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SLX testing feedback thread

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  • SLX testing feedback thread

    List them here, me first!

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: SLX Issues.

    Shooting below a 5Mtr range around your location causes a damage effect on screen, not sure you actually take damage.

    "Unlimited" reverb from helicopter missile fire and shoreline water sound.


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      SLX testing feedback thread

      Post opinions and feedback here. Post stuff you would like to see removed from the mod here too. We will be removing the sounds for tommrow because they sound pretty bad.
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        Re: SLX testing feedback thread

        Tested and working:

        Back blast from AT weapons.
        Fast swim and crawl working.
        Enemy AI seems brighter.
        Crouched running works.

        Not liking so far:

        Bullet impact effects are WAAAAAY over the top.


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          Re: SLX testing feedback thread

          + SLX_NoGibs.pbo: I find the gibbing (or rather exploding and vapourizing bodies) quite ridicilous. If it can't be done better than this, then I'd rather have no gibs at all. Add this one in from the 'Options' folder to remove the terrible gibbing mechanics.

          - SLX_AISkill.pbo: Not compatible with Zeus AI skill mod, and general consensus (and my opinion as well) is that Zeus' AI is better that the SLX one.

          - SLX_Anim_Crawl.pbo: Way too fast crawling animations to be realistic. One can hold shift and crawl faster but louder if one wants to in vanilla.

          - SLX_Anim_Jump.pbo: Way too fast animation here as well. The default one is at quite a good speed as it is.


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            Re: SLX testing feedback thread

            - SLX_Anim_MoveTransitions.pbo: Way too fast transition between prone/crouched/standing. Not even a naked sportsman is that fast. Remove.


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              Re: SLX Issues.

              In relation to the 5mtr range thingy: If you empty a mag into the ground at your feet you will die.


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                Re: SLX Issues.

                Surely that would depend on what you are stood on?


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                  Re: SLX Issues.

                  Dunno. I just tried it on the runway on Utes. Several times. It doesnt even have to be directly at your feet. 1-2 meters away killed me also. Only tested it with an m4 and an ak47.

                  Damn ricochets!


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                    Re: SLX testing feedback thread

                    merged the 2 threads together so there all in one place.

                    also please vote on the poll so we get an idea of what people think


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                      Vote for Current SLX mod

                      hey guys, could you please vote on wether you would want SLX to be included in the mod pack IN ITS CURRENT STATE

                      if no, please state which parts of the mod you would like to be removed.

                      ones already going to be removed.


                      (will make these an optional download for people who would like to use them)

                      also please discuss the SLX mod in the other thread. not in here. many thanks

                      poll is open for 1 day!


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                        Re: Vote for Current SLX mod

                        Impossible to make a vote. NO. I absolutely, under any circumstance, want the entire SLX mod. But YES, I do want parts of it.


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                          Re: SLX testing feedback thread

                          It's not ricochets. It's splash damage from normal shots. I dunno really why there is splash damage from normal shots at all. Solus confuse me sometimes. :P

                          Also, some good parts about the mod! The reload-shouts are really nice. As is prone firing of launcher weapons. Setting stuff on fire is quite lovely and so are some of the explosion effects. Not to mention the nice, fast weapon-transitions and the ability to raise binoculars like in ACE1 without looking through them, so one can move around while holding the binoculars, not having to switch to primary as soon as one want to reposition.


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                            Re: SLX testing feedback thread

                            Back blast hits the person firing the AT launcher about 50% of the time when I was playing around with it yesterday. The only things I would like to see from SLX is wounds and firing AT from prone and faster grenade throw.

                            -AT backblast can kill the person firing
                            -AI shooting at ground when no one has been there for 15mins
                            -AI shooting injured bad guys after you have healed them when they are supposed to be captives.
                            -Get damage when bullets land anywhere near you(~2m radius)

                            Bad Stuff:
                            -All the movment seems to have been sped up.
                            -AI is inferior to Zeus(IMO) It seemed to me that they were far to aggressive and mindlessly charging at me across a field even when I specifically chose a place I would get flanked to see if they would flank me or not, they didnt.
                            -He changed all the numbers to alpha, bravo and so on its a mess.
                            -Deceased performance in single player testing on Utes(would assume it applies to all other maps as well.). (~7fps)
                            -Safety Weapon is in the action menu now, but double tapping the key is WAY easier and your less likely to do it on accident.

                            Good Stuff:
                            -Firing AT from prone
                            -Faster Grenade throw
                            -Wounds are OK not the best but i don't really see any other option until ACE comes out and I want wounds.
                            -you don't have to always be looking through binocs.

                            Thats all I can think of now may post more later.


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                              Re: Vote for Current SLX mod

                              Originally posted by Inkompetent View Post
                              Impossible to make a vote. NO. I absolutely, under any circumstance, want the entire SLX mod. But YES, I do want parts of it.
                              could you be so kind as to elaborate on which parts you want out? and which parts in?

                              (kinda what i asked you to do)




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