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In regards to the event this sunday (9/20)

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  • In regards to the event this sunday (9/20)

    I am wondering if the roster will include squad designations and placement. I ask because I expressed interest in leading a squad and wanted to have some time to either communicate with squad members or possible train the night before with any who may be online.

    If we just all get thrown together and go then that is fine too. I am one who likes to prepare by training and getting to know my team and giving them the chance to get to know me and the way I operate.

    Again, if my inquiries are made in unwanted anticipation then disregard this post. I am new to the Arma part of this community and want to be ready for deployment with as much preparation as possible.

    Thats is all.

    Semper TG.

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    Re: In regards to the event this sunday (9/20)

    Yeah. Probably later today the admins will select a Mission commander. The mission commander can then in turn designate squad leaders and team positions. The initial signup post will then be updated with this roster.

    That is all.

    Semper me.
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