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  • Difficulty Setting discussion

    Just wanted to have a discussion about difficulty settings. I think would be nice to customize the settings for TG server.

    Also wanted to know what the community thinks about playing in Veteran Mode? I think the biggest difference between vet and regular mode is the map markings. Personally I prefer no live map markers, it makes terrain navigation more challenging and interesting. Whats everyone else think?

    Heres all the difficulty setting options and what I think they mean:

    Extended Armor - this gives players more hitpoints
    Friendly TAG - enables friendly name tags
    Enemy TAG - enables enemy name tags
    Extended HUD info - not sure what this does?
    Permanent extended HUD info - not sure what this does?
    HUD waypoints info - displays waypoint arrow in 3d game world
    HUD waypoints info permanently - displays waypoint arrow in 3d game world permanently does not disappear
    HUD show group - not sure what this does?
    Auto Report - auto reports things that are spotted
    Extended map info - gives live markers on friendly and enemy positions that are auto updated
    Weapon crosshair - shows HUD crosshair
    Auto guide AT - auto guides AT to target
    Clock indicator - shows a clock indicator when spotting enemies
    3rd person view - allows switching to 1st/3rd person while on foot and in vehicles
    Rifle bullet tracers - disables all tracers for rifles (1 in 5) but this also includes the SAW
    Super AI - enables much better AI at potential hit to performance
    Auto Aim - auto guides your bullets?
    Unlimited saves - singleplayer/irrelevant
    KILL MSG - shows who killed who in multiplayer
    MP SCORE - enables or disables the score screen
    VON ID - shows who is talking in VON
    Friendly Units AI setting (0-100)
    Enemy units AI setting (0-100

    I'd like to see some missions where there is no live map markers and only leaders get maps, played with direct VON (when its finally working) I think is most interesting/immersive way to play arma :)

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    Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

    Well, Bravo server has some pretty hardcore settings once you move up from "Recruit" mode...A few of you should find the courage to give it a go and give me some feedback, I asked for some when I set it up previously and never heard much back in return.....


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      Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

      I agree with Fuzzhead, I like it to be more difficult. I think using terrain association and land nav tactics adds a level of realism and an additional stressor to the squad leader. However, I've said it before, the only thing I truly care about is having 3rd person view, it drives me crazy when that is turned off. I know those two comments might be contradictory but there it is.


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        Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

        I think a majority of ArmA players would like the most realistic settings possible. However, on a pub server a lot of the more difficult settings just make more headaches than they are worth. When you have inexperienced players join a server and are completely lost, it can be a huge nightmare for both the player and those already in the mission. As long as the mission running is not a JIP mission, then the more realistic settings have a chance to have their intended affect of adding to the immersion in the mission. It's a very fine balance in a pub setup, but special events or any time a server is locked would be a great time to try these settings and get more out of the game.
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          Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

          Jeepo can you post the difficulty settings for alpha/bravo servers in reg and vet modes?


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            Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

            I love playing in the hardest mode possible but Khan's hit a great point. With so many newbies coming on of late vet mode can cause more problems than it's worth. It depends on Squad and Fire Team leadership to overcome that.

            I led a 5 man squad last night on Alpha server in Vet mode. Everyone had a map no one had gps. In order to fix your current position it was critical to be able to read a map and use your compass effectively. Two guys over and over kept asking me where they were...they didn't quite get that they didn't really need to know where they were just what they were supposed to be doing. No problem, we worked it out soon enough on a squad level but imagine that X 10 for the commander.

            I hate those damn green arcadey like diamonds that mark your squad members...those I hate. Detracts from the immersiveness immensely.
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              Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

              Man, everyone has to learn how to use a compass, land nav, terrain association, all that, but in today's military a squad leader not having a GPS is only realistic if you're simulating either an incompetant SL who left his on the FOB or you're a Marine unit in the '80s/'90s. In that case, everyone should be forced to use M16A2s with iron-sights. None of this M-4 with an EOTech or a G-36 or whatever other neat-o weapon ArmA offers.


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                Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                I can hook that up later, but for now off the top of my head Bravo server is set up like this:

                3rd person on on recruit difficulty, off everywhere else.

                No HUD (the annoying diamonds)

                No map markers (veteran mode if you will)

                No clock indicator

                No kill message

                No autospot

                No Crosshairs

                VON display on ( I see no real benefit to confusing the comms)

                Ai Aggression and skill and aim are up in incriments through the levels. In my own testing this resulted in some long range fun shootouts, as the Ai push up and flank, but do not possess super accurate lazer beams.

