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Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

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  • Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

    To: 2nd Armored Division/Blackheart Company
    From: Col. BoonDocksaint/353rd SOG CC

    Memorandum: As per TG Arma 2 command, I am to effectively take command of TG elements to form the 2AD/Blackheart company. At this time all TG members on the Active duty or reserve roster fall under my command for Operation Bayonet on 13 DEC 2009 at 2100hrsz. All members will follow the below chain of command and order of battle. Changes and replacements will be handled in the AO. The commander has the discretion to change any plan or roster slot. If the commander is not present for the mission (do to a RL military requirement at work, IE I might be late or at work lol) The 2IC or XO will take command and follow the commander's orders until relieved. The XO will leave the commander's slot open until he arrives from the FOB into the AO. The XO will be briefed on all orders and plans, and has the authority to command and change the plan as the battle progresses. If the commander is present, the XO will assist the CC in all duties as well as the Company Sergeant, who will also disseminate orders. ONLY SQL's will talk to commanders. If a SQL dies the next FTL leader will take command using their callsign. EXP. Browna dies, Adept comes across as “Hitman2 taking command”. The order of battle is as follows.

    Command Element 1-1-F

    XO (2IC) -HOTMACHINA---Godfather 2 X
    Company Sergeant-BarnesBL0278----CAPO X
    Senior Medic-Pr1mate------Bones
    Company Engineer-Cheesemenbashi------Ratchet 1
    PSD Leader/MG-Marvin------Panther X
    PSD AT -TBD----Panther 2
    PSD AR-TBD----Panther 3
    PSD grenadier-Corporal_Cody-----Panther 4
    Cameraman TBD----Kodak

    Patrol Team

    SQL-browna3----Hitman X
    FTL1-AdeptAbyss----Hitman 2
    FTL2-Romaniac-------Hitman 3

    Bradley Fighting Vehicle 1-1-I

    Commander/Armored Commander -socomseal93------Titan 1 X
    Driver-Soupy Norman
    Gunner -TBD

    Bradley Fighting Vehicle 1-1-H

    Commander -Skin------Titan 2
    Driver -TBD
    Gunner -TBD

    Bradley Fighting Vehicle 1-1-G

    Commander -RagingHate------Titan 3
    Driver -TBD
    Gunner -TBD

    Air Operations 1-1-E

    Air Boss-JimmytheDeath-----Dustoff-1 Transport Chopper Seahawk X
    Pilot-Impulse 9----------Dustoff-2 Transport Chopper Seahawk X
    Pilot-Dredge----------Blackbird C2/Recon/Spec op Chopper Little Bird X
    Pilot -Zedic---------Raptor CAS/Recon Cobra X
    Gunner -TBD--------Raptor 2 CAS Gunner Cobra


    QRF SQ 1 1-1-C

    SQL-Jack Bauer ----BLITZ 1 X
    FTL1-MarineSeaknight---Blitz 1 Alpha
    FTL2-Flakt---Blitz 1 Bravo

    QRF SQ 2 1-1-D

    SQL-Tiggr/Tomas Harper JR. ----BLITZ 2 X
    FTL1-Falcon---Blitz 2 Alpha
    FTL2-JorgePT---Blitz 2 Bravo

    ALL SQL's, Pilots and other important individuals will be sent the OP plan VIA Email, If you are a SQL, Pilot or other person that I marked Above with an X you need to PM me you email asap, I will try to retrieve all emails off the forums, if you receive my email please study the plans, and hit me up with questions.

    X=-Receives Mission OP Plan.
    Last edited by Boondocksaint; 12-12-2009, 10:18 PM.

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    Re: Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

    Thanks boon, looking forward to this!


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      Re: Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

      Guys I can't email the plan and rapid share sucks so we will brief on the ground just need to press on sorry


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        Re: Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

        LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLE! 8) Thanx Boon nice Warning Order
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          Re: Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

          Good Work Boon +1 for you bro


          KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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            Re: Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

            i was about to start screaming at you where my itinerary was!!! no prob well work out the kins on the ground like you said!!!

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              Re: Warning Order:Ace2/002 Commander's Intent

              Thanks, Boondocksaint for the order of battle. Read it earlier but decided to come back and let you know I had see it.

              Thanks for the extra effort.
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