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how do I start playing??????A PR reformist

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  • how do I start playing??????A PR reformist

    Gday Fellas,

    I just recently purchased ARMA2 took it home very excited installed it.............. and a long time after had it running..... Unfortuantly the video card just wouldnt cut it. With my tail between my legs and $200 bucks in my pocket went and got a HD4870.... Got home opened up the case and woops!! realised that the psu wasnt powerfull enough to run it. Once again off I went and got a better psu. Anyway... its done and ARMA2 looks amazing I must have great FPS.

    I went to jump on line and every server I joined people were sort of just roaming around like zombies.

    Im an avid PR player, and organisation in that game it pretty easy to get going, can some one please explain the basic concept of organisation on ARMA2 servers, for example are their squads, how do you join them etc.

    Basicly I just want a run down of normal gameplay.

    I know I will prob have to relearn a lot of my PR habits,

    Much help would be appreciated.


    |TG-Irr| Aus-trooper

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    Re: how do I start playing??????A PR reformist

    Welcome aus-trooper!

    Being a PR player myself I've come to learn that these two games share a similiar player-base.

    First of all, check out the How to get started with ArmA2 at TG sticky thread to get yourself going on the TG servers.

    You'll find the game very different from the way PR is organized. Many more things rely on the attitude and actions of the players instead of relying on the game to define it for you.

    Anyways, just join up and tell the guys you're playing with that you're new and I'm sure someone will show you the ropes :) ArmA2 is a very rewarding game at its peak of gameplay.

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