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Did you play in the 8/30 PC Gamer Event?

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  • Did you play in the 8/30 PC Gamer Event?

    As a follow-up on the special Sunday Event we hosted, Evan from PC Gamer has some last requests shown in the quote below.Also, if you have any video, images, or media of any type of the Sunday Event, please consider sending it to us via the ArmA Contact an Admin Forum.

    Thanks for attending the event and we hope that everyone enjoyed it!

    8/30 Sunday Event After-Action Thread
    Originally posted by pcgevan

    I have a few more notes/requests for anyone that'd like to contribute anything additional for the article.

    Send to the following FTP:
    Login: epcgamer
    PW: whynot!

    If anyone recorded their squad's TeamSpeak channel, please forward that file to me. It's extremely helpful to have that available. Also, I need screenshots of the (end of game) scoreboard and ANY images of the mission map you may have taken.

    I'm running a section alongside the article that highlights a handful of players from our mission--it's meant to put a more personal face on the people in TG (and not as a way of publishing your personal info, promise). Many of you already provided this in the follow-up interview, but if you'd like to fill it out again to avoid any errors (PM it to me if you're more comfortable with that), that'd be helpful.
    Rank/Position/Squad from our mission:
    TG "faction" (Irregulars, etc.):
    Location (Country/State):
    Type/span of military service, if any:
    Preferred Arma role:
    Favorite weapon/vehicle to use in Arma:
    A higher-res, profile-style (forward-facing) photo of yourself, if you'd like to include it.

    Sorry to ask for all this information, but hey--it's not every day you get to be in a gaming magazine, right?

    Thanks again to everyone who stuck around in the channel to chat about the TG community and our session. If you'd like to offer more comments, post them in this thread by TUESDAY, Sept. 1. I'm mainly looking for perspective on:
    -Highlight (and describe) a moment from our mission that stands out.
    -When (or if!) you talk to a family member, friend or other gamer about playing with TG, how do you describe it to them? What's their reaction?
    -(Anything else you're inclined to include).

    Again, my supreme thanks for all your participation, guys. Speaking for myself, it's an honor to be able to produce something that highlights a hardcore group of gamers that are invested in facilitating one another's experience. If you have any other questions/needs, please ping me here or more directly at [email protected]. Cheers!
    To PM your Player Profile answers to Evan, click here.

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    Re: Did you play in the 8/30 PC Gamer Event?

    Well, I think I'll post up some, as I unfortunately didn't get to stick around in the channel.

    One moment that really stood out for me was the rush of CAS and arty that periodically hit the battlefield. I was at the southern end of LZ XRay, and got to see it all firsthand. Watching the Uh-1s launch missiles and arty pound that western slope at the same time was awesome. Really, was like a moment out of a movie!

    When I talk to people about Arma, I guess I stress the fact that its much more realism/simulator oriented than, say, CoD. I also feel that it provides a genuine leadership-learning experience, leading 5 or 6 guys on a mission like this.

    Uh, anything else? I guess. I was the Squad-leader for Charlie squad, and gotta say that the amount of communication and planning and brilliance from everybody involved in the command structure was incredible. The straight-aim and overall enthusiasm from the guys on the ground really did make a difference as well. Was a great mission!


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      Re: Did you play in the 8/30 PC Gamer Event?

      The moment that stood out most to me was the very end of the LZ defense. Where after being decimated by artillery, enemies were literally using our sandbags as cover. A tactical retreat was called. I couldn't walk at the time, so I ended up crawling all the way back with bullets flying past me, both from the enemies shooting and the friendlies up the hill providing cover. I didn't actually fire my gun, but it was incredibly intense regardless.

      I am really at a loss of words when trying to describe TG. That's why I tend to share videos of my experiences instead. There is so much awesomeness that words simply cannot convey. Reactions are really good, notably people commenting on how fun it looks or how good the graphics are.

      I do want to thank everyone involved in putting the event together. I think it was the most impressive, organized, and just plain fun time I've had so far on the TG servers :)




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