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  • Enjoying the game now...

    ...that I've disabled fraps telling me my pathetic fps.
    I used to obsess trying to achieve the highest performance.
    Now I don't care.
    I don't know about you, but now that I'm devoting resources back toward making the game look good I have become a born again ArmA 2 player.
    Try an experiment. Start with video options, shadow detail. Crank it to max. (I recommend making video setting changes while in the armory for stable views).
    How gorgeous is that? (try a village street in late afternoon, sun low on horizon) After making the change I realized how important shadows are. Amazing. Frames wize I think the cost is 5 fps.
    The other two changes made were terrain and object detail- both of which I had disabled as these are the biggest frame robbing video options.
    They're now set to "normal".
    So now, at 1900 rez, everything set to very high except terrain and object detail at normal, view distance 3k, the game is jaw drop stunning. 20-40 fps, with the occasional slideshow of 9 fps.
    Bottom line is, disable fraps fps counter, crank up your settings and rediscover ArmA2.
    Windows 7 rc (64 bit)
    Intel QuadCore 9650 3.0Ghz (Yorkfield) running at 3.6Ghz
    Nvidia GTX 285
    Creative Xfi pro gamer
    8 gig Corsair xms2 extreme DDR2 8500

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    Re: Enjoying the game now...

    Glad to hear it Prophet... but you are preaching to the choir brother. Shutting that FPS counter is a great suggestion. I was obsessed too but after a while I found myself more concerned with Frames per second than enemy flanking maneuvers....good advice.
    ARMA Admin (retired)
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      Re: Enjoying the game now...

      17FPS and loving it baby! I can see from here to your grandma's retirement home and back and the anti-aliasing on her tears say I just killed her favorite grandson.


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        Re: Enjoying the game now...

        Totally agree, Prophet. The only thing I try to tweak ArmA2 to is as good looks as possible without becoming a slideshow. That means as long as I'm consistently over 20fps, aside from the occasional stutter, I'm happy.

        Yes, grass on is a disability and a FPS-eater, but the game looks so ugly without it I'd rather play OFP than ArmA2 if I don't want grass. I can't see why people strive to make the game look like OFP, just to get more FPS than they need.

        Heck, JTD Fire and Smoke addon was just released some hours ago. That'll eat even more frames per second, but it'll be so worth it.


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          Re: Enjoying the game now...

          Also worth mentioning, because of the way ARMA 2 is coded some GPU acceleration only comes into effect with the high settings, for example on certain DX10 / Shader 3.1 and above cards settings shadows to high actually increases the FPS.

          So I 100% agree with you, try turning settings UP you may be suprised.


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            Re: Enjoying the game now...

            Some people have even gained FPS when enabling low antialiasing.

            But indeed, if you have an even remotely new graphics card, put shadows on 'High'. It helps.


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              Re: Enjoying the game now...

              Sadly, for me it has to be the other way around. My computer is not quite up to snuff with Arma 2's recommended graphic settings (above minimum, but just below recommended); and since I can't upgrade my computer since I purchased a laptop for college it won't improve any time soon. The highest fps I can get my average fps in the demo is 26, and that is with killing the resolution and lowering a lot of the settings to normal, low, and non-existent. The game looks decent at the settings I have it on now, definitly not eye cringing, but it definitly isn't jaw dropping awesome.

              Though I still have to try some of the suggestions of things to do that raise fps. Maybe I can raise it a few more points and give me some room to turn it up a bit.


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                Re: Enjoying the game now...

                Don't compare the performance from the Demo. Alot has been fixed and addressed to since.
                Try installing the game with the latest beta patch in your laptop. Might help.

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