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Firts night of ARMA 2

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  • Firts night of ARMA 2

    So this is gonna sound like a rant, its not more I need your help in areas I seemed lost in. Now I've never played ARMA 2 and the last time I've played the originall has probable been 6 months or more.

    So I loaded up the game, no problem, got the 104 patch loaded and everthing good to go. Went online started playing, tried to join TGs bravo server. Heres were the issue started, loaded up the server everythings fine, box comes up recieving mission file 0kb/0kb. Ok I remeber this, waited, waited, waited somemore. Allright finally went up in to the admin channel and bugged khan. He said its not unusuall for him to have to wait awhile too. Ok so waited, waited, waited somemore. Went to bug him again, abouth this time mission starts to download. Told khan he kinda chuckled, signed off for a bit to get some food.

    Ok this is were things got confusing for me. So come back on and start a mission with a good group of guys 10-13. We get everyone into a slot, co goes over mission briefing and we start the round. (some night time airstrip raid, were we have to kill a general as well. CO goes over his plan in the mission from here. He tells my group to go over yonder, I'm kinda lost at this point and noticed people with diamonds over them. Ok that must be them we get to the wall near the airfield and move up. I can here people talking back and forth calling out specific peoples names. I ask how they no who anyone is, becuase for me when I look at someone I get some option to say hello in english?? People respond back hit spacebar... ok i hit spacebar and my guy stand up. opps yeah I rebound the key. I don't really have time at this point to try and figure out what it was as we go off into the airstrip. We run around for a bit see some patrols yada yada yada, Finally we get permision to open fire. Woo hoo, so I see some badies pull the rifle up to my should and do the zoom in thing. NVGs kue fade to black. Well that anoying so I unzoom and try and look through the sites at the far vision. Fire in the general direction of the nme, and most likley hit nothing. Group satchels some tank , we run across the field satchel some helos boom boom, good times. At this point were still next to the choppers, I see everyone moving between a building and a hanger so I go over there, and KABOOM!!!!! So now me and everyone else is flying around as seagulls and I can't see anything again.

    So I come back a time later and were starting some hill top defense mission. I get assined a group and fireteam. Co goes through the briefing and we start the mission. Oh joy its in the dark, and no NVGs....... With help of the sl and map I firgured out were our fireteam needs to be and sit and wait. People are testing ranges for flares to give us the best position, and general just setting up for the oncoming attack. So I take the time to figure out what key I rebound because I still don't know whos who, look at my manual and it says the spacebar is the quick command. I look through the list of key commands in game and no quick command... So I defualted everything at that point and spacebar revirts to the command key. Ok cool so go back to the game look in the direction of another player and hit spacebar. Little green box apears at the top of the screen with the mission obj and my name. Below that to the left is a group of everyones name on my team, look quite similar to the mission breifing screen. Well I'm sure this is usefull somewhere but not what I was expecting. Well to hell with this, I go back for the game and wait to shoot at something. I here some engine noises people are reporting possible contacts. Finally the sl gives the order for flares, and oh boy badies comin at us. I should the pkm and start shooting. More flares, reloading, more pew pew and finally I get hit. Screen kinda reddens my view is moving in all kinds of weirde directions, finally I see my gun, try and shoulder it again, then the camera pans out and circles me, while Im flailing around on the ground doing the worm. Does this for awhile and then I'm back in seagull mode. ?????????

    All in all a very confussing first time.

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    Re: Firts night of ARMA 2

    The flailing around with a red screen was you being injured. If you're injured and do not receive medical attention, you die.

    The menu/action system takes a bit to get used to, but it'll come with time.


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      Re: Firts night of ARMA 2


      I really shouldn't laugh, but your description of Arma 2 for the first time is awesome. It really is a complicated game, and if I am thinking of the same missions then you were in some DIFFICULT stuff for a starter. A night mission and no NVGs, oh that's just sadistic for a first timer...

      My top pointers:

      *Keep all your keys in default (for a while) so people can help you
      *Press SPACEBAR and point at people to see their names (a red designation is an enemy)
      *Double tap ESC to see your Squad Leader's stripes
      *Press K for compass and use the small numbers for contact reports (ie- East is 90)
      *Press , and . to change Chat Channels (use Direct or Group channel most of the time, white or green text)
      *Double tap SHIFT to walk everywhere, do it again to run everywhere again
      *When injured, press 5 and scroll mouse wheel to "INJURED"

      ...and if you're in a night mission without NVGs, well... good luck. That's a rough situation. At least you're in the right place to learn the game.


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        Re: Firts night of ARMA 2

        By the way, if you look in the controls section the default for spacebar is 'command menu' I have it bound to ALT and spacebar as my free look button (use it all the time but don't have TrackIR) The alt key will bring up a command crosshair that allows you to see people's names except on expert mode, and if you're the commander of a squad, will also seletc all your squad members etc.

        I suggest that you go to the singleplayer menu and select training. Do the infantry based training before you do anything else, it should explain a bunch of things. High command isn't use in any missions as far as I know, and even so only the commanders should worry about that so unless you plan on being platoon lead...

        Also, go into the mission editor and place a guy (double click and hit okay) then place down ammo boxes and a HMMVW if you wish. Experiment around with the controls in your spare time and see what fits for you. If you're more comfortable with the way ArmA's steering works you can change that too. the 'more steering' key is the ArmA2 steering, and the regular steering is ArmA steering (should be set to A and D)... unfortunately no OFP steering =(

        As for the NVG's going dark all the sudden, when ACE mod comes out you will be able to set your NVG's manually. I always do that. Having the brightness change all the time is very annoying.


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          Re: Firts night of ARMA 2

          Ah, you were a first timer too eh. I believe you were in my fireteam for that first attempt on the hilltop defense mission. That one really didn't go that well, as alpha and bravo were too far down the hill and got overrun by multiple enemy squads.

          I would definitely suggest spending at least one session in the mission editor just trying stuff out. It's the best way to learn everything you need to know. From there you can learn effective use of mortars, artillery, heavy machineguns, and if you feel like it, piloting a helo/fixed wing. It's a good place to start.


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            Re: Firts night of ARMA 2

            Wait, you can press spacebar and look at a member of your squad to see their name?! Well that alleviates some of my frustration over playing on the higher difficulty levels and having a hard time figuring out who was who.


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              Re: Firts night of ARMA 2

              The command button has a lot of other (somewhat exploit-like) features, like being able to identify FoF over distance and being able to accurately determine range-to-target.




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