                There are a lot more tweakable options, more than Fuzz suggested, but that is the basic. So get on it, see what you think, particularly interested in the TvT aspect of it.....


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                  Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                  I really like no 3rd person at all, though it makes it pretty hard for tank drivers w/o commanders.

                  As far as map markers for yourself, I personally like them off. However, I commanded a squad last night on a map like this and a couple of them ran off before I had time to figure out where we were starting at. As opposed to herding cats like normal, it's like they are blind cats.

                  So I like the increased difficulty, but I also think its a lowest common denominator thing -- A signifigant portion of the players either don't have the experience or inclination to play with the harder settings.


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                    Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                    One thing to note though, the more often you play with harder settings, the easier it gets and more the player base becomes accustomed to using the harder settings.

                    I think if hard settings were used most of the time, playerbase here at TG would adapt and would be used to approaching missions with this in mind.


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                      Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                      But the great thing about TG ArmA is the fact that it "tries" to be all things to all, rather than forcing everyone into a certain style of play.

                      On third person view, I am with Jan from BiS on this one, he believes third person view is more about spacial awareness rather than cheating. In the RL your eyes have peripheral vision and so you get a sense of how close you are to a wall, etc. With first person view you lose some of that spacial awareness which 3rd person gives you.

                      Also on a pure enjoyment level, when being transported I like to look around the outside of the vehicle and take some nice images with fraps.

                      I agree that some may try to cheat by using third perso to look over a wall, but then thats why I liked the option in ACE to set your third person view just off the shoulder, which solved that, yet in vehicles you had full third person view.

                      As to all the other markers being off, I have no issue with that, in fact the other night I was playing a CAS mission and took over an SL slot and we did not have map markers or anything on on alpha server and yet we had third person active and it was great. I had to use the compass and check local terrain to place an accurate map marker for CAS runs and also to mark friendlies for the pilots.

                      Good fun.

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                        Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                        I agree with having 3rd person on. Its nice to look around while driving or flying and driving tanks in first person is horrible.

                        Settings I like would have

                        No HUD
                        No map markers
                        No kill message
                        No autospot
                        No Crosshairs
                        3rd person on

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                          Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                          totaly agree on 3rd beeing needed to compensate for spatial awereness aswell as an enjoyment level. I'm usually in 3rd person unless i'm engaging/scanning/flying a chopper.
                          I can understand why some don't want it in tvt, but on large coop games, they are a must i feel.

                          As for no mapmarkers, i'm slowy getting to grips navigating with my gps/map.
                          I have noticed things going haywire pritty quick when only squad leader have a gps (last nights bravo/hotel debacle comes to mind :p ) i do prefer mapmarkers though just for the smoothness of everybodies gameplay.

                          The green diamonds around squadmembers. I like them, chernarus is a big place and easy to get lost. Espcially in a case of no gps/mapmarkers, they are a good tool to link up again, even if only the squadleader has one around him.
                          I know switching in and out of map gives you a temp diamond over you squad lead, but that got me killed last night...

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                            Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                            I just wanted to bring up the "spacebar look" option. What I'm referring to is the ability to identify the target by holding the spacebar. I find this ability a good alternative to the green diamonds as it's less distracting and helps prevent TK's. Unless your TK'd by somebody trying to say "Hello", isn't that right Sturgis? :P

                            Other than that I'm always down for the most realistic settings, although find there to be quite valid reasons for 3rd person view, especially when we have the means to "lock" it like we did in ACE.


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                              Re: Difficulty Setting discussion

                              If you play veteran its gonna be a complain session for hours until those who don't like it either leave or try to put up with it. There are those here who are harcore and love that all the recruit settings dissappear and that we spend hours playing the game like it should be. Not saying new players will not accept it but its known to everyone that most people are not ready to deal with veteran. You have to ease it into the community instead of just switching veteran mode on and dealing with the complaints. Veteran mode is another learning curve to this game that new people to arma are not ready for and we cannot have people just force it onto a 30 person server and expect them all to go along with it.

                              I support veteran mode but i'll be honest in stating i can only handle seconds of complaints. TG ArmA starts out with providing team organization and tactics, but the ultimate destination is playing in veteran mode all the time.

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