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Making the transfer over to ARMA 2

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  • Making the transfer over to ARMA 2

    Hey guys

    For the last few years I've been with TG playing Project Reality. I still find it fun, but I'm starting to find that I'm craving for larger maps, slower gameplay, and even more teamwork focused gameplay. Heck I'm starting to find playing as the logistics squad in PR fun (which is one of the few squads in PR that rarely sees hostiles to shoot at). I bought ARMA but never got around to grasping the title, but I recently bought ARMA 2 on release day and have been having fun offline, and I'm planning on jumping online this weekend.

    I have a few questions...

    1. What type of missions do you to play on the TG/What are the popular objectives that you guys find yourself revisiting

    2. I know the basic keyboard controls, but just like the early days of PR I'm in no spot to be handling important assets. Is it fine to jump on with the grasp I have on the game currently or would it be better to do some offline training.

    3. How long do you find games going on for? I know ARMA 2 can be a lot slower than PR and I just want to know how long I can expect to be playing one round for.

    4. Whats the range of player numbers on the server like?

    Thanks guys, hope to join in on the fun soon!

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    Re: Making the transfer over to ARMA 2

    Hi DeltaHawk! I also made the transition from Project Reality to Arma2, so I'll try to answer your questions.

    1. There is a large variety of missions that we play. A number of TG are active mission makers, so we are constantly getting new missions to test and enjoy. There are 2 servers, one set up for team vs team play, the other set up for co-op vs AI. To list some examples of missions just in the last week, we had a large event on sunday with an air cav mission simulating la Drang valley. There was big combined arms mission where we played as russian forces attacking a city. I've played convoy missions, hostage rescue, night spec ops missions, seaborne + airborne invasions, even capture the flag. :) The mission editor is very versatile and can model practically any real world operation.

    2. If you've played around in the single player campaign you should be fine. I did the first couple missions, and easily got into multiplayer after that. Ground vehicles handle similarly to PR, and the helicopters are I think more forgiving than PR. The infantry game is slower paced than PR, but really not that different.

    3. Mission times range from 30 min to 4+ hours. Games can sometimes be very quick if we screw up and get everyone killed. 3-4 hour missions are not uncommon, but people usually come and go during longer scenarios. If you hop into a long mission and play for an hour you can still have a good time.

    4. On a slow weekday I've seen 10-15 players, on a busy night or a weekend we will see 40+.

    Don't hesitate to jump on the servers. Just get on teamspeak and say that you are new, and everyone will be very accommodating. Don't be afraid to ask questions either!


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      Re: Making the transfer over to ARMA 2

      Offline training never hurts, and the editor makes it really easy to do. If their is a weapons system or feature you don't understand you can load up the editor, create your avatar and a few weapons crates, spawn some targets and practice shooting until you've got the hang of things.


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        Re: Making the transfer over to ARMA 2

        Well it depends on the mission at hand since all missions are user created.There are very few tactical pvp missions so the coop (Alpha) server is usualy more populated.But i hear theres a mod coming to change that with better pvp.




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