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88th Infantry Tournament Season 2 CTF Mode Invitation

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  • 88th Infantry Tournament Season 2 CTF Mode Invitation

    Welcome to the biggest ArmA2 CTF contest around the world!

    4FRAGS.88 are pleased to announce that on February 01, 2010 will start the second season of the 88th Infantry Torunament in CTF mode.
    The novelty of this year is that teams will fight 6vs6 and each team may register a maximum of 9 players.

    Thanks to the sponsorship of this edition through
    NewLight Systems we can offer all teams 15% discounts in hiring their services and for the three first classified, NLS offers the following awards:
    1st place* 35% discount for new hires , during 1 month a free 20 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble and a SHARKOON Rush Mat special gamer edition for each team member.
    2nd place* 25% discount for new hires and during 1 month a free 15 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble.
    3rd place* 15% discount for new hires and during 1 month a free 12 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble.

    Special award - ZALMAN MP1000 Professional Gaiming Mouse Pad - for
    MVP (Most Valious Player)
    Best Killer
    Best Sourvivor
    Best Flagrunner

    For more information please visit our web

    Member: 4FRAGS.88 Land
    eMail: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Member: 4FRAGS.88 Azhor
    eMail: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Member: 4FRAGS.88 LORD
    eMail: [email protected] or [email protected]


    88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2010 - By players for players

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    Re: 88th Infantry Tournament Season 2 CTF Mode Invitation

    Thought I would put this here for everyone so they dont have to go far for the info if they are interested.

    * The 88th Infantry Torunament are a 6vs6 competition in CTF mode. Each team can register a max. of 9 and min. of 6 players.
    * Min. teams for start the tournament are 12.
    * The first 16 teams that register their team with a min. of 6 players (Nick and ID) ensure a place in the tournament.
    * Official language is english in our forum and servers.

    1.2. RULES
    A “Round” is one game of Armed Assault2. A “Match” consists of two rounds of Armed Assault2 in the same map.
    To arrange a match in this tournament, Clan Reps. must "Challenge" another team at the 88th Infantry Tournament “Match Arranging and Results” forum.

    1.3. SCORING
    WIN = 3 points
    DRAW = 1 points for each team
    LOSS = 0 Points

    All Teams need to have:
    1. A "Registered" Squad Representative. After tournament start date, if some team register a player, they can not play the two next match’s.
    2. Max team-size 9 players. Allow to play with less players (1-5). Of this players (7) 5 is the official players, and 3 reserves.

    Mercenary players and/or teams are not allowed in this tournament

    Clan Members
    • All Clan Members must have their unique ArmA2 ID Posted in the forum, (contact admin in case of trouble).
    • All Clan Members must abide by the rules and regulations as stipulated by the 88th Infantry Tournament

    1. Home team must challenge another team in the 88th Tournament “Match Arranging and Results” forum. You have to propose two different days and two hours for each match.
    First option: 08.03.09 - 22:00 CET
    Second option: 10.03.09 - 22:30 CET
    2. The challenge thread must stipulate:
    Subject: ROUND x - TeamA vs TeamB
    Date / Time 1:
    Date / Time 2:
    NLS server: yes/no
    Server Name:
    Server IP:
    3. This needs to be arranged and confirmed a minimum of 2 days before the actual scheduled match is *recommended*.
    4. Courtesy NLS offers a FREE 12 slots server with pass nls88 (Admin pass: nls88) to play matches (NOT to train). If you need the server plz put it at the challeng post.
    Server info:
    Server pass: nls88
    Admin pass: nls88

    • Squads must give a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel a match
    • The Clan Reps must cancel the match via Scheduling forum.

