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Petition for Return of Old TS Channels

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  • Petition for Return of Old TS Channels

    PLEASE only post here if you support this request. I don't want this post to turn into a debate. I just want signatures really to show the Admins just how many of us support getting our old TS channel setup back.


    Well, that's it! I've had it with VON guys. Even on the new beta version about 1/4 of the communication I hear will cut out making it almost impossible at times to effectively conduct operations. This is especially true on missions with larger player counts.

    I know it's not local to me. VON in ArmA 1 for me worked perfectly. This is something with ArmA 2. I've also been hearing increasing complaints from other people in the community. A few player's I've talked to out of the States even say that a lot of chatter on VON can cause them lag, yet teamspeak works fine for them. Clearly something is wrong with ArmA 2's VON.

    So here it is.. A petition to rally support withing the TG ArmA community to get our old Teamspeak channels back. I really enjoyed using those with the commander mode. Since our servers are password protected, that means nearly 100% of the players have Teamspeak.

    If people wish, we could leave VON left on in addition to reestablishing our old TS setup. Sometimes Direct Chat is fun to use.

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    Re: Petition for Return of Old TS Channels

    I support, agree, and sign this. From any leadership position Teamspeak seems to be more clear and effective. Further I'd also request that we leave VON on for use in Vehicle and for the Direct Chat function.

    Pro Patria


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      Re: Petition for Return of Old TS Channels

      i agree.

      im also down with what zedic said about leaving the VON on for vehicle coms and direct chat.
      excuse my poor english, im australian


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        Re: Petition for Return of Old TS Channels

        We've requested no new VON/TS/Communications threads.

        You can either post in the current merged one:

        Or in the Contact an Admin forum in my signature.

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