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Regarding the SLX AI (Talked to SLX Mod-leader)

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  • Regarding the SLX AI (Talked to SLX Mod-leader)

    First off, mods, if you feel that this should be put in one of the various SLX threads, then by all means do so. I just felt that creating this as a separate thread would perhaps prevent it from getting lost in the endless pit of debate.

    Anyways, seeing how we've all gotten our panties in a bunch about the crashing and issues of SLX, and how we tested removing .pbos to see which crashed and which others didn't, I decided to take it up to the Biforums where the "official" SLX thread is. I contacted the mod leader, Solus, and essentially asked him what causes the crashes, and which .pbos are PURELY ai ones.

    Heres the response:
    CorporalCody, thank you and the TG crew for giving SLX a try! The main and probably only things that are causing crashing is the animations addons, I'm pretty sure those are what cause SLX and ACE to crash servers from config inconsistencies.
    For just AI, there are different parts to the AI, some tell the AI where to go, and some help the AI get there and some things are integrated by necessity and they all add up to give the sum of the AIs abilities. It's hard to say how valuable each part is, or what they will add up to in different configurations. The addons affecting AI in some way are:
    SLX_AISkill (removed for now in next version, may be added back with some replacements for some of the Zeus values (courage, commanding, general skills)),
    SLX_Netcode(required utility),
    SLX_ShotEffects (AI evasive moves to help AI get to their destinations faster, used extensively by SLX_AI),
    SLX_SilentVehicleCommands (faster vehicle AI),
    SLX_Wounds (make groups run to cover when someone gets hit).
    I believe that if we were ever to conduct a pure "SLX AI" test, these are the .pbos that would affect the AI. I also dont believe that they would cause any client side issues, but I'm not knowledgable on that field. I remember that, when Socom was removing some of the .pbos for our further tests, some of them were related to the AI. I believe thats the reason why we experienced a lessened AI in our further tests.

    Anyways,I just hope that this furthers the SLX debate and progress. I personally found that the SLX AI coupled with Zeus AI made for an incredible experience (right before we crashed, however).


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    Re: Regarding the SLX AI (Talked to SLX Mod-leader)

    Great initiative contacting the SLX devs. I hope it can help the TG guys responsible for the server maintence.


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      Re: Regarding the SLX AI (Talked to SLX Mod-leader)

      Yeah, put a smile on my lips when I saw your post and his reply in the BIS forum. Was some well needed explanations really. He's never presented that information so extensively before ^^


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        Re: Regarding the SLX AI (Talked to SLX Mod-leader)

        Big thanks Cody, I imagine this will save a bunch of pain in the future!




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