most played games on the servers are Evolution and Domination, you can download these and play them by yourself to become familiar with the objectives, capabilities, and so on. That way when you join a game, you'll at least know what you are supposed to accomplish and how.

          Here at TG you won't see these two games very often as TG servers tend to run more co op and TvT. For those missions all you really need to know is what your squad leader wants you to do like Browna3 said. So just make sure when you join the game you don't join in a leadership role. Just get on TS, pick a rifleman slot, link up with your squad, and have fun. You'll find it's pretty easy, I got in on some co op this weekend for the first time and it was very clear what my team wanted and things went very well.


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            Re: Help a noob?

            Welcome to TG LeeBob.

            I have been playing ArmA here at TG ever since I purchased the Cheq version back in 2006.

            I then took a sabbatical (RL and a draft)!

            I have recently purchased ArmA II and getting back in to the fray. TBH I feel a little lost. There have been a lot of changes to the original Sim.

            If you are off during the day this week and want some server time, PM me. I am on leave until Friday evening. So can link up with you and show you how it all works.

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