    a. Client
    1. All matches are to be played using the last no beta ArmA2 version as stated by 88th Infantry Tournament. ArmA2 v1.02 is the current version. Any Clan can refuse players using any other version in a match. Any future patches that are released by BIS will be tested by 88th Staff to ensure that no adverse side effects occur that restrict or hamper play by both sides or negatively affect performance of the server. Then, and only then, will said patch will be authorized for competition play.
    2. The Server should run stable for the team size agreed during the match arrangement stage.
    3. The Server must be Password protected prior to commencement of play.
    4. Server should have 3rd person view disabled, and have the map set to Veteran mode.
    5. In the event of a major ping discrepancy, (+/- 95ms Average difference between teams), lag or desync problems another server must be used unless both Teams agree that the match should proceed.
    6. Clients should not be running any modifications. Add-on signature verification is advised to be used for checking.
    7. Cross referred will be activated for the 88th Infantry Tournament. (Game whit cross)

    b. PRE-MATCH
    Teams are to turn up promptly at the time.
    •Teams must be on the server and ready no later than 15 minutes after the agreed start time.
    •A squad can ask for a forfeit if there opponents are more than 15 minutes late and they dont will start.
    •A team that has to forfeit the match due not being ready no more than 15 minutes after the agreed start time if asked must report a loss within 24 hours. Suspend until a lag test map has been built.

    c. LAG TEST
    Prior to the commencement of the actual match, teams must carry out a lag test, unless both teams agree not to bud if one will make then they have to do.
    1. Allow the mission to load and play for a couple of minutes, monitor players ping and desyncs.
    2. Meet all players at the centre of the map. After that, Squad Reps can start a controlled killing of enemy soldiers incarcerated in Individual pens.
    3. Using the G36, (one shot one kill weapon) monitor any delay from shooting to the players actually dieing. Any delay shows lag.
    4. Once all "Incarcerated players have been killed, Squad Reps can then kill each other, again monitoring speed of the kill effect.

    Below are the maximum Allowances for Internet game play for the 88th Infantry Tournament.
    • MAX PING ALLOWED = 250ms
    • MAX Allowable AVERAGE PING DEVIATION between teams = 150ms

    Average Ping Deviation is calculated by:
    a. Add all Team “A's” pings together and then divide by the number of players in Team “A”. This will equal Team “A’s” average ping rate.
    b. Add all Team “B's” pings together and then divide by the number of players in Team “B”. This will equal Team “B’s” average ping rate.
    c. Subtract the lowest team’s average ping rate for the highest average ping rate; the difference is the Average Ping Deviation.
    Example: 250 (Team A.) - 225(Team B.) = 25 (Average Ping Deviation)
    The lag test is the only time a Clan/Squad will have the right to refuse to accept an enemy team member or to play a team do to excessive lag or desync.
    If a player has not been accepted by the opposing team for justifiable reasons, (e.g. ping or desync) then the following actions must be taken by the "Offending" team. The Offending team has 5 minutes to find a replacement player, or they must start the match without their full compliment of players.

    Either team can call for an additional lag test when:
    1. A player has connected or reconnected after a lag test has been done.
    2. Prior to the start of any round.

    All matches require 2 rounds to be played in the same map. When starting a match the home team has the pick of which side they want to play first during the first round. After the first round, teams will swap sides.
    If a player disconnects within 5 minutes then a restart is obligatory and only one restart per round per team is allowed. No restarts after 5 minutes of play are allowed.
    JIP is allowed for all Fast Action Ladder Matches with the following rules.
    1. You are not allowed to use the spector slots (If the map has).
    2. You are not allowed to change players during a round.
    3. Unlimited JIP allowed.

    1. Server crashed within first 5 minutes: - whole round is to be played again.
    2. Server crashed after first 5 minutes: - the round has to be played again (with the same sides and amount of players as before the crash) and be played for the amount of minutes left before crash (it's always possible to check using 0-0-1 during loosing connection) team(s) should provide a screen with the result and time left, taken while loosing connection.
    3. Server has crashed for 2 (or more) times: - the round (match) has to be postponed or moved to another server.

    Points added for:
    CTF Flags: 1 point each Flagrun
    Team with the most flagcaps win.
    When even flagcaps team with most Totalscore wins.

    a. The winner team is required to report the result within 24 hours at “Match Arranging and Results” forum with each screen shoots from each round at the Match.
    b. If a draw, the home (Challenging) team must report it within 24 hours at “Match Results” forum with each screen shoots from each round.

    At the end of the small league the top 4 teams will go in to the play offs to decide the overall tournament winner. The playoffs will be a knockout style final. Team fixtures and maps to be played will be determined by the Staff for semi finals. The winners of the semi finals will play in the final for the title.

    - There is a maximum of 16 places.
    - The first 16 teams to register correctly (Name and ID)will ensure their participation
    - Clans can register more than one team


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