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  • Hello Lads

    Hello Lads...

    I've just got ArmAII and have played afew missions on it, wow love it. At this stage i've downloaded 1.03 and (I think) i'm ready to go online. Does TG have an ArmAII server yet? do I need a password? Is there anything else I need to know before hitting the srever?

    Hope to see you all soon,


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    Re: Hello Lads

    Hey there!
    We currently have 2 servers running ArmA II.

    Information to both of our ArmA servers can be found in the channel description of the "ArmA: Armed Assault" channel on the TeamSpeak server.

    Armed Assault server ALPHA:

    Armed Assault server BRAVO:

    See you in the servers and game on!

    22nd Rapid Reaction Regiment

    -- I always wanted TG to be different than anyone else out there. We need to be unique in what we offer and how we play, if not we are simply competing with everyone else. --
    The BigC


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      Re: Hello Lads

      Hey there.
      Yes, you can find TacticalGamer's server on the in-game server list. You have to login into teamspeak in order to find out what's the current password, though.

      Have fun! :D


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        Re: Hello Lads

        Hey Kit welcome. I just joined myself and once you get the hang of the controls don't be afraid to hop online. Just tell the guys on TS your new and they will help you no problem. Don't be nervous but make sure your not too trigger happy tough to make friends if you shoot them :)


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          Re: Hello Lads

          Hey Kit Pig, nice to see you've made it to ArmA 2 :)

          I know you played on TG servers in ArmA 1 so it's basically the same deal. The only big difference atm is you have to get the password off TeamSpeak (in the description box on the right when you've selected the ArmA 2 channel). Also seeing as VON is basically FUBAR right now TS is used for all communication, so it's a must.




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