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Tales of Courage 1: The Landing

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  • Tales of Courage 1: The Landing

    Considering its popularity on the server I have given this mission a MAJOR overhaul, adding details like you wouldn't believe on a micro scale. Newest version is 1.7 (server has 1.6 listed as 1.5 by mistake as of this posting)

    -Every patrol has been tweaked so they respond as a unit yet are more predictable (no more wandering out in the middle of nowhere, they patrol IN the city).

    -Civilians have been included BY HAND. The module was NOT used

    -Civilian vehicles have been included BY HAND

    -Minor details throughout the map have been added to increase cover in what has seemed to be the most used routes through the city

    -High command has been added into the mission

    -A command element has been introduced into the mission

    -The flaky C130 FR entrance has been replaced with a halo insertion from mission start at 2000 feet. I have no problems raising this height if people want more time before reaching the ground to find out where they are/where they are going.

    -The armor in Berezino will do normal patrols, following roads until engaged. Again, they will respond to enemies in a more coordinated manner after being engaged though.

    I intend on adding in the future a script which moves JIP players to the location of their SL on load and this will definitely be included in an update to this mission if I can get it working bug free.

    Again, this was a huge change for The Landing and I hope you all enjoy it, look forward to your feedback. I leave for BCT on monday so hopefully I can finish the whole campaign before then but I wanted to leave one of the missions in a finished, polished state.

    I intend on doing this to every ToC mission once they are 'bug free' and balanced.

    Any and all comments regarding ToC1, please leave them here. Criticism especially.